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10 Gender Neutral Characters in Anime

10 Gender Neutral Characters

Since the very start of the 1990s, people finally found the “Pride” they should feel being themselves. Pride comes by being what we are and what we want, not making choices based on someone else’s likeness. But as far as I remember, it has been only a few years since people really got aware of the thing called “respect every person”. Respecting every person regardless of their race, cast, and most important, “Gender Identity”. Since every corner of the world is screaming for LGBT equality, the anime industry has found its own way to respect the community. And based on my experience, they proved to be quite successful as they made people love a character regardless of their gender.

The most inspiring thing the anime world has ever listen coming from an author regarding this matter. It was said by Isayama Hajime during an interview when someone asked about confirmation for the gender of the character, and he clearly stated that “any of the character’s gender has nothing to do with the plot” hence he didn’t want to clarify. We even came across a lot of authors who seem to be consistent while hiding the genders of the characters. This is what we call a social message to not only anime lovers to also the whole world that when we can love a character without considering their gender, then we can love a human too. So, to pay tribute to our beloved “Pride” community here, I am going to introduce some gender Neutral characters from various anime series.

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10 Gender Neutral Characters in Anime

Non- Binary or Gender Neutral characters are the ones who are not identified as either male or female. Sometimes they are considered X-Gender or simply not classified under any gender. Below is the list of 10 Gender Neutral anime characters from different anime series. There are a lot of characters who are considered non-binary, but this article is dedicated to only these ten since it is impossible to cover all of them in one list. Later, we might update more works on this subject, covering more Gender Neutral characters other than the ones we are going to know here. Let’s get started.

Aoi Hyoudou “Maid Sama”

Aoi Hyoudou, the character from the series “Maid Sama” is the owner of the maid cafe. The character is very well known for being a cross-dresser. Aoi is a very cute-looking person who likes cute, pretty, and fluffy things. They generally become the center of attraction and gain almost all the attention in many cases. Many times in the series, you will find Aoi toying with the feelings of boys through their extraordinary cuteness but was caught by Misaki. Aoi is known for having a temperamental personality and is not a person with much patience. You will get to witness a very heartbreaking scene in the series when Aoi’s fathers kicked Aoi out of the house because of not liking him dressed as a woman.

10 Gender Neutral Characters
Aoi Hyoudou

Inugami “Gugure! Kokkuri – san seiyuu”

Inugami, the well-known character from the series of Gugure! Kokkuri- San Seiyuu is one of the main characters from the series. Inugami is known as the second ghost who started haunting Kohina Ichimatsu. They are known for knowing everything about Kohina and dislike Kokkuri-san for coming in between Inugami and Kohina’s relationship. They are identified as a pervert as you will witness them having a nosebleed whenever thinking about Kohina. The major thing about Inugami’s personality is that they highly hate Kokkuri-san and have a book filled with the reason to take Kokkuri. Other than this, Inugami hates everything and everyone, including them, except Kohina. You will witness Inugami complaining about many things throughout the series.

1o Gender Neutral Characters 1o Gender Neutral Characters

Nathan Seymour “Tiger and Bunny”

The sassiest character on the list is Nathan Seymour, is not very popular though loved by many because of their personality. Nathan is also known as the Fire Emblem and belongs to the anime and manga list of Tiger and Bunny. The excellent warrior with the ability to control power and witness them casually hit male horses. The very interesting thing about Nathan is their fabulous appearance which makes them look extremely good and unique. You will get to witness Nathan flirting with male heroes, often saying, “I’ll give you a kiss when you will get back”. Most of the time, you will witness them flirting with most of the male characters of the series. They are self-confident and love cutesy and feminine things, and possess many cute teddies. But when faced with an opponent, they acquire that masculine side that is enough to make the opponent shiver.

10 Gender Neutral anime characters 10 Gender Neutral anime characters
Nathan Seymour

Hange Zoe “Attack on Titan”

The creation of the wonderful writer Isayama Hajime whos has been praised by many for centering this good idea of genre neutrality. Hange Zoe is one of the popular characters of Attack and Titan and has been one of the most loved characters too. They are known for being titan maniacs and made scientists crazy for researching over titans. They are the current and 14th commander of Scout Regiment. Hange possesses great experience when it comes to combat and formulating plans. They are known for being the master analytic of Scout Regiment until Armin entered the scene, and they both become the smart duo or Scout Regiment. According to Hajime, Hange can be known as the scariest character when angry, and we even witnessed it when Beane and Sawney were killed by intruders.

