10 Great TV Ships Eclipsed By More Popular Couples

Kamala and Manish in Never Have I Ever, Eloise and Theo hold hands in Bridgerton

Romance is the fulcrum of many TV shows, and most well-liked series have more than one relationship plot unraveling over their course. Shows like Riverdale, Bridgerton, and Gossip Girl have some of the most iconic couples that have gone down in history, but the popularity of these relationships often overshadows some other beautiful ships on the show.

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Many secondary couples get sidelined because fans are usually extremely invested in these main ships, as the show focuses most time and storylines on them. The relationships that get ignored usually have a lot of potential, warmth, and tenderness that would have benefited the series greatly.



10 Manish & Kamala (Never Have I Ever)

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Never Have I Ever continues to be Netflix’s most binge-worthy show because of how hilariously it captured coming-of-age, of which falling in love is an integral part. Manish and Kamala were an underrated romance that went unnoticed because of how invested everyone was in Devi, Ben, and Paxton’s love triangle.

They had a meet-cute when neither of them expected it, and were actually pretty healthy in putting forth their expectations in the relationship. Kamala may not be a teen, but her story of self-discovery and love was quite important, especially for immigrant young adults. With Manish, they were a rock-solid couple.

9 Eloise & Theo (Bridgerton)

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Of all of Netflix’s period dramas, Bridgerton has managed to capture the imaginations of romance lovers worldwide. With iconic couples like Simon and Daphne, Anthony and Kate, and now Charlotte and George making fans feel breathless, it is no wonder that Eloise and Theo’s pairing was eclipsed.

Theo was perfect for Eloise as he shared her rebellious spirit, and the element of forbidden romance added to the excitement of this relationship. Sadly, their circumstances changed, and it remains to be seen whether Theo will ever make a comeback, or Eloise will fall in love with someone else in the aristocracy.

8 Bonnie & Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

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The sparks between Bonnie and Damon were undeniable in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries, and what made their relationship potential even more tantalizing was that they had been sworn nemeses since the beginning of the show. They truly did love each other, but fans were so invested in Damon and Elena that this couple didn’t even get a chance.

The Delena ship proved to be too great, and it seemed as though writers did not want to risk a Bonnie and Damon coupling for fear of the wrath of fans. Unfortunately, it was a missed opportunity that the show passed over.

7 Shayla & Steven (The Summer I Turned Pretty)

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Amazon Prime’s The Summer I Turned Pretty is about Belly and her affections for both the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, but Shayla and Steven’s romance became overlooked because of this. Seeing an Asian couple in a healthy relationship, not defined by a white standard or people continues to be monumental, as representation slowly becomes more mainstream.

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Both Shayla and Steven were confident characters, complete in their Asian identity. Their romance may have been short-lived, but they were mature for their age, and always intended to be their best selves for each other. This was something even Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah couldn’t achieve this season.

6 F.P. Jones & Alice (Riverdale)

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Riverdale may have jumped the shark a long time ago, but if there was one thing it did well, it was romance. Fans got caught up in the Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead love stories as it was a teen show, but the sizzling chemistry between F.P. Jones and Alice rivaled most of the younger couples.

They had a complicated past and a history that went back decades, and there was an element of will-they-won’t-they that kept them interesting. It was tragic that they had to be broken up so that Betty and Jughead’s relationship could be normalized (otherwise they would have been step-siblings).

5 Boo & Fleabag (Fleabag)

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Boo was never technically alive in the duration of Fleabag, but fans saw her through flashbacks, where they learned that she had walked into traffic without meaning to kill herself because she thought her boyfriend was cheating. In a twisted turn of events, Fleabag was the other woman in Boo’s relationship.

Instead of chasing mediocre men, Boo and Fleabag should have got together. Even the Hot Priest and Fleabag were not as sensational as the two best friends were. They loved each other to bits and certainly had a spark. Their story was a tragic one, but Boo and Fleabag were the best couple on the show who everyone ignored.

4 Dwight & Erin (The Office)

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Of the best The Office ships that never happened, Dwight and Erin were the ones with the most potential. Jim and Pam, Dwight and Angela, and Holly and Michael were the popular couples, but some real sparks were felt between Dwight and Erin in “Pool Party,” where they flirted and canoodled to make Andy jealous.

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Dwight seemed to care for Erin and her feelings, which was rare for him. They were both equally wacky and weird: qualities that made them highly compatible with each other. They could have been a great couple if given the chance.

3 Phoebe & Joey (Friends)

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Some may think that it would have been too neat an ending, but Phoebe and Joey, the ship that never sailed, would have been the perfect couple. Rachel and Ross ruled the roost in Friends, but their pals Phoebe and Joey were serious contenders too. They had monthly dinner plans, wanted to marry each other if they found nobody, and truly cared for each other.

Phoebe and Joey had even shared a few kisses, so the attraction was clearly present between them. This ship could have been explored further, but the writers obviously weren’t keen on it.

2 Holt & Kevin (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

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Amy and Jake were, rightly, the most popular couple on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but Holt and Kevin’s beautiful little love story deserved more attention. Theirs was an epic tale of overcoming societal biases and building something wholesome for themselves.

Holt and Kevin’s romance could have been explored a lot more, beyond just an anecdote about their dog Cheddar. This couple was adorable, healthy, and loving, but sadly got eclipsed by the budding love stories of younger characters in the sitcom.

1 Dan & Blair (Gossip Girl)

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In an era where Chuck and Blair were considered the epitome of romance and amour, there was little chance that a truly nuanced pairing between Dan and Blair would be appreciated. Gossip Girl eventually became all about the endgame, and fans were only invested in seeing Chuck and Blair get together for their happily ever after.

It didn’t matter that Dan and Blair actually had shared interests in art, culture, and music and that they felt each other at an intellectual level that nobody else understood. They also communicated with each other, unlike other couples on Gossip Girl, but the world was not ready for Dan and Blair in the 2010s.

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