10 Most Iconic Last Words In Movies

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Opening lines are important in movies because they determine whether viewers will be captivated. However, closing lines also serve a significant purpose. Any movie with memorable last words is guaranteed to leave audiences satisfied and make them more likely to recommend the film or even press play again.

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Great parting words in movies trigger all kinds of different feelings among audiences. These last words can become iconic if they are delivered well or are important statements. Among the thousands of final words scattered all over numerous Hollywood projects, many stand out.

10 “The Truth Is, I Am Iron Man” – Tony Stark

Iron Man

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A good number of the world’s most popular superheroes prefer to keep their identities a secret, but Tony Stark does the opposite in the first installment of the Iron Man trilogy. After defeating the villain Obadiah Stane, Stark holds a press conference and announces that he is the iron-costumed person everyone has been talking about.

Through his words, Tony hints that he will be a different kind of superhero from the ones viewers are used to. His last remark also underscores his love for transparency as well as his general thirst for the limelight. After all, Stark Industries is likely to become more profitable if the public knows it’s being run by Iron Man.

9 “It Wasn’t The Airplanes. It Was Beauty Who Killed The Beast” – Carl Denham

King Kong

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There have been numerous King Kong remakes, but the original movie has stood the test of time because of the beautiful friendship between the giant ape and Ann Darrow. In the closing minutes, Kong gets shot down from the top of the Empire State Building as he is holding her. After his death, Carl perfectly describes what happened.

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Carl’s remark is a clever spin on the Beauty and the Beast tale, and it makes total sense because Kong wouldn’t have allowed himself to get shot down by the airplanes if he only thought of himself. He died because he was trying to protect Ann, so she (beauty) is indirectly responsible for the death of Kong (beast).

8 “Forget It, Jake. It’s Chinatown” – Lawrence Walsh


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Chinatown is both a brilliant and frustrating movie because no resolution is ever achieved. Throughout the proceedings, Jack Nicholson’s Jake constantly proves himself as one of the smartest private investigators by uncovering several conspiracies. Sadly, he is unable to make the villain, Noah Cross, pay.

The last line comes from Jake’s associate and emphasizes the reality of the situation. As hard as he tries, there is nothing that the P.I. can do because his target is too powerful. In Chinatown, those with power always get their way. Chinatown thus ends on a sad note since yet another person has been murdered and Cross is responsible.

7 “Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don’t Stop And Look Around Once In A While You Might Miss It”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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Endless mischief is a necessary ingredient for a good teen movie and in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a high school senior fakes illness to go on wild adventures with his friends. He eventually returns home just before his parents check his room, believing he has been there all day.

The line is a big reason why Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is regarded as one of the best teen movies. His words emphasize the importance of being curious and having fun since these all lead to one enjoying life. In addition to that, the line is iconic because it marks a close call for him. Had he been a few seconds later to his room, his parents might have found out what he was up to.

6 “The Name’s Bond… James Bond” – James Bond

Casino Royale

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In the final seconds of Casino Royale, audiences are left wondering if Daniel Craig is the first Agent 007 to never say the famous words. As the QUANTUM boss, Mr. White, is taking a stride at his Lake Como estate, someone shoots him in the leg before Bond appears with the gun and says the words. The credits then roll.

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The moment marks a huge relief for fans and provides a happier ending after it initially seemed like the villain was about to get away. An ending where Bond doesn’t win would be devastating because earlier in Casino Royale, he loses the woman he loves at the hands of Mr. White’s men.

5 “I Do Wish We Could Chat Longer, But I’m Having An Old Friend For Dinner” – Hannibal Lecter

The Silence Of The Lambs

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Great villains always get a pass from audiences no matter the weight of their misdemeanors and such is the treatment that the serial killer Hannibal Lecter has always been afforded. Despite his cannibalistic tendencies, fans and critics can be forgiven for granting him legendary status, especially after how he concludes the events of The Silence of the Lambs.

Lecter calls FBI recruit Clarice Sterling at her graduation party and advises her to not keep on hunting him down. He then apologizes for not being able to talk for long and states that it’s because he has just killed an old friend who he is planning to eat for dinner. Lecter thus signs off as one of the horror villains who won.

4 “I Think I’ll Have A Drink” – Elliot Ness

The Untouchables

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In the ‘20s world of The Untouchables, bringing down liquor bootleggers is the equivalent of bringing down drug dealers in the modern era, so Agent Elliot Ness can’t contain his euphoria when he gets Al Capone locked up. Outside a police station, a reporter asks him what he’ll do when alcohol is finally made legal, and he gives the perfect answer.

The quote sums up Ness’ character and general attitude toward the law. He isn’t anti-alcohol, but because the law says that trading in liquor is illegal, he’ll make sure to bring all bootleggers down. When the law finally changes, he’ll be more than happy to grab a drink, too.

3 “Most People Are So Ungrateful To Be Alive, But Not You, Not Anymore. Game Over!” – Jigsaw


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The series of brutal murders in Saw comes to an end when John Kramer reveals himself as the actual Jigsaw Killer