10 Marvel Villains Mister Sinister Could Outsmart

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Sins Of Sinister puts Mister Sinister in a position he’s rarely been in: the victor. Over the years, Sinister has launched many schemes against his foes, but has never had the resources he has right now. Sinister is a crafty foe, one who likes to outfox his opponents and leave them at his mercy. Taking over Krakoa is his most impressive feat to date and shows he’s hit a new level.

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There are many smart Marvel villains out there, but Sinister has advantages that put him over many of them. If he were to match many of the best in battles of wits, he would triumph again and again. Sinister is next level compared to many villains and would teach them the error of their ways.

10 Doctor Octopus Isn’t In Sinister’s League

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Some Marvel villains deserved to win, which is what makes Doctor Octopus’s time as the Superior Spider-Man so special. He defeated his longtime foe and took his place, showing just how good he was. Doc Ock is a genius, proficient in a wide range of disciplines. He’s great at coming up with complicated schemes that enmesh his enemies.

Ock is good, but he’s not ready for the kind of game that Sinister plays. Sinister has been confounding his foes for over a century. He’s used to making long-range plans and working with genetics, an extremely difficult science. Ock is good, but he can’t match Sinister’s planning skills.

9 Count Nefaria Is Powerful, But He Doesn’t Have Sinister’s Chops

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Count Nefaria has battled the heroes of the Marvel Universe for years. Powered by ionic energy, Nefaria is powerful enough to fight off the most powerful Avengers teams and clever enough to flummox their most intelligent members. He’s a pretty multi-faceted threat and can hold his own against many villains if he needs to.

Nefaria is a great villain, but he’s not really as intelligent as Sinister. Sinister knows how to deal with enemies like Nefaria. He’d offer him something that he wanted, Nefaria would fall for it, and then he’d be at Sinister’s mercy. He wouldn’t even know he was outsmarted until it was too late.

8 Ultron Is Overrated

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Ultron is a devastating opponent, his adamantium body allowing him to stay alive in every battle he fights. He’s also fiendishly clever, and able to fool Avengers like Iron Man and Hank Pym. Ultron is definitely a frightening enemy and extremely intelligent, but his plans are usually kind of simple. As a schemer, he’s definitely overrated.

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So, while Ultron can access any database, he’s not very good at using the information. Sinister doesn’t have that problem. Sinister is very good at playing every angle. Ultron is a genocidal monster, but Sinister understands how to deal with them. He’ll figure out a way to outsmart Ultron.

7 Sabretooth Is Tricky, But Not A Sinister Level Of Tricky

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The greatest Marvel rivalries contain heroes and villains that have a burning hatred for each other. Sabretooth and Wolverine’s grudge definitely fits that bill. Sabretooth has spent years tormenting Wolverine. While he’s known for his capacity for violence, Sabretooth is actually quite tricky. He’s fooled plenty of smart heroes over the years.

Sinister has dealt with Sabretooth many times in the past. He’s worked for Sinister, and there’s no way Sinister lets someone work for him without having an advantage over him. Sinister knows how tricky Sabretooth is, and he knows how to play him.

6 Carnage Is Violent But Dumb

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Spider-Man has battled many violent villains, with Carnage easily taking the cake. Cletus Kasady is a cold-blooded killer, and he loves the freedom the symbiote gives him. He’s an extremely dangerous foe, one who has tested all kinds of heroes. He’s very hard to beat in a fight, but he’s not exactly difficult to outsmart.

Sinister has definitely found a way to experiment on symbiotes, especially since Knull took over Krakoa with some. He knows how to mess with one because he likes to be prepared. However, it wouldn’t really come to that. Carnage is an idiot, and Sinister would outsmart him simply.

5 Mystique Knows She Can’t Outsmart Sinister

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Mystique is Marvel’s greatest shapeshifter, and she’s known for her skill at subterfuge. For over a century, she’s been a fixture of the black ops community and has manipulated the best. Her greatest work was always with her wife, Destiny, whose precognitive abilities gave Mystique all the information she needed. Mystique is still pretty good without her, but she loses something.

Mystique has had many dealings with Sinister, often with Destiny at her side. Without Destiny, she knows that she’s at a loss against Sinister. He knows when she’s trying to fool him and will easily turn the tables on her. Separated from Destiny, she can’t vie with Sinister.

4 Loki Doesn’t Really Have Sinister’s Type Of Intelligence

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Loki is a powerful villain and extremely crafty. The God of Mischief loves to fool his enemies, and he’s been doing it for millennia. He’s faced off against the greatest heroes, enmeshing them in schemes that confound them. Loki is always ready for a battle of wits; these are the fights he was made for.

Loki and Sinister would make for an interesting contest. They’re two tricksters who love to fool their enemies. However, Sinister is known for working harder. He’s definitely wargamed a scenario where he faces off against Loki, so he’ll go in with a plan that is perfectly meant to beat him. Loki is smart, but he doesn’t think the way Sinister does, and that will cost him.

3 Kraven Is A Good Hunter, But He’s Got Nothing On Sinister

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Kraven the Hunter knows everything about stalking a foe. He knows it’s about more than being stronger and faster; that’s just for the kill. Stalking involves outsmarting an opponent, staying out of their view until it’s too late, and landing a shot that will end the hunt. Kraven is a smart hunter, and he’s good at outsmarting foes.

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Kraven is good, but he’s never encountered anyone like Sinister. He’d find it impossible to sneak up on the good doctor, but Sinister wouldn’t let him know that. He’d allow Kraven to think he was winning and then completely turn the tables on the Hunter.

2 Red Skull Isn’t As Smart As He Thinks He Is

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Marvel’s most ruthless villains are all eclipsed by Red Skull. He’s been committing atrocity for decades, leading soldiers and spies in battles against the forces of freedom and equality. Skull is known for being a schemer, coming up with plans that flummox his enemies. Skull is good, but he’s failed way too many times to be considered truly intelligent.

Skull’s plans fall apart because of his own rage and bloodlust. Sinister definitely knows this about him, so he’ll find a way to take advantage of it. Skull believes in his own superiority so much that Sinister will transform that into a weakness, one that will win the battle for him.

1 Green Goblin Is Too Unstable For A Battle Of Wits

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Many Marvel villains are easily distracted, and that goes doubly for Green Goblin. Green Goblin has pulled off some impressive plans, but his own rage gets the best of him. Goblin makes grandiose plans based upon his own belief that he’s the best. However, in practice, his enemies are always able to take advantage of his instabilities to win.

Sinister uses his own mind to his advantage, something that Green Goblin doesn’t. Goblin thinks he’s a master manipulator, but Sinister knows he’s a master manipulator. That’s why he would outsmart Green Goblin.

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