10 Great Forgotten Films Starring Great Actors

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Movies can be incredibly hit or miss with audiences, even with a strong cast. However, sometimes a movie can even be a great watch with an A-list cast and still get forgotten. Many such films don’t even manage to gain cult status and are dismissed as forgettable or not worth a watch. This is because they were often released amidst a slew of similar projects and didn’t achieve the same notoriety as the competition.

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These movies can also be hindered by straight-to-video releases, which dramatically reduce the number of viewers. Regardless, a good movie deserves recognition, irrespective of its success. With many movies continuing to fly under the radar even in the age of streaming, the list of under-appreciated movies will only grow. No matter the star power, some good movies don’t break out as they deserve.

10 Cops And Robbersons Is An Underrated Family Movie

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Cops and Robbersons doesn’t stand well alongside Chevy Chase’s hit movies in the eyes of his fans. However, the movie has a genuinely wholesome, family comedy feel and is on par with the tone of Chase’s best movies. It also starred heavyweight actor Jack Palance.

The movie follows two cops, a seasoned detective, and his younger partner, as they move in with a suburban family to spy on a criminal neighbor. As the older cop drops pearls of wisdom for the family despite his gruff exterior, the younger cop finds romance in the family.

9 Superman III Combined The Best Man Of Steel With A Great Comedy Actor

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Although Christopher Reeve played Superman in four movies, many fans only remember the first two. The abysmal quality of the fourth entry, combined with the tepid reception of the third, led to many fans calling it quits after the iconic second movie.

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However, Superman III was a delightful movie for Superman fans. It starred both Reeve and popular comedian Richard Pryor. While it doesn’t measure up with the first two in the series, Superman III is an enjoyable movie that follows a plot to bring down Superman through unusual means.

8 Oscar Is One Of Stallone’s Most Underrated Films

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Oscar follows a gangster, Snaps (Stallone), as he tries to honor his late father’s dying wish by going down the straight and narrow. In his effort to become a legitimate businessman, he is faced with several unexpected challenges that make an honest life more difficult.

Oscar had a number of issues that pushed it to the bottom of people’s favorite Stallone movies. The use of a traditional action hero in a more dramatic/comedy role, coupled with the film’s relatively low budget, meant not many people saw it.

7 Titan AE Included Some Of The Hottest 90s Stars

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The animated science fiction movie Titan AE had an excellent voice cast that included Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, and Bill Pullman. Using Don Bluth’s signature style of the art animation, it was set in a future where the Earth had been destroyed by aliens known as the Drej.

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When a young boy, Cale, was sent into space in the final moments of Earth by his father, he was made one of the handful of humans alive. Years later, the older Cale joined a misfit crew of a starship to recover the Titan, an interstellar ship that houses the ability to remake the Earth.

6 Amos And Andrew Was A Great Satire Of A Sensitive Topic

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Starring Nicolas Cage and Samuel L. Jackson, Amos & Andrew was a fresh spin on the misunderstanding trope. When a black author, Andrew (Jackson), heads out to his vacation home on a small and wealthy island, a misunderstanding from some locals leads to the police being called and starting a shootout.

When the police realize their mistake and are terrified of the optics, they get a local criminal, Amos (Cage), to pretend that he was the one shooting at Andrew. However, when the two finally meet, they hatch a scheme to get one over on the cops and come out unscathed.

5 Mindhunters And Its Strong Cast Have Been Unfairly Forgotten

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Considering its impressively strong ensemble cast, it’s surprising that Mindhunters fell into obscurity. The cast included Christian Slater, Val Kilmer, LL Cool J, and Johnny Lee Miller. It followed a group of law enforcement profilers being stalked by a killer on a remote training island.

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Mindhunters was a fun spin on the whodunit, and brought viewers closer to discovering the killer with each character’s death. The remote island setting helped make the movie’s tone a genuine chilling mystery, and set up a great concluding showdown.

4 Guarding Tess Was A Sweet Film About An Unlikely Friendship

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Around the beginning of Nicolas Cage’s heyday, he starred in a film called Guarding Tess alongside actress Shirley MacLaine. The film focuses on Secret Service agent Doug Chesnic as the protector of former First Lady Tess Carlisle.

The duo spends much of the movie at odds, with Tess making Doug’s life miserable. It’s clear that Tess doesn’t want to be protected. However, when Chesnic learns of a plot against Tess, he springs into action to save her. Unlike Cage’s later movies, Guarding Tess is a heartfelt comedy-drama.

3 Striking Distance Was A Solid Detective Movie

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Starring Bruce Willis, Striking Distance was released at the height of the Die Hard actor’s career. However, it never gained the attention of his other movies released around the same time. It focused on a detective, Tom Hardy (Willis), who alleged that a serial killer in his city was a police officer.

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When his allegations get him assigned to river patrol duties, the serial killer returns and prompts a response from Tom, eager to catch his tormentor. Striking Distance came along at a time when Hollywood was producing a lot of thrillers, so it’s understandable that it fell behind.

2 Jack Frost Should Be Top Of Everyone’s Christmas Movie List

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Despite being one of the most touching Christmas movies ever made, Jack Frost doesn’t have the same iconic status as films like It’s A Wonderful Life. Starring Michael Keaton, it tells the story of a musician who dies on the road, leaving behind a wife and son. However, he returns as a snowman.

Jack Frost is a great Christmas family movie that focuses on the relationship between a father and a son being rebuilt, even if it has to end. Despite its goofy pitch, the film’s execution is excellent, and leaves fans with a beautiful spin on the Christmas classic.

1 Bicentennial Man Was Robin Williams’ Most Underrated Film

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Based on Isaac Asimov’s science fiction story, Bicentennial Man stars Robin Williams as Andrew, a futuristic robot servant. Andrew shows himself to be more than just a drone-like machine, and expresses individualism that’s fostered by his owner Sir (Sam Neill).

Bicentennial Man was harmed by the studios’ poor marketing, which made it seem like just another low-budget screwball comedy. However, the film is incredibly touching, and sends the viewer on an emotional journey to see if Andrew can obtain the humanity he desires.

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