10 MCU Characters Who Could Be The Next Ant-Man

10 MCU Characters Who Could Be The Next Ant-Man

Since his debut in 2015, Ant-Man has been a joyous presence within the MCU. Scott Lang’s cunning and resourceful nature has impressed many fans, eager to witness his next pint-sized adventure. With fans concerned for the reformed criminal’s safety following the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s trailer, moviegoers are discussing who may take over the Ant-Man mantle.

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Scott’s heroic antics have left a considerable impression within the shared universe, opening the door to many potential candidates who may one day take his place. These brave and noble individuals stand a good chance of being handed the Ant-Mantitle, should Scott not make it, following his ominous encounter with Kang the Conqueror.

10 Avar Starr/Ghost’s Phase Ability Would Serve Her Well During Heists

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First seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ghost is a tragic figure within the Ant-Man franchise, with her powers having lumbered the poor woman with a terrible illness. With her condition being cured, her powers would make her ideal to become the next Ant-Man, having served her well during her time at SHIELD.

One of her key attributes is her ability to phase through objects and people, which would be most helpful during a heist situation. Ghost can also turn invisible, allowing her to spy on her enemies undetected. This could give the Avengers a considerable advantage, with Ghost able to sneak up on the superhero group’s latest threat and gain some valuable intel.

9 Hank Pym’s Previous Experience Would Prepare Him Well To Become Ant-Man Again

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Hank Pym is among Marvel’s most intelligent characters, with many believing his comics iteration to be smarter than his MCU counterpart. With the strong-minded scientific genius having been the man to introduce Scott to the Ant-Man suit, he seems a prime candidate to take over the mantle.

As the inventor of the Pym Particles, Hank would be particularly well-suited to become the shrinking vigilante. Additionally, Hank Pym has previous experience fighting crime under the Ant-Man alter-ego. His time as the original Ant-Man gives him advanced knowledge of the suit, which would prepare him well for succeeding Scott Lang.

8 Wasp/Janet Van Dyne Would Prove A Useful Ally

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Married to Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne is arguably the most important person in Hank Pym’s life. Becoming trapped in the Quantum Realm for many years, she understands this mysterious dimension better than anyone. This gives her some of the necessary experience for taking on the Ant-Man mantle.

Alongside her Quantum Realm know-how, the original Wasp has accumulated various abilities which would make her handy during a battle. Janet can possess others’ bodies, and her suit allows her to blast energy at her enemies. One of her most valuable capabilities sees her able to remove the hallucinogenic effects of the Quantum Realm from the minds of her allies, which would give Ant-Man’s heroic friends a considerable advantage during a trip into this mystical dimension.

7 Cassie Lang Is Eager To Become A Hero

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Introduced as Scott’s daughter in the original Ant-Man, Cassie Lang’s sweet personality has won the hearts of fans. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will see Cassie adopt the superhero mantle of Stature, which could act as a neat stepping stone to her adopting her father’s title.

With there still being many things only comic readers know about Cassie Lang, the bright young woman is sure to have a long history in the MCU. In the comics, Cassie can shrink or grow in size independently of her suit, meaning she can fight crime without needing Pym Particles. Additionally, her MCU counterpart has appeared especially eager to become a hero, demonstrating that she has the passion and determination to help take down some of Ant-Man’s biggest foes.

6 Wasp/Hope Van Dyne’s Familiarity With Shrinking Makes Her An Ideal Fit

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As the daughter of Hank and Janet, Hope is a particularly prominent presence within the Ant-Man family. The former Pym Technologies chairwoman has spent many months training with Scott to become his ever-reliable sidekick.

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Janet’s intimate relationship with Scott makes her Ant-Man’s closest confidant, with the pair’s strong working dynamic having helped her to build her crime-fighting skills. Through her use of the Wasp suit, which utilizes the same Pym Particles, Janet is familiar with shrinking down to size. Scott’s girlfriend has also generated a similar bond with ants through her father’s EMP communication device, allowing her to control these tiny insects like Ant-Man.

5 Harley Keener’s Tech Expertise Would Bode Well For Ant-Man

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Debuting in Iron Man 3, Harley Keener boasts an impressive amount of confidence, despite possessing no powers. The brave young lad is unafraid of stepping up to the plate and assisting Marvel’s mightiest heroes in whatever way he can, making him a particularly strong candidate for Ant-Man.

Harley has demonstrated plenty of tech expertise through his time with Tony Stark. During Iron Man’s fight with Trevor Slattery, Harley helps the Stark Industries CEO fix and update his Mark XLII armor. With Scott’s powers originating from his superhero suit, Harley’s technological capabilities would bode well for a career as Ant-Man. The intelligent young man would be able to perform all essential maintenance on the Ant-Man suit himself, ensuring that Marvel’s most nefarious villains never beat him.

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Considered one of the most adorable MCU kids, Morgan Stark has generated a whole legion of fans since appearing in Avengers: Endgame. As the daughter of the tragic hero Tony Stark, Morgan may wish to follow in her father’s footsteps by joining the vigilante lifestyle.

Becoming the new Ant-Man would seem a great way for Morgan to honor her father’s legacy as Iron Man, with Tony having worked closely with Scott during his time as an Avenger. As the daughter of Stark Industries’ cocksure CEO, Morgan also has access to some of the late tech genius’s remarkable creations, which she could incorporate into the Ant-Man suit.

3 Talos’s Shapeshifting Ability Would Come In Especially Useful

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Introduced in Captain Marvel, Talos has proven to be a valuable asset to the Avengers, with Nick Fury making great use of his shapeshifting ability. His unique capabilities could serve him well as the new Ant-Man.

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Talos’s ability to adopt another’s appearance would be especially useful during Ant-Man’s stealth missions when the iconic hero attempts to perform a heist. Additionally, Talos has proven to be excellent at impersonation, successfully convincing Peter Parker that he is Nick Fury while the real Fury is in space. Talos could pretend to be Scott Lang, making it appear as though the pint-sized vigilante had never left.

2 Leo Fitz Has The Scientific Know-How

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Acting as one of SHIELD’s chief scientists, Leo Fitz is one of the Agents Of SHIELD‘s biggest fan-favorite characters, with many hoping to see him in a future MCU project. The unbelievably loyal SHIELD agent could be a natural choice for Ant-Man, having proven his heroic capabilities during his unfortunate encounters with Hydra.

Since joining SHIELD, Fitz has developed a strong understanding of the Quantum Realm, which he uses to help his colleagues return to their original timeline. Perhaps his greatest asset to becoming the next Ant-Man, however, would be his vast scientific intellect. Fitz’s genius mindset could see him create some truly innovative additions to the Ant-Man tech, helping to revolutionize Hank’s incredible Pym Particle formula.

1 Luis’s Resourcefulness Would Bode Well For Ant-Man

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Scott has developed a considerably strong friendship with Luis during his criminal endeavors. Scott’s former cellmate acts as his truly larger-than-life getaway driver during his heist at Hank Pym’s household. Luis’s rebellious nature would work well for the vigilante lifestyle, with Ant-Man required to break many rules to save the day.

As an X-Con Security Consultant, Luis has proven to be an especially resourceful presence, with his security installations helping to protect the MCU‘sinhabitants from the universe’s greatest thieves. This skill would serve him well as the new Ant-Man, with the pint-sized vigilante often required to use his intuition during his travels in the Quantum Realm.

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