10 Most Evil Horror Characters Like M3GAN

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Despite being one of the newest films of the year, the film M3GAN has been warmly received by audiences. The titular character M3GAN is primarily a new, beloved horror character because of her uncanny valley elements. M3GAN is built like a doll, but functions like a robot, and learns from the humans around her.

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However, like many AI in similar films about toys and robots, M3GAN gains awareness and goes on a spree. Yet this didn’t prevent her from becoming a popular character, especially since her design and personality are unique. However, fans have also likened her to other robotic or doll-like characters, such as Chucky from Child’s Play or the T-800s from the Terminator franchise.

10 Chucky Is Another Iconic Killer Doll

Child’s Play

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Charles Lee Ray, most famously known as Chucky, is the most iconic evil doll in horror. Once a man, Chucky’s soul resides in the Good Guy doll, a toy meant to be for children. Thus making the killer even more dangerous as he uses this to kill creatively and pretend to be a harmless toy.

However, M3GAN gives Chucky a run for his money by being a killer toy. Designed as a robotic toy that can interact with children like a real child, M3GAN is equipped with many more technological advancements. M3GAN is very similar to Chucky as she’s meant to be a friend to her child, but gaining awareness enables her to become a killer.

9 Ava Usurped Her Creators

Ex Machina

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Ex Machina is an underrated horror movie, but its plot and characters are very intriguing. Especially the title AI named Ava in the film. Her creators made her in order to test if AI is capable of developing consciousness as humans can. Ava proves terrifyingly so when she turns against her creators.

M3GAN is very similar in this way. Although she was created to be a child’s toy and companion, M3GAN becomes increasingly self-aware with her access to the internet. In the end, M3GAN is fully capable of thinking for herself and blending in with humans like Ava.

8 David Became Much More Human In The Worst Way Possible


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The Alien franchise features several android characters, such as Ash, Bishop, David, and Walter from Alien: Covenant. One of the most recent examples is David, who was programmed to demonstrate human emotions. It goes horribly wrong when David develops real emotions and becomes an active antagonist by playing God with an alien species.

RELATED: 10 Most Evil Movie RobotsM3GAN’s expressions are limited, but like David, she was programmed to interact with children as a real child would. Also, M3GAN becomes genuinely attached to her human caretakers, Gemma and Cady. This is not unlike how David fell in love with Shaw and killed her for selfish reasons. Similarly, M3GAN turned dangerous when she became more overbearing towards Cady.

7 Esther Coleman Is A Cute But Deadly Little Girl


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Orphan recently made a comeback with its prequel Orphan: First Kill and brought back the deceptively endearing Esther Coleman. She only looks like a little girl, but she’s hiding many deadly secrets, including being a serial killer. Esther might be wicked, but she’s also capable of caring for certain people, such as John Coleman and Allen Albright.

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Although M3GAN isn’t human like Esther, she looks very much like an ordinary little girl to some. It also doesn’t take too long for M3GAN to become homicidal towards those who threaten those she cared for. She is terrifying because of her girlish appearance, which is precisely what makes Esther so terrifying.

6 The Terminator Is The Most Infamous Killer Cyborg


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One of the most terrifying examples of evil robots in movies are the T-800s from the Terminator franchise. Also called ‘Terminators,’ the titular android is extremely persistent in its hunt and is highly durable. Another terrifying aspect about them is their ability to gain self-awareness and defy orders.

The robotic doll M3GAN was meant to be a children’s toy, but she also developed consciousness. To the point where she begins to override her programming and turn against her creators. M3GAN also learns how to kill, and like the Terminator, she loses her human skin in the final act and exposes her robotic exoskeleton during her rampage.

5 Pamela Voorhees Is Murderously Protective

Friday The 13th

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Friday The 13th might be famous for its iconic villain Jason Voorhees, but his murderous mother, Pamela Voorhees, deserves just as much credit. Pamela is a killer, just like her son, and just as vicious. Yet, for all her evil deeds, she was very protective of Jason and murdered those she blamed for his death.

This is similar to M3GAN’s protectiveness towards Cady. While M3GAN starts off benign, she becomes protective of her primary user Cady, even killing those who threaten her. Additionally, M3GAN serves as a semi-parental figure for Cady, but like Pamela, she is not a healthy or stable guardian.

4 Samantha Pringle Clings To Her Friend

Deadly Friend

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Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend is an underrated gem with a unique premise. When a lonely boy named Paul inserts an AI chip in the brain of his unresponsive friend Samantha, she becomes more robotic in nature. While she retains most of her personality, Samantha also becomes much more violent towards others who aren’t Paul.

M3GAN is already a cyborg, but her programming allows her to befriend Gemma and Cady. Except M3GAN gradually develops her own personality throughout the film. However, M3GAN is still similar to Samantha, as she turns violent when provoked, especially if it includes her friend.

3 Mama Just Wants To Protect Her Children


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Mama is a well-written horror film from 2013 that most fans may not remember. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, Mama centers around the eponymous ghost who goes to drastic lengths to protect her adopted children. Although it’s revealed that Mama is sympathetic, it doesn’t make her less terrifying.

Similarly, M3GAN protects the children she’s given to as a robot doll. And M3GAN also commits acts of extreme violence when it comes to protecting Cady. In fact, M3GAN’s primary goal is to protect Cady from physical and emotional harm. Additionally, Mama and M3GAN’s overprotective tendencies push their children away from them.

2 Mother Thinks Lowly Of Humanity

I Am Mother

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Netflix has come up with several decent original films, one being a sci-fi thriller, I Am Mother. The main antagonist, Mother, is a robot who acts as a caretaker. Despite her robotic nature, Mother is capable of human emotions and thoughts. Unfortunately, she has a poor opinion of humans and isn’t above destroying them in order to create better ones.

RELATED: 10 Underrated Netflix Original Movies That Are Too Good To MissM3GAN has a very similar concept. Except M3GAN acts more like a sibling for children, she can still communicate and care for children as a typical sibling would. Like Mother, M3GAN regards herself as superior to humans and insists that she makes a better role model than a human would.

1 Benny Will Kill To Keep His Friend Close

Benny Loves You

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Benny Loves You is a fairly obscure horror-comedy film, but nonetheless memorable. When the protagonist Jack’s childhood toy Benny comes to life, the doll becomes extremely possessive towards him. Benny even resorts to murder just to keep Jack to himself because he “loves” him.

This is no different from M3GAN, a toy that becomes similarly possessive towards her humans, Gemma and Cady. M3GAN is somewhat more protective, but will act murderously toward those who threaten her relationships. And just like Benny, M3GAN had to be destroyed since she proved too dangerous to keep around.

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