10 Iconic TV Shows That Deserve A Revival

Frasier from the Cheers spinoff, Rory from Gilmore Girls, and Malcolm from Firefly. 

There has always been a trend of reviving popular TV shows, including the new spinoff That ’90s Show, based on the hit That ’70s Show. Though the show will largely have an all-new cast, the premise will be similar to the original and will star Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith as the iconic Kitty and Red Forman.

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While there have been some fantastic revivals of iconic shows, other revivals, like the Full House reboot Fuller House, disappointed the original fanbase. However, there are some iconic TV shows that fans would love to see revived even at the risk of disappointment.

10 The Goosebumps Movie Gave Fans A Renewed Interest

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The original Goosebumps series started in 1995 and had four seasons based on the best-selling children’s horror series by R.L. Stine by the same name. While many horror stories aren’t appropriate for kids, Goosebumps is actually meant for kids to watch.

The Goosebumps movie, released in 2015, brought the old spooky tales into the modern age. Though some of the tales in this collection are considered cheesy by today’s modern-day horror standards, some creative twists would breathe life into this iconic series.

9 Frasier Was A Beloved Spinoff That Needs A Revival

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Frasier was a spinoff of one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, Cheers. However, it became a hit in its own right, focusing on psychiatrist Frasier Crane. It has been praised for being one of the most outstanding comedy series, as well as its heartwarming depictions of the trials and successes of life.

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As one of the pinnacles of storytelling on TV, fans have often thought that the eleven seasons just wasn’t enough of Frasier. While there hasn’t been much revealed about the revival just yet, Paramount+ has confirmed that they are currently in early production of reviving this beloved sitcom.

8 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Can Jump On The Popularity Of Modern Fantasy

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still one of the most influential shows, despite having aged poorly to some degree. It was a hit drama horror series that was one of the first to romanticize vampires while also making them inherently evil, though that trope is more commonly known from other popular series like The Vampire Diaries.

Though Buffy is still a popular series, many of the aspects that feel outdated are reflective of the time period. Many fans have expressed their interest in a revival of this series, given how easy it would be considering the Slayer is destined to be born every generation, offering ample ideas for a continuation of the storyline.

7 Fan Still Can’t Stop Talking About Firefly

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Firefly is one of the great TV shows that ended too soon. Despite the popularity and the dedicated fanbase behind this western sci-fi drama, the series only lasted one season. Though the movie that followed the season, Serenity, tied up loose ends, many fans still talk about the disappointment of this canceled series.

While there were rumors that Disney+ was going to reboot Firefly, there hasn’t been news to confirm this. However, there is a lot of potential to work with from the previous storyline, such as jumping back in time before the events of the original and outlining Captain Reynold and his crew’s early days.

6 My Name Is Earl Left Things Unresolved

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My Name Is Earl was a hilarious comedy but was also a story about second chances. Earl has a history of being a bully and a crook. However, when he wins the lottery, he sets out on a mission to right the wrongs he’s made in order to have a true fresh start.

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There was a dedicated fanbase for My Name Is Earl when the show was abruptly canceled after four seasons. This sudden ending left a lot of unanswered questions and no conclusion to Earl’s journey. A revival of this iconic comedy would give fans a satisfactory ending to Earl’s mission to right his wrongs.

5 Freaks & Geeks Was A Hit Too Late

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Freaks and Geeks told the story of a mathlete and her freshman younger brother, exploring the complexities of high school life. Despite the fact that many viewers love every moment of the first season, the popularity of this series hit too late, with the show ending after just one season.

The original cast would likely not work on a revival, considering the fame of many of these actors today, such as Linda Cardellini, Jason Segel, James Franco, and Seth Rogan. In the modern day, Freak and Geeks has the potential to capture a well-written high school experience drama.

4 The Gilmore Girls Revival Left Fans Unsatisfied

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Gilmore Girls is one of the best comedy series of the 2000s. It’s still a beloved show, capturing old and new fans with its balance of comedy and heartwarming moments. Netflix released a min-series revival called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, bringing Lorelei and Rory into the modern day.

However, the ending to the four-part revival was a huge cliffhanger, concluding when Rory tells her mother she’s pregnant. Since much of the original series focused on Lorelei being a single, young mother, this ending only made fans want to see what Rory’s life would be like as an (assumably) single mother in her 30s with a deflating journalist career and a new book to publish.

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Married…With Children was a hit comedy series in the ’80s/’90s. It revolved around the Bundy family and their dysfunctional life. In this family, the father is a grueling misogynist, the housemother hates working around the house, and the two teenagers have few life prospects.

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There has been talk about reviving this series for years, with recent news revealing a plan to adapt the storyline into an animated series that would likely resemble shows like Family Guy. A revival of this beloved sitcom has the potential to make some important social commentary on the expectations of people in society.

2 M*A*S*H Was A ’70s Hit

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M*A*S*H, originally adapted from a novel by Richard Hooker and W. C. Heinz, is about a group of army surgeons at an army hospital during the Korean War. Despite the dark background, the characters use humor to escape their morbid work.

While M*A*S*H is still a hit series, modern audiences do find some of the jokes and gags inappropriate. A revival of this series, with a modern twist, would add a multi-layered comedy series to the often seriousness of military dramas today.

1 The Sopranos Is One Of The Biggest TV Hits Ever

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The Sopranos followed Tony Soprano as he struggled to balance his personal issues while being a mob leader. The series was a huge hit and is still talked about today. The show brought up many real-life issues, including mental illness, affairs, violence, and betrayals.

Despite the fact that the final episode aired in 2007, The Sopranos saw a spike in streaming views in the 2020s. This gave die-hard fans the hope that the show would be revived for a modern-day drama and finally clarify the fate of Tony Soprano.

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