10 Marvel Villains Stronger Than They Look

A split image of Exodus, the Vulture, and the Red Skull from Marvel Comics

Marvel has created plenty of powerful villains, and most of them look the part. Antagonists like Thanos, Abomination, Sabretooth, and more all look like forces to be reckoned with, and they’re not the only ones. Superheroes and supervillains are known for their intimidating physiques and imposing costumes, with villains going to especially grand levels to scare their foes.

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However, not every formidable bad guy looks the part. There are many Marvel villains out there who don’t look like much and are incredibly deadly. Some are slim, and some aren’t; some have bad costumes, and some are constantly underestimated, but they’re more dangerous than they seem.



10 Doctor Octopus

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Doctor Octopus earned his place among the ranks of Marvel’s most influential villains, becoming the most popular in a line of science villains that would plague Spider-Man. Ock has always been a villain that doesn’t look very tough. For years, he was a portly older gentleman with a bowl cut. He didn’t have muscles, but that didn’t change how dangerous he was.

Ock’s robotic arms were the source of his strength, but he was at his most dangerous when he used his adamantium arms. While he’s only had these a few times, they were much stronger than his regular arms, able to take down the Hulk. There’s no way to tell the difference between the two arm types other than how quickly he beats his foe.

9 Electro

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Spider-Man has faced all kinds of foes in his day, but few of them have the sheer power of Electro. However, looking at the villain, it would be easy to believe otherwise. His green and yellow costume is a classic, but it’s not exactly scary. However, looks can definitely be deceiving. Electro is powerful enough to challenge even teams of heroes.

He’s basically a being of electrical energy now. In a modern world powered by electricity, he is surrounded by a great source of power at all times. He can travel along power lines and draw energy from places around him. Electro looks fairly ridiculous, but he’s as lethal as they come.

8 Mister Sinister

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Mister Sinister is certainly an ominous presence, but he’s much more powerful than he looks. Sinister wasn’t born a mutant, instead, he made himself one – a Red Diamond clone of Nathaniel Essex. Using his mastery of genetics, he gave himself a variety of mutant powers. While Sinister doesn’t often get his hands dirty, he definitely has the power to take on nearly all comers.

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He has super strength, can completely control his molecular structure and shapeshift, has powerful telepathy and telekinesis, can teleport, and can interface with his technology with a thought. Sinister’s power and intelligence make him a deadly threat. However, looking at him, it’s easy to forget just how powerful he is.

7 Kingpin

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Kingpin has battled Daredevil to a standstill, which is saying something. Kingpin is well-known for being a villain for whom looks are deceiving. Many have assumed that the massive man known as Wilson Fisk is a man who indulges too much in food and drink, but his great girth isn’t fat. It’s entirely muscle, and he knows how to use it.

What’s most impressive about Kingpin is just how strong he actually is. He used to fight Spider-Man one-on-one and while the Wall-Crawler was much stronger than him, Kingpin was still able to hold his own. Kingpin has near superhuman strength, and he got it just from working out.

6 Bloodscream

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Wolverine has battled many underestimated foes, villains who don’t look formidable but definitely are. This perfectly describes Bloodscream. A centuries-old vampire, he’s been hunting Wolverine for years, in order to drink his blood and quench his endless thirst. Bloodscream is a slender man, his grey pallor and white hair giving him a frail look.

However, that’s not the case at all. Vampires are known for having a variety of powers, and Bloodscream is no different. He’s super strong and fast, has enhanced senses, and claims to be unbeatable by any weapon forged by mortals. Bloodscream looks like he’d blow away in a strong wind, but that’s not the case.

5 Carnage

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Venom and his fellow symbiotes are all-powerful, and most of them definitely look the part. However, while they all have a frightening visage, they don’t all look strong. Carnage is one of those. His red and black coloration makes him look like raw muscle tissue, and his sharp teeth and claws are scary, but he looks altogether too small to be stronger than Venom, a massive symbiotic monster.

However, Carnage is actually not only stronger than Venom, but also can take more damage. His original symbiote wasn’t vulnerable to sound, and subsequent ones also had different vulnerabilities. Carnage is extremely powerful, and always has been.

4 Jackal

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Spider-Man has many underrated enemies, but few caused the chaos in his life that Jackal has. Prof. Miles Warren created a cloning process, first using it to make a clone of Gwen Stacy and then a clone of Spider-Man. That clone would eventually return, as well as several more, in the infamous Clone Saga, as Warren worked with Norman Osborn to ruin Peter Parker’s life.

Eventually, the Jackal gave himself powers similar to Spider-Man, allowing him to fight the web-slinger. He had a similar musculature to Spider-Man, so while he was well-built, he didn’t look like someone who could bench press a tank with ease. However, looks can be deceiving.

3 Exodus

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Exodus is an Omega-class mutant, blessed with amazing psionic power. A knight in the Middle Ages, a chance encounter with Apocalypse saw him frozen in time for centuries. He awakened and became a servant of Magneto, using his powers to battle the X-Men and any other enemy of the mutant master of magnetism.

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Exodus looks tough, he was, after all, a knight, but he looks more like someone that would have super strength than mighty mental abilities. He’s proven powerful enough to fight off Hex Eternals, ancient war machines made to depopulate continents, with merely the force of his mind. He’s at the same level of power as Professor Xavier, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost, which is saying something.

2 Red Skull

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Marvel has some influential villains, with Red Skull setting the standards for evil Nazis like Baron Strucker and Baron Zemo, two strategy-minded Nazis with messed-up faces. Red Skull is a brilliant strategist with years of experience. He was personally chosen by Hitler to become the Third Reich’s top soldier, so killing is his specialty.

Of course, he’s been alive for almost a hundred years, and at one point, he decided to solve that by putting his mind into clone bodies based on Captain America. This means that he has the speed and strength of someone who took the supersoldier serum. Of course, he rarely wears a traditional costume, so it’s impossible to show, but he’s a powerful fighter564.

1 The Vulture

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Spider-Man has had plenty of amazing battles, several against the Vulture. Adrian Toomes isn’t a young man; he’s easily in his sixties. However, he’s gone toe to toe with Spider-Man many times, keeping up with the super-strong Wall-Crawler. His flight harness is what makes that possible; it not only allows him to fly but gives him superhuman strength.

Anyone looking at Toomes would just see an old man; however, that’s a huge mistake. He’s strong enough to smash stone, and anyone who can take as many hits in the head from Spider-Man as he has is very strong. Anyone thinking he’s an elderly pensioner in a lame costume is in for a surprise.

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