10 Most Competitive Anime Characters, Ranked

Escanor from Seven Deadly Sins, Bakugo from My Hero Academia, and Gon from Hunter X Hunter split image

Competition is an excellent way to inspire mutual growth. With peers to hold oneself accountable, a person can accomplish outstanding feats that they may otherwise not have been so inclined to reach.

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There are many anime characters who take such sentiment to heart and define their entire personalities based on those they can surpass. These individuals are so fiercely competitive that their desire to surpass others almost overshadows their actual goals. It illustrates that while competition may be a healthy tool, it must be kept in moderation in order to harness its benefits properly and in a healthy way.

10 Joseph & Caesar Competed With One Another

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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When Joseph and Caesar met in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, they were immediately at each other’s throats. The latter blamed the former for the death of his ancestor, meaning that they remained fiercely competitive even while training under Lisa Lisa.

Both men scrambled in a desperate attempt to reach the top of the tar pillar. However, when they actually completed the exercise, they grew a respect for the other’s discipline and drove to improve themselves as the Hamon users of the future.

9 Naofumi Competed With The Other Cardinal Heroes Despite Disadvantages

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

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Naofumi had a difficult life ever since the beginning of Rising Of The Shield Hero. No one trusted him on account of Myne’s scheming, which made it much more difficult to gain experience and level up. As a result, Naofumi was forced to resort to unscrupulous means such as purchasing from slave traders and tapping into the rage shield.

However, his underhanded tactics paid off considering that he was significantly more powerful than his more privileged peers. This made him indispensable when the Pope showed his hand and attacked.

8 Toph Competed Against Everyone She Deemed A Threat

Avatar: The Last Airbender

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A staunch individualist, Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Toph competed against all she perceived as a threat. For example, she challenged the Earth Kingdom’s underground wrestling ring in order to claim her own independence and prove that no one was stronger than she was.

After joining Team Avatar, Katara and Toph were constantly at one another’s throats since the former tried to control the latter. This resulted in a particularly violent training exercise that neither girl ultimately profited from.

7 Eren Never Stopped Fighting

Attack On Titan

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Eren’s motto was famous in Attack On Titan. His idea of “never stop fighting” and “keep moving forward” constantly necessitated for him to get stronger. He seethed whenever incapable of accomplishing his objectives and did everything in his power to ensure he was the strongest in any given room.

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For example, Eren used his beating from Annie Leonhart as an opportunity to learn her skills. Similarly, he did not hesitate when deceiving his own biological brother into giving him the most deadly super weapon on the planet. Eren felt as though the right to life itself was a competition.

6 Gon Took “Healthy Competition” Too Far

Hunter X Hunter

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Hunter X Hunter’s Gon was so competitive that it often placed him in life-threatening danger. For example, he nearly cracked his skull open in a challenge against Netero, which forced him to change which hand he held his ball in.

During the Hunter Exam, Gon exploited the fact that his opponent couldn’t kill him during his fight against Hanzo. The man may have been a much stronger competitor, but he eventually gave up since he risked disqualifying himself.

5 Escanor Died To Stay Relevant

Seven Deadly Sins

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Escanor’s ego was always his greatest strength and most fatal flaw in Seven Deadly Sins. He first competed against Galand, making the villain rue the day he underestimated him. Escanor proved so terrifying that his opponent attempted to flee the scene.

Unfortunately, Escanor’s sense of competition was also his downfall. He hated how the Sins fought the Demon King while he was relegated to the sidelines, so he borrowed Mael’s “Sunshine” for a final and ultimately fatal show of force. In the end, Escanor’s competitiveness was literally the death of him.

4 Kaiba Would Do Anything To Beat Yugi


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When Yugi first defeated Kaiba at the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh, it completely shattered his superiority complex. To regain it, he went to drastic lengths such as trying to steal Exodia and even putting his opponent’s grandfather in the hospital.

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Kaiba proved how utterly desperate he was to overcome Yugi during the events of Duel Island. Realizing that he once again faced defeat, Kaiba threatened to take his own life if his opponent didn’t throw the duel. It was the least deserving win Kaiba ever received, but his gambit paid off.

3 Zoro Vowed Never To Lose Again

One Piece

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One Piece‘s Zoro made a vow extremely difficult to honor. After being defeated by Mihawk, he promised never to lose again no matter the strength of his opponent. Fiercely competitive, Zoro’s aggressive attitude often places him at odds with Sanji.

They constantly attempt to one-up each other to such an extent that they will even brag about who is the most wanted by the World Government. Regardless, Zoro is so serious about his training that he even groveled before Mihawk in order to accept him as a student. In this regard, Zoro placed his competitive spirit above his pride.

2 Bakugo Won’t Stop Until He’s Physically Incapable Of Moving

My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia‘s Bakugo is as competitive as he is insecure. Although spending most of his childhood as a confident braggart comfortable bullying the weak, Deku’s newfound powers compromised his place in the world. His insecurity became so severe that he challenged and defeated his rival in a bloody street brawl.

Bakugo is equally competitive against everyone else. During the Sports Festival, he needed to be physically restrained since he wanted a “fairer” rematch against Todoroki. This was in spite of the fact that he already won.

1 Sasuke Betrayed Everyone To Compete With Itachi


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Naruto’s Sasuke Uchiha took competition to dangerous lengths. After being upstaged by Naruto in the Chunin Exams as well as in a personal duel, he willingly joined Orochimaru. This meant discarding everything he once held dear, such as his nation, friends, and even fledgling relationship with Sakura Haruno.

To Sasuke, these sacrifices were necessary in order to compete with and ultimately kill Itachi. After Itachi’s death, Sasuke did not become any less competitive. To the contrary, he became even more aggressive in his pursuit of power and stole chakra from many of the Tailed Beasts.

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