Gender Neutral anime characters Gender Neutral anime characters
Hange Zoe

Crona “Soul Eater”

Crona is popularly known as the Demon Sword and the character from the series Soul Eater. They are children of the witch Medusa Gorgan and later become the meister partner of the demon sword Ragnarok. Crona is a highly introverted person and doesn’t hold an opinion of themselves, and he often witnessed following commands. As they are the children of Medusa, the witch, they have created a highly negative aura and are submissive most of the time and most of the time get bullied by Ragnarok. Crona is known for having an unbalanced state of mind which makes them a very dangerous opponent. In most of the battles, you will witness them going totally berserk while madness takes over them.

Top Gender Neutral Characters Top Gender Neutral Characters

Tsugumi Aozaora “Asobi Asobase”

This beautiful silver-blonde person can be a trap so you better watch out before approaching. Here is Tsugumi Aozaora from the series Asobi Asobase. Above I have mentioned them as a trap because the other male characters from the series generally fall in love with them due to their charming feminine looks. Tsugumi has presented themselves as a female in front of their classmates but sometimes was suspected as a male. However, they prefer to keep their identity discreet and like to tease the other club members in return. As for their personality, Tsugumi is a very ambitious person and we often get to witness them indulging in complex tactics and ways to blackmail Student Council.

Gender Neutral anime characters Gender Neutral anime characters
Tsugumi Aozora

Grell Sutcliff “Black Butler”

Grell Sutcliff, a very well-known character from the series Black Butler is a Grim Reaper from the series. They are a member of the Retrieval Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch. Grell is a very outspoken and flamboyant person who likes to speak their heart out. They have an obsession with the red color, and you will witness them wearing red almost all the time. Grelle is known for having a very short-tempered personality and is famous for getting instantly violent towards their opponent. Another thing about their personality is that they have literally no patience and are often driven by their emotions and become ruthless when needed.

10 Gender Neutral Anime Characters 10 Gender Neutral Anime Characters
Grell Sutcliff

Shuichi Nitori “Wandering Son”

The protagonist of the series Wandering Son Shuichi Nitori is a fifth-grade student at High School. The newly transferred student get friends with everyone quickly, and later it was revealed that Shuichi have a desire to become a girl. In the series, Shuichi was often shown with long hair and girlish charm but was initially born as a boy and showed an affinity to present their correct gender as a female. Shuichi has a feminine charm and often dresses up as a girl while moving in public too. Unlike many other characters who don’t generally get support from their peers, Shuichi’s friends Yoshino Takatsuki and Saori Chiba encourage them to do the things they like. As they like to wear cute outfits and are included in more feminine things, they enjoy how they are and like their preferences.

10 Gender Neutral Characters 10 Gender Neutral Characters
Shuichi Nitori

Orochimaru “Naruto”

Orochimaru is a very well-known character from the popular anime series Naruto. They are a well-known Sannin of Konohagakure. They are driven by a motive to know the world’s secret. Initially, they appeared as the antagonist of the series and was the major antagonist of a few arcs of the series. Orochimaru seeks immortality and was even caught performing unethical experiments. Despite their deeds and a role of antagonist, Orochimaru came out as one of the most loved characters of the series. The most eye-catching feature about their appearance is their snake-like look, pale skin, small golden eyes with slitted pupils, and purple marks around their eyes, making them look more ominous.

Gender Neutral anime characters Gender Neutral anime characters

Gowther “Seven Deadly Sins”

Gowther is one of those characters on the list who has actively declared as a Neutral character. They belong to the series Seven Deadly Sins, also known as Nanatsu no Taizai. Gowther is Goat’s Sin of Lust and a member of Seven Deadly Sins. Throughout the series, we considered them as a human but was later revealed as a doll created by a great wizard. They didn’t make their appearance at the beginning of the series but came out in between or at almost the end of season 1.

Anime characters who are Gender Neutral Anime characters who are Gender Neutral

Initially, Gwother showed a non-human behavior, always speaking in an emotionless tone. Their expressions never changed even while facing a fearful situation. Later, in the series, they started to show emotions and understood the real meaning of friendship. We also get to witness Gowther observing Meliodas and Ban’s friendship which looks like they are trying to learn something.

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