10 Greatest TV Comedy Characters Of All Time

A split image of Frasier from Frasier, Ron Swanson from Parks And Recreation, and Howard from The Big Bang Theory

TV covers a wide range of genres, but one of the best-known and most beloved by fans is comedy. These series place the unique cast of characters in new and funny situations in every episode. Some of these characters are relatable, while others are completely ridiculous. For several reasons, certain comedy characters gain a reputation for simply being hilarious.

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These characters often embody positive traits. They may be hilariously sarcastic, have funny responses to weird situations, or a habit of engaging in absurd antics, but these all build up a character’s reputation among fans. Some of these characters’ popularity far exceeds that of their series and fellow cast members, which might even earn them a spin-off.

10 Howard Wolowitz Had An Impressive Character Arc

The Big Bang Theory

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Although there’s a strong cast of characters on The Big Bang Theory, Howard Wolowitz had the most significant character development on the show. Originally the creepy and unlucky member of the group, Howard quickly matured when he found a stable relationship with Bernadette.

Howard went from the insecure friend who lives at home with his overbearing mother to a married father in just a few short years. While characters like Sheldon had a very slow-moving development, Howard managed to mature quickly while also retaining his funniest character traits.

9 Eddie Hitler Has A Sharp Wit


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In the BBC’s Bottom, Edward Elizabeth Hitler, along with Richard Richard, spends his time drinking and thinking up schemes to make some cash. The shady “Hammersmith hard man” made audiences laugh through almost every line of dialogue on the show.

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Eddie was an irreverent, sarcastic yet conniving man who loved teasing Richard. However, he had a confidence and wit that Richard sorely lacked. Some of Eddie’s funniest moments included the burglary episode and his mockery of Richard on the roof of the local corner shop.

8 Ron Swanson Knows More Than Everyone Else

Parks And Recreation

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Ron Swanson is the libertarian manager of the Pawnee parks department. Despite working for the government, Ron’s mission in life is to minimize the state’s role in people’s lives, which he achieves by being intentionally difficult to work with.

However, Ron is also incredibly competent and genuinely self-reliant and independent. His stoic nature coupled with his incredibly frank attitude when engaging with other people made him a meme among the Parks and Recreation fanbase and a fan favorite character.

7 Peter Griffin Is The Menace Of Quahog

Family Guy

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Peter Griffin is the main character of Family Guy as well as the head of the Griffin household. With his wife, Lois, he raises his kids, Stewie, Meg, and Chris, and the family dog, Brian. Peter is one of the most chaotic characters in comedy TV, as he’s constantly getting himself in absurd situations.

Peter and his friends have a habit of making silly plans and embarking on random adventures. Whenever Peter is backed into a corner, he always manages to find a ridiculous way out. With no filter, Peter also has some of the funniest responses to otherwise serious topics.

6 Edmund Blackadder’s Sarcasm Exists Throughout History


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Blackadder’s chief protagonist, Edmund Blackadder, has been represented through several time periods. Although Rowan Atkinson’s previous character, Mr. Bean, may be more well known for his slapstick humor, Blackadder was given much more depth and personality.

Always cast in a middling role of power, Blackadder served as a friend to Queen Elizabeth I, a butler to Prince George, and a captain in the First World War. He was quick-witted, had a dark sense of humor, and used his brains to think up schemes for personal gain like no other.

5 Denny And Alan Deserve A Split Mention

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Denny Crane and Alan Shore were the two best friends on the comedy legal drama Boston Legal. The maverick, seasoned lawyer and his young, hotshot friend had the perfect TV friendship, and they were both the best characters on the show.

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With Alan as the young liberal and Denny the arrogant conservative, they had a well-balanced dynamic in Boston Legal. Their office antics, friendly competition, and courtroom rivalry all came together to make them some of the best characters ever to hit TV screens.

4 Eric Cartman Is Beloved Because He’s Evil

South Park

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Eric Cartman is mainly loved for his pure evil and never-ending schemes. He is one of South Park‘s cruelest and most unrelenting villains, despite being the show’s de facto main character. Even though he’s hated by many other characters, Cartman has saved the town many times over.

Cartman’s fanbase love him for the exaggerated “problem child” nature of his stories. He often proves strangely competent in adult situations and has roped his friends into criminal plans. Cartman has managed some odd feats, like infiltrating the government and saving his town.

3 Homer Simpson Is The Best Cartoon Dad

The Simpsons

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Homer Simpson is the patriarch of the Springfield-based Simpson family. First hitting TV screens in 1989, The Simpsons quickly became one of the most beloved comedy family shows on television. This was largely thanks to Homer’s kind-hearted nature and hilarious antics.

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Homer is one of the best cartoon dads, especially as he defined the bumbling dad archetype. His love of donuts, warm heart, and endearing incompetence all make him a fan-favorite character, and his attempts at self gain are hilarious.

2 Frasier Crane Is One Of The Longest-Running Characters


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Frasier Crane is the hopelessly out-of-touch therapist who was created for Cheers, but he was so popular that he was later given his own spin-off series, Frasier. Despite being introduced in Cheers, it was in his own series that Frasier truly became great. He was especially funny because of his pretentious personality.

Frasier was among the greatest sitcoms of the 1990s, and the show followed the titular therapist as he rekindled his relationship with his father and brother. Many episodes focused on Frasier navigating everyday life, but these regular situations brought him down to reality and made him relatable to the audience.

1 George Costanza Might Be Seinfeld’s Most Relatable Character


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Despite having several great leading characters, George Costanza is the best character on Seinfeld, and arguably the greatest comedy character ever. His shameless personality and undefeated selfishness made him a legend among the show’s cast.

Few characters have worked harder to avoid an honest day’s work or get out of an obligation than George. The greatest slacker on TV, there was no job opening so grand that George couldn’t bluff his way into the position, yet he still spent his days doing nothing.

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