10 Huge TV Drama Plot Twists That Weren’t Necessary

Joe and Rhys in You, Rhaenys in House of the dragon, Glenn in Walking Dead

Keeping a television show interesting isn’t easy — that’s where plot twists come in. Numerous TV dramas relied on a turn of events to keep things lively, and while these can work in surprising audiences, some of them fall quite flat. This can be because the twist itself was inconsequential in the long run, it made no sense, or it never got resolved at all.

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These plot twists were more storytelling fumbles, and they didn’t do their respective shows any good at all. These twists could have been framed differently or avoided altogether for a crisper, more succinct story.



10 Cousin Patrick’s Return (Downton Abbey)

Downton Abbey is considered one of the best British dramas, and it was full of unexpected events that viewers loved to watch. However, Cousin Patrick’s return from the dead served little to no purpose. It was shocking, since Patrick was supposed to have died on the Titanic, and the stranger’s face was covered in bandages, but there was no resolution to the twist.

The only purpose behind this mysterious stranger’s entry was to be cruel to Edith, who had already been through the wringer with Mary as her constant nemesis. This Patrick only confused and broke her heart further, then disappeared. While many assumed he was a fraudster, no definite answer was provided.

9 Glenn Is Alive (The Walking Dead)

Glenn’s fate hung in the balance for a while on The Walking Dead, and the show made it seem like he had been killed in season 6. Fans had already mourned this beloved character when he was seemingly eaten by zombies, but Glenn was resurrected with a poor twist that elaborated on how he had survived.

This weak explanation could have been forgiven, but fans were dealt another blow when Glenn was actually killed by Negan very shortly after he returned to the screen. There was no point in fake killing Glenn and then bringing him back, only for him to be murdered immediately. Glenn’s death was one of the saddest inThe Walking Dead.

8 Jughead Sees Aliens (Riverdale)

Riverdale jumped the shark a long time ago, and twists like this one were the reason. In Season 5, Jughead suddenly started witnessing extraterrestrial activity, something that had never been hinted at in previous seasons of the CW drama.

Everything from the beam of light from the sky to radio disturbances and shaking furniture was a part of Jughead’s sightings, and many others felt and corroborated these events. However, the alien storyline was just explained away with the Mothmen serial killers and Jughead’s own trauma. Fans still don’t know how and why the flashing lights and physical disturbances happened. This plot twist seemed like a cheap gimmick.

7 Rhaenys Disrupts Aegon’s Coronation (House Of The Dragon)

The binge-worthy fantasy show House of The Dragon is one of the better-written projects out there, but even prestigious TV is not immune to pointless plot twists. The show deviated from the source material when it made Rhaenys crash into Aegon’s coronation on dragonback, making her position clear in the battle for the throne.

While it was visually arresting material, many viewers found this twist unnecessary as Rhaenys had a clear opportunity to get rid of the foe, or at least injure them in this confrontation. Staring down the greens was kind of silly, and could have been avoided. If informing Rhaenyra was her only objective, Rhaenys’ dramatics were wasted.

6 Rhys Is Joe (You)

You Season 4 went off the rails more than once, and the final bombshell that revealed Rhys was just a figment of Joe’s imagination was a tired and overused cliché. The idea that Joe had been killing and maiming as another personality seemed like a lazy out for his character, making a clear distinction between “good” Joe and “bad” Joe when the whole man was rotten to the core.

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Moreover, this was no shock to fans who had already uncovered this theory early on when the first part of Season 4 aired. This plot twist just furthered the show for another season without impressing viewers.

5 Jack Gets Shot (Virgin River)

With cliffhangers that took over three seasons to be solved, Virgin River‘s mystery about who actually shot Jack had the most anticlimactic and unsatisfactory reveal in the Season 4 finale.

Fans were looking forward to an assailant who was actually close to Jack so that the drama would multiply, but when they learned it was Vince, the big bombshell lost all its appeal. The resolution took way too long, and most viewers weren’t interested anymore. The few who still invested their time in the mystery were sorely disappointed.

4 Ginny Runs Away (Ginny & Georgia)

Mother-daughter drama Ginny & Georgia is unconventional for sure, and while it gets some shockers right, other plot twists can get boring. At the end of Season 1, Ginny learned about Georgia’s true, murderous nature, which led her to pack up and run away from a mother whom she thought was dangerous.

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This was a pretty suspenseful cliffhanger for the finale, but the beginning of Season 2 showed that Ginny hadn’t run away at all — she had merely gone to her father’s house and wasn’t talking to Georgia. It was a downer on the dramatics of the Season 1 twist.

3 Luke’s Secret Daughter (Gilmore Girls)

Gilmore Girls crossed the line between a slow-burn romance and a hopeless ship when they provided yet another roadblock in Lorelai and Luke’s relationship in the form of a secret daughter. April only existed to break Luke and Lorelai up, and fans had been waiting for years to see them get together.

Season 6 consisted of the two of them trying to get past this new obstacle and making their relationship work, but it had a negative impact overall. This particular plot twist was not loved by anyone.

2 Deb Falls For Dexter (Dexter)

Widely regarded as one of the worst plot twists of all time, Dexter was already flailing when Debra’s therapist told her that she might be in love with her adoptive brother. Even if the two were not biologically related, they were brother and sister who had grown up together under the same roof with the same parents.

Nobody asked for this particularly icky turn of events, and it came out of the blue since there had been no indication of this earlier. There were other ways to complicate the dynamics between Deb and Dexter, and adding a romantic element was by far the most undesirable way to do so. Dexter being a vigilante killer should have been enough.

1 Dan Is Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl was the pinnacle of teen television in its glory days, but the last season let everyone down, especially with the plot twist of Dan being Gossip Girl. There was almost no logic behind Dan being the notorious blogger as he, or those close to him, had been affected by most of the blasts.

He was one of the most unlikely contenders, and this curveball also made his character look like a stalker who was obsessed with Serena. The writers then made him have a happily ever after with Serena, which also made no sense at all. It might have been better to leave the identity of the blogger a secret or to make someone more predictable, like Jenny, Gossip Girl. It may not have been a shock, but at least it would have made sense.

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