10 Lessons Elden Ring DLC Needs To Take From Other FromSoftware DLC

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Elden Ring was undeniably one of 2022’s biggest releases – arguably the biggest. And now, headed into 2023, rumors abound regarding a potential DLC follow-up to the hit game. With the DLCs for previous FromSoftware games making for some of the most memorable and exciting adventures to be found within their respective games, hopes are high for an Elden Ring DLC to be released later this year.

RELATED: 10 Elden Ring Mistakes Fans Want Fixed In The DLCThe Game of the Year award winner has left an incredibly high bar for a potential DLC to match up, but players eagerly anticipate a fantastic adventure. For FromSoftware to fully deliver on this, they absolutely must pay attention to what has made their DLC work in the past.

10 New Mobs Are A Must

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Elden Ring is best known for its broad roster of enemies to fight, bosses, and mobs. The combat is a thrilling joy every time, as every enemy type brings unique challenges and options for the player to consider.

There’s a lot of potential for exciting additions in a DLC, and among the many additions new mobs would be incredibly exciting. New combat situations to consider and adapt to should always be welcomed, and the potential is very much there for some highly memorable encounters.

9 New, Interesting Bosses Are Needed

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Beyond anything else, FromSoftware games are famous for their boss battles. Roaring soundtracks accompany epic clashes between heroes, villains, and sometimes the beings in between. The stories they tell are loved, and the fights themselves are constantly discussed, ranked, and obsessed over.

As a result, no FromSoftware DLC for Elden Ring would be complete without new boss fights. Similar to general creatures and mobs, there is much potential as the world of Elden Ring is incredibly rich and filled with fascinating characters, and the base game Elden Ring sets an exceptionally high bar.

8 Some Unique Weaponry Could Go A Long Way

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In past FromSoftware games, the weapons players tend to look back on most fondly are the ones that come with the DLC. In part because of the higher level and skill ceiling, or perhaps because of their cool factor, or because they’re just particularly memorable, players always look forward to the weaponry that comes with new DLCs.

RELATED: ​​15 Best Weapons For Elden Ring PVP, RankedElden Ring, in particular, boasts an incredible bevy of weaponry and tools for the players to use, and any DLC weapons will have a hard time finding a niche that hasn’t already been filled. However, FromSoftware has pulled it off every time, and Elden Ring‘sDLC is bound to come with some tremendous god-slaying armaments.

7 New Armour Sets Are Always Welcomed

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Elden Ring, more than any other FromSoftware game before it, sports an incredible fashion game. Between the floral aesthetic of House Hoslow, the violent Crucible armor, and the haunting Royal Remains, player options for both protection and fashion are endless.

Arguably the real challenge of any FromSoftware game isn’t beating it but beating it while looking one’s best – especially if it means hampering oneself in some way, like the famous LetMeSoloHer. As a result, any Elden Ring DLC will be expected to bring exciting new additions for players.

6 The Best FromSoftware DLC Always Bring A New Story With Them

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The most interesting FromSoftware DLC has always come packaged with new stories for players to immerse themselves in. Elden Ring will have an easier time than most, as there is already a vast list of potential story threads and locations FromSoftware can use for a DLC release.

However, no interesting locale will be complete without a narrative weaved into it. DLCs like Artorias of the Abyss and The Ringed City are remembered fondly not for their fights or locales, as impressive as those are, but for the stories they ultimately strive to tell.

5 Challenging New Locales Are Always Remembered Best

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A locale must tell a gripping narrative and bring new bosses and mobs to battle, as well as gear for the player to interact with. But none of that matters if the associated challenge, the reason most players play FromSoftware games, isn’t exciting or challenging.

RELATED: 10 Fantasy Worlds To Turn Into Your Next D&D SettingMore than once, a FromSoftware DLC has ultimately fallen short thanks to weak-level scaling, boring bosses, and unchallenging explorations. Elden Ring has to avoid all these problems if it hopes to compare to the top FromSoftware DLC releases.

4 Interesting Secrets And Puzzles Are Always A Highlight

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What makes FromSoftware DLC most memorable is the challenge, but how they present that challenge can vary significantly. For example, The Ringed City is rife with secret paths and passages, while The Old Hunters holds mysteries that abound for players attempting to discover its ancient secrets.

Elden Ring‘sbase game is already rife with secrets and puzzles for players to find and solve, and it’s a trend that we can only hope continues into the game’s DLC releases. The world of Elden Ring still holds many secrets, and players are very eager for the chance to uncover them.

3 FromSoftware Needs To Pay Attention To What Has Made Locales Frustrating In The Past

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FromSoftware has already demonstrated its ability to listen to player feedback with Elden Ring‘s post-release updates, and hopes are high that this will continue. It is paramount that FromSoftware pays attention to what has made locales frustrating to navigate in the past, as it can make or break a DLC.

More than one DLC for Dark Souls 2 is looked upon with derision because the locales they are set in are either underwhelming, frustrating, or uninteresting. FromSoftware has improved its level design much since those days, but more than one locale in Elden Ring was frustrating to navigate, so hopefully, that won’t be repeated.

2 Elden Ring DLC Absolutely Cannot Have Repeated Bosses From The Base Game

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One of Elden Ring‘s claims to fame is the incredibly high number of bosses the game came packaged with, more than a hundred. However, there is no denying that over time FromSoftware began to run out of unique bosses to use, so they began to recycle the occasional encounter.

This can get increasingly frustrating with certain bosses that are just not fun to fight, so their repetition can be bland, or arguably even disappointing. Elden Ring‘sDLC doesn’t need to match the base game’s grand scale, and with that fact, there’s hope that they will not overstretch themselves and have to copy-paste boss encounters.

1 More NPCs Will Always Be Welcomed

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One of the most exciting parts of navigating the vast open world of Elden Ring is the many denizens of the world the player will meet. As a result, hopes are high that FromSoftware will continue this trend into their DLC, with more exciting characters to be invested in and follow-up stories.

The many character journeys throughout Elden Ring make the game what it is, in a way, and it would not be the same game without them. As a result, a potential DLC can only stand to benefit with some of that Elden Ring NPC magic the base game has aplenty.

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