10 Legend Of Zelda Characters & Their D&D Classes

A split image featuring Zelda from The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Ganondrof from The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, and Mipha from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

With its rich fantasy world filled with both dungeons and dragons, The Legend Of Zelda is probably the easiest Nintendo property to convert into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. With puzzle-filled dungeons, fantasy creatures, and challenging bosses, Zelda-loving DMs will have little trouble bringing their favorite games to tabletops.

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For those DM’s players, D&D offers several classes to help them step into the roles of their favorite characters. Though Zelda is full of many unique and creative characters, D&D has many different options to accurately bring their abilities to a campaign. The sky is the limit for any D&D-playing Zelda fan, whether they seek to harness Zelda’s holy power or Daruk’s impenetrable defense.



10 Zelda: Light Domain Cleric

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While Zelda’s abilities have varied as much as her appearance, one constant has been her light-aligned powers and her divine wisdom. Both these traits make her a perfect fit for the Cleric class, which uses the Wisdom stat most of all. Her divine lineage makes the Cleric’s Light Domain suit her above all the others.

Light Domain Clerics have the power to call forth blinding light to banish the darkness, which suits Zelda’s holy power. One of these Cleric’s best spells is Guardian Of Faith, which summons a guardian that attacks nearby enemies. This matches up with Zelda’s ability to summon phantoms in Super Smash Bros.

9 Sheik: Arcane Trickster Rogue

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Though they first appeared as Zelda’s alias in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Sheik has been popular enough to appear in both Super Smash Bros. and the first Hyrule Warriors. Sheik uses a very different moveset from Zelda in these games, relying mainly on stealth and acrobatics.

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This makes them a natural fit for the Rogue class, but Hyrule Warriors gives Sheik enough magical attacks to make the Arcane Trickster archetype their best option. This archetype not only gives Sheik access to the Rogue’s trademark stealth, but also various wizard spells. This gives players the freedom to recreate their favorite moves from Hyrule Warriors.

8 Ganondorf: Path Of Wild Magic Barbarian

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As the holder of the Triforce Of Power who frequently wields swords bigger than Link, Ganondorf is a perfect match for the raw power of the Barbarian class. However, Ganondorf’s magic doesn’t typically mix with Barbarians. Players who want to play a more accurate version of Ganondorf have hope in the form of the Path Of Wild Magic.

This archetype’s trademark ability is the Wild Magic table which grants the Barbarian a random magical effect every time they rage. These effects range from lashing out with shadowy tendrils to magically enhancing the equipped weapon. The unpredictable-but-useful nature of these effects perfectly suits a villainous character like Ganondorf.

7 Impa: Echo Knight Fighter

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Typically an NPC, Impa has perhaps varied the most wildly in all her incarnations. Her most recent playable appearance in Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity painted her as a ninja-like character capable of creating shadow clones. Players seeking to recreate that version would be best served by the Echo Knight Fighter.

The Fighter class will give Impa the martial prowess she needs to serve as Zelda’s loyal guardian, while the Echo Knight archetype gives her the ability to make clones of herself. These clones can attack, swap places with Impa, serve as her spies, and intercept attacks meant for allies. All abilities are perfect for the Sheikah chieftain.

6 Mipha: Life Domain Cleric

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One of the four champions from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Mipha is a Zora princess who serves as the group’s healer. Her healing abilities make her a perfect Cleric, but the sheer power of these abilities make the Life Domain the best divine domain for her to choose.

Life Domain Clerics don’t just heal, they heal exceptionally well. At high enough levels, they don’t even need to bother rolling dice and simply heal the biggest number possible. Abilities like that perfectly suit a princess chosen by the King of Hyrule to defend the land against calamity.

5 Daruk: Path Of The Ancestral Guardian Barbarian

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While Daruk is certainly a lot nicer than most people would expect from a Barbarian, his immense strength that allows him to wield a two-handed sword with one hand makes him a good fit. Even though Daruk’s defensive powers are his greatest asset, the Barbarian covers this with the Path Of The Ancestral Guardian Barbarian.

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Barbarians who walk this primal path gain the ability to hinder enemy attacks and reduce damage done to allies. This matches perfectly with the Goron’s signature Daruk’s Protection ability. Though these defensive abilities take the form of spectral warriors rather than the force fields Daruk uses in Breath Of The Wild, a lenient DM can easily handwave the cosmetic difference.

4 Urbosa: Path Of The Storm Herald Barbarian

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Breath Of The Wild’s Urbosa is the Queen of the Gerudo who fights with both her sword and shield and her incredible lightning magic. Though she is kind and level-headed, her strength and the fact that her ability is named Urbosa’s Fury suggests she’s a good fit for the Barbarian class. And within that class, the Path Of The Storm Herald encapsulates her powers.

Storm Herald Barbarians can choose from Desert, Sea, or Tundra to draw their storm-related powers. Though Urbosa hails from a desert kingdom, selecting Sea provides her trademark lightning powers. With the Barbarian’s raw strength complimenting the fury of the storm, Urbosa will be as formidable in D&D as she is in her own game.

3 Revali: Hunter Ranger

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While Revali’s most impressive abilities in Breath Of The Wild stem from his race rather than his class, his skill with a bow is still awe-inspiring. This and his ability to adapt to harsh terrain make the Ranger his best choice. Within this class, the Hunter archetype gives players the best chance of replicating Revali’s impressive feats.

The Hunter gives Revali plenty of options that match his in-game skill and tenacity. These include the ability to attack multiple enemies in one turn, and the ability to avoid severe damage. These abilities might not be as flashy as his fellow champions, but they make Revali an absolute menace with a bow.

2 Midna: Shadow Magic Sorcerer

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As the princess of the Twili, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ Midna has inherent magical abilities that make her a perfect Sorcerer. By utilizing the Shadow Magic options, Midna gains access to many abilities that match the ones she has in-game.

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One of the most prominent is Hound Of Ill Omen, which summons a dire wolf-like ally similar to the form Link takes when Midna fights alongside him. If that wasn’t enough, the Sorcerer can use the Bigby’s Hand spell which attacks foes with a giant hand. This matches the giant hand Midna uses to attack foes in her game.

1 Ruto: Fathomless Warlock

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Though she first appeared in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Ruto got her most impressive suite of abilities in Hyrule Warriors. She was able to attack hordes of enemies with powerful water-manipulation abilities, and could also create watery portals to help her move around. This makes her a perfect fit for the Fathomless Warlock.

This class grants Ruto numerous powerful water-based attacks, including Thundering Wave and Tentacle Of The Deeps. Not only that, but the class also allows the player to breathe and speak underwater just like a Zora. With its fantastic offensive abilities and adaptation to undersea life, this class feels like it was custom-made for Ruto.

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