10 Greatest Gender-Flipped DC Villains

A split image of Eclipso (Jean Loring), Ravager, and Brainiac 8 from DC Comics

The world of DC Comics is filled with many memorable villains. From their iconic designs to their noteworthy battles with various heroes, several foes manage to stand the test of time. Aiming to create an unforgettable enemy, some DC creators choose to invoke the gender-flipping concept.

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While fans can be apprehensive about having a new character based on a preexisting one, they’ve learned to accept a few gender-flipped villains over time. Although the character design may look lazy, compelling personalities and captivating stories have allowed some of these swaps to become fan favorite enemies, proving their worth against DC’s greatest champions.

10 Scandal Savage Is As Cunning As Her Father

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The immortal terrorist Vandal Savage remains one of DC’s most ruthless villains. An immortal warrior with all the skills necessary for strategy and combat, Vandal has seen many children come into being, some forever tied to his ruthless legacy. However, his daughter Scandal has forged her own destiny.

Besides her athletic and combat training under Vandal, Scandal Savage also gained her father’s healing factor and can survive any battle that comes her way. Most importantly, she acquired her father’s strategic mind, which proved useful while Scandal was a member of the murderous Secret Six.

9 Lady Clayface Knows How To Use Her Powers

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The clay criminal Clayface has had many incarnations, a few of which helped shaped the creature’s mythos. Unhappy with her normal appearance, Sondra Fueller allowed the criminal organization Kobra to experiment on her, transforming her into the fourth Clayface. Unlike the former wielders, Sondra was fully in control of her powers, able to shapeshift into various people and objects.

Sondra proved herself a threat by taking out the Outsiders single-handedly. Sondra would also join a team of other Clayfaces known as the Mud Pack, falling in love with the third Clayface, Preston Payne, and giving birth to the fifth Clayface. When the original Clayface stole his team’s power, Sondra’s shapeshifting powers made Karlo the main mud monster, but she has proven herself to be on equal footing.

8 The Fourth Cheetah Craved Power

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The Cheetah mantle has seen many bearers, with Barbra Minerva considered the most iconic version. During the late 90s, business mogul Sebastian Ballesteros made contact with Urzkartaga, the god that granted Minerva her power, and convinced him that he could make a better host. Intrigued, Urzkartaga relented, giving Barbra’s powers to Sebastian and making him the only male Cheetah.

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With his newfound abilities, Sebastian got to work seeking new ways to gain even more power. As Cheetah, he was responsible for turning Wonder Woman’s friend Vanessa Kapatelis into the murderous Silver Swan, exploiting her to his own end. While Sebastian proved to be dangerous with and without powers, he ended up defeated by a powerless Minerva, who proved herself to be the true Cheetah.

7 Flatline Dances To The Beat Of Her Own Heart

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Lord Death Man may not be ranked among DC’s greatest enemies, but his ability to cheat death remains an interesting sight to behold. So much so that a mysterious girl wielding strange abilities desired for him to teach her. The result was the creation of one of DC’s rising antiheroes, the deadly Flatline.

Under his tutelage, Flatline learned to absorb the skills and memories of anyone who dies around her, keeping their gifts for herself. Even without her powers, Flatline’s proven herself a deadly combatant by fighting the well-trained Robin, killing him in the process. Although a newcomer, she has the potential to become a deadly enemy to the Batman family.

6 Peyton Riley Isn’t Just Another Cute Face

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Arnold Wesker could be considered one of Batman’s most underrated villains, using his ventriloquist dummy Scarface to lead a small criminal empire. Sadly, Arnold was murdered by the second Tally Man, leaving Scarface in silence. That changed when Peyton Riley took the dummy and ran off.

Riley remodeled herself into the new Ventriloquist. Unlike her predecessor, she was eager to please her boss, ready to gun down anyone who disagreed with “their” plans. Also, Riley used multiple Scarface dummies, rigging them to explode in case Batman got a hold of one. While Riley proved herself a capable mob boss, she died while battling Batman and Zatanna.

5 Brainiac 8 Is The Chip Off The Old Block

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The cybernetic conqueror Brainiac has plagued Superman for years, proving to be one of DC’s most popular villains. Being a machine, he eventually either upgrades or transfers his consciousness into other forms to preserve his knowledge. This has proven fruitful, especially since multiple Brainiacs have popped into DC’s future timelines.

One version, Brainiac 8, transported herself to the present day to find and kill Donna Troy. Her actions led to the deaths of two heroes and the disbandment of the Teen Titans and Young Justice. Even though she tried to make amends by becoming the hero Indigo, Brainiac 8 eventually rebooted back to her former programming, battling the Titans and Supergirl to change the future.

4 Duela Dent Is No Laughing Matter

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Like codenames, a villain can be tied to multiple monikers but remain an enigma. The mysterious Duela Dent remains a mysterious antihero with unknown motivations behind the chaos she brings. When she first appeared, Duela claimed to be the daughter of several iconic Batman foes, such as Two-Face and the Riddler, which was proven false by the Dynamic Duo.

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However, the one moniker that seemed to fit Duela belonged to the Joker, using names like “The Joker’s Daughter” and “Harlequin.” While Duela may seem like a troublemaker, she can have a heart of gold, evidenced when she joined the Teen Titans at one point. The scariest version of the character resides in New 52, where Duela truly believes herself to be the Joker’s child, wearing his skin like a mask and continuing her “father’s'” mission.

3 Jean Loring Is The Scariest Eclipso

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Sometimes a villain possesses innocent people to enact their schemes. Eclipso is a dark spirit who seeks to create chaos and mass destruction, using various hosts to accomplish his plans. While he used male hosts to carry out his plans at first, that all changed when the spirit found a host as corrupted as itself.

Jean Loring, the ex-wife of the Atom, was condemned to Arkham after orchestrating certain events during Identity Crisis. Together, Jean and Eclipso continued to spread anarchy in the DC Universe, most notably convincing the Spectre to kill other magic users during the underrated event, Day of Vengeance.

2 Ravager Sways Between The Light And The Dark

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Deathstroke the Terminator is among DC’s most dangerous fighters, able to take on an army with his bare hands and any weapons at his disposal. His manipulation tactics and rigorous training eventually passed on to his various children. Rose Wilson, Deathstroke’s youngest child, wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. However, as she watched her father operate, she had second thoughts.

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Rose later joined her father’s enemies, her fighting skills coming in handy when fighting alongside the Teen Titans. However, Slade’s influence plagued Rose, leading her to come to blows with her former teammates. Rose has remained a vigilante since her departure, operating under her own violent methods, yet still helping her friends when they need her.

1 Talia Al Ghul Is A True Demon’s Daughter

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Ra’s al Ghul has remained one of Batman’s greatest adversaries, an immortal warrior with a desire for global destruction. However, his youngest daughter, Talia, was originally his moral compass, trying to keep the demon residing in her father at bay. Sadly, after Ra’s al Ghul’s apparent death at the hands of her ex-lover, Talia went on a downward spiral, slowly following in her father’s footsteps.

Talia’s training under the League of Assassins bore fruit once she assumed the mantle of leadership. She’s proven herself a master of deception and a devious strategist like her father, able to withstand a brawl in person or in the shadows. Talia has used her influence and power to try to bring down Batman and his allies, coming to blows with him and their son, Damian.

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