10 Marvel Heroes Everyone Forgets Are Geniuses

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Marvel and genius superheroes go hand in hand. In the Silver Age, many of the heroes introduced were geniuses of some kind. Science was the name of the game during the Cold War years when Marvel made their comeback, and they had more geniuses per capita than their distinguished competition.

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Over the years, more and more heroes were introduced, but the character tropes changed. That doesn’t mean the Marvel geniuses are gone. There are many intelligent Marvel characters that everyone forgets about. They may not be creating powerful armors or discovering new dimensions, but they’re still far smarter than many realize.

10 She-Hulk Is A Brilliant Lawyer

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Hulks are known for their strength, but that’s not all they have. While Hulks don’t always get to keep their intelligence, pretty much every Hulk, from Bruce Banner to Thunderbolt Ross, is pretty smart. Jennifer Walters is included in that number. The Hulk’s cousin gained Hulk powers from a blood transfusion, and became She-Hulk, and for most of her career, she was the smartest Hulk.

Jennifer Walters is an amazing lawyer, with a specialization in superhero law. She’s only gotten smarter over the years as a superhero. She was exposed to things she never would have been, and being as smart as she is made a big difference.

9 Cable Has Proved That He’s More Than Just A Good Soldier

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Cable got the short end of the stick. Born to Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, his life became much harder when Jean Grey came back and his mother tried to kill him. Eventually, Cable was infected with a techno-organic virus, sent to the future to learn how to survive, and trained as a brilliant soldier.

A big source of Cable’s intelligence comes from his telepathy. Cable has learned to download knowledge that he needs from others, something which has come in handy over the years. He’s a brilliant leader and strategist, and if he wasn’t as smart as he was, he would have died years ago.

8 Emma Frost’s Intelligence Helped Her Thrive In The Hellfire Club And On Krakoa

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Emma Frost was always a bright young woman. She left her family’s fortune behind to find her own way, using her telepathy and sexuality to rise in the ranks of the Hellfire Club, but that wasn’t all. Emma could manipulate those around her, often outsmarting them. She proved to have the perfect mind for the Hellfire Club’s business agendas and also became a great teacher.

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During her time with the X-Men, Emma Frost helped run the school, Utopia, and Krakoa. Her presence on the Quiet Council and her stewardship of the Hellfire Trading Club proved she understood how to make big moves and keep complex situations under control. Frost’s an extremely underrated genius.

7 The Thing Is Way Smarter Than Anyone Gives Him Credit For

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The Fantastic Four is a unique Marvel team, more like a family of explorers than a team of heroes. Reed Richards is the team’s resident super genius, his intelligence outstripping nearly everyone else on the team. However, Reed’s not the only genius on the team.

Ben Grimm has always been much, much smarter than he lets on. Sure, he was a jock in college, but Reed helped him learn and saw something in him. Ben proved to be a brilliant pilot and was so good that he got into the space program. They don’t let just anybody fly to space, and that proves The Thing is a genius.

6 Danny Rand Is An International Businessman And An Expert Fighter

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Marvel boasts some great mercenaries, but not all of them are as well-rounded as Danny Rand. The former Iron Fist mastered kung-fu in K’un-Lun, mastering the use of chi energy and dipping his hand in the molten heart of the Dragon King. Rand proved to be a brilliant fighter, but that’s not all he was good for.

Danny Rand runs his father’s business, is multilingual, and has mastered multiple martial arts. He also takes care of the business side for the Heroes For Hire. Danny has a better mind for business than he gets credit for. He even funded the New Avengers during their outlaw days and did it without getting them caught.

5 Captain America Is A Tactical Genius

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Captain America is an inspiring hero, leading the greatest superheroes in battle. Cap definitely isn’t on Tony Stark’s level when it comes to intelligence, but that doesn’t mean he’s lacking in the smarts department. Cap is an expert in strategy and tactics, and calling him a genius wouldn’t be a stretch.

The best example of Captain America’s strategic prowess came during the war against the Builders. Cap was given command of the forces of every alien empire in the galaxy, and he excelled. He turned the tide of the war and defeated the Builders. Despite being dropped into a completely unfamiliar situation, Cap proved his tactical brilliance.

4 Daredevil Earned Multiple Scholarships On His Way To Becoming A Lawyer

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The Marvel Universe has some brilliant lawyers, but none of them can match Daredevil. While he’s mostly been a defense lawyer, he’s also worked as a prosecutor, and has shown a remarkable grasp of the law. Matt Murdock earned his place in a school with scholarships, working hard to show that he was smarter than everyone else.

Matt Murdock graduated at the top of his class and eventually made enough money to start his own practice. Murdock and Nelson hit the big time, with Matt constantly showing just how great of an attorney he is. He’s a genius when it comes to the law.

3 Doc Samson Has Separated The Hulk And Bruce Banner

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Leonard Samson first got enmeshed with the Hulk when he started working with Thunderbolt Ross. He was brought in to help cure Betty Ross of gamma exposure, and eventually he’d get his own gamma powers, gaining amazing strength and durability. Samson would become an ally to the Hulk, and work to cure him of the monster inside.

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Doc Samson was uniquely suited to that job. He not only had a PhD in psychiatry, but was also an MD. He has figured out several ways to “cure” the Hulk over the years, although none of them have permanently stuck. However, Samson proved he could do more for the Hulk than most, which showcases just how smart he is.

2 Nick Fury Knows Everything

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Being Director of SHIELD isn’t an easy job, but Nick Fury made it look like a cakewalk. Fury got in on the ground floor of the organization, working with the CIA before helping to found SHIELD. Thanks to the Infinity Formula, he was able to stay at the top for decades, and Fury learned things that no else ever knew. All of this came in handy over the years.

Being a spy at Fury’s level takes more intelligence than most people realize. He must be smarter than everyone around him, setting traps, and staying one step ahead of his foes. On top of all that, Nick Fury is multilingual and knows the weaknesses of more aliens than most people know exist.

1 Wolverine Has Learned A Lot In His Long Life

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Marvel’s smartest fighters are quite formidable, but even among their legendary number, Wolverine is special. Logan has been around for a long time, fighting in every major war of the 20th century, and mastering multiple fighting arts. Most people wouldn’t think Wolverine is very smart, but this isn’t true at all.

Wolverine knows several languages and is more well-read than he gets credit for. He’s been alive for a long time and has learned a lot in those years. Wolverine may not be able to invent anything he puts his mind to, but he’s as clever as they come and knows way more than anyone expects.

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