10 Marvel Heroes Who Have No Sense Of Humor

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While Marvel has produced some of the greatest and most intimidating heroes of all time, not all of them are necessarily fun-loving.

Marvel is successful because they have always balanced humor with seriousness, creating the perfect mix of emotions to capture its readers’ imaginations.

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However, some of Marvel’s best heroes avoid humor and mostly concentrate on accomplishing their missions. The Marvel Universe can be a dark and dangerous place, which means some heroes don’t see the funny side of things.

10 Wolverine Has Suffered Too Much To Laugh Often

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Wolverine started out as a supporting character in an issue of The Incredible Hulk but became a fan favorite after he joined an updated version of the X-Men. Although he became an important part of the X-Men and later The Avengers, he had a rough upbringing.

Wolverine has been alive for over 130 years and has witnessed some horrible events that would destroy an average person. He later became a test subject known as Weapon X, which coated his bones and claws with the strongest metal on Earth, adamantium. Despite his traumatic life, Wolverine is great with children and occasionally jokes in times of crisis with his closest allies, but he’s a grim antihero at best.

9 Bruce Banner Was Serious Before The Hulk

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Bruce Banner had a tumultuous childhood with an abusive father who drank too much. However, Banner overcame many of life’s obstacles and become a pioneer in the study of gamma radiation. Unfortunately, a young student named Rick Jones was caught in the blast zone of one of Banner’s experiments and would have died if Bruce hadn’t intervened.

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Bruce’s heroism had a price; whenever he became angry, he became an uncontrollable giant green rage monster. Although Hulk has been a member of both The Avengers and Defenders, he often chooses to be alone. Banner’s isolation and inability to find a cure for The Hulk have made him one of Marvel’s most serious characters. There’s not much room for laughter in a person filled with rage.

8 Reed Richards’ Guilt Will Never Stop Haunting Him

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Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, is one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe and is the leader of The Fantastic Four. However, the accident that changed his friends and family into a beloved group of heroes constantly haunts him. Reed has always felt guilty about the accident and has done everything to change them back to normal.

Reed’s best friend Ben Grimm, who would become a rock monster named The Thing, warned Reed about the dangers of cosmic radiation before their launch. However, Reed ignored the pleas of his closest friend and things quickly went awry. Reed also feels the weight of the world’s security on his shoulders, which takes a toll on his sense of humor and social skills.

7 The Punisher Lives A One-Man War

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Frank Castle suited up as The Punisher after his family was caught in the mob’s crossfire, which began his one-man war against crime. Losing his wife and two children sent the veteran into a downward spiral. He began hunting down evildoers and wore nothing but black clothes with a white skull-and-crossbones logo on them.

While most Marvel heroes have a code against killing, The Punisher only understands violence. Frank is all business when he’s hunting criminals and has a serious personality, although, he occasionally works with happier heroes like Spider-Man or Daredevil.

6 Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix Persona Brought Nothing But Pain

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One of the first X-Men, and among the most powerful psychics in the world, Jean Grey learned under the tutelage of Professor Charles Xavier at his school for gifted youngsters. Jean saw one of her closest friends hit by a car when she was a child, which awakened her mutant powers. Thankfully, Xavier sought her out and gave her a safe place to hone her skills at his school.

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While Jean is a loving and dedicated member of the X-Men, her telekinetic and telepathic powers never allow her peace of mind. Although she’s been in love with Cyclops and Wolverine, the Phoenix persona changed her and she never found true happiness. Jean’s powers became her ultimate curse, and the once-loving mutant found little to laugh at or smile about.

5 Captain America Is A Dedicated Leader Who Takes His Job Seriously

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Steve Rogers was chosen to receive the Super-Soldier serum to help America defeat the Nazis in World War 2. After becoming Captain America, Rogers quickly turned the tide in America’s favor. However, during an intense battle at the end of the war, Rogers was trapped in ice and believed to be dead.

Captain America survived his time in the ice and woke up several decades later in an unfamiliar world. Although, Captain America adapted quickly and became one of the Avengers’ most important leaders. While Rogers has had various ups and downs since his revival, he remained a dedicated soldier who concentrated on his mission instead of cracking jokes.

4 The Scarlet Witch Is Powerful But Not Funny

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Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlet Witch, originally debuted in the comics as a supervillain alongside her brother Quicksilver as founding members of The Brotherhood of Mutants. However, The Scarlet Witch would change sides a year later and join The Avengers.

During her time with The Avengers, Wanda fell in love with the android, Vision, and the two eventually got married. Using her magic to make herself pregnant, she gave birth to twin boys, Tommy and Billy. Sadly, her children were erased from existence and her marriage fell apart. Wanda has been under tremendous stress ever since and seems to have lost her sense of humor as well.

3 Doctor Strange Protecting Earth Is No Joking Matter

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While Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange often jokes in the MCU, his comic book counterpart is a much more serious and intense sorcerer. Although he was once a respected surgeon, Doctor Strange suffered a tragic car accident that seriously injured his hands. Down on his luck and out of medical options, Strange searched for answers elsewhere.

Stephen traveled abroad and learned sorcery under the guidance of The Ancient One, the Sorcerer Supreme whose immense powers were impressive but whose self-serious nature was contagious. Eventually, Strange took over the role of Sorcerer Supreme and was tasked with protecting Earth from otherworldly evils. Doctor Strange takes his responsibilities very seriously, leaving him no room for jokes and laughter.

2 Black Panther Does Everything With Stoic Nobility

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T’Challa is the King of Wakanda and one of the most respected heroes in the world, often helping The Avengers with his super strength and agility. T’Challa suffered great losses in both his home country of Wakanda and his time as an Avenger, suffering badly after Ulysses Klaw assassinated his father.

Black Panther also fell in love with a young Storm from the X-Men, but sadly the relationship didn’t last, short-circuited by T’Challa’s obsession with avenging his dad’s death. Serving as a King and a leader in The Avengers, T’Challa is not one for cracking jokes and presents himself in a noble and serious manner at all times.

1 Namor’s Dedication To Protecting Atlantis Is A Responsibility He Takes Seriously

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Namor recently debuted in the MCU to great acclaim but the Namor in the comics is even more dangerous and has an even shorter fuse. Namor is considered one of comics’ earliest anti-heroes, and although he has moments of anger and weakness, his intentions are usually pure.

However, Namor has served as both an ally and enemy for The Avengers and X-Men, he keeps them at arm’s length and has no time for jokes from the likes of Deadpool and Spider-Man. Although he is known for insulting both heroes and villains, Namor never jokes when its’ time to protect Atlantis.

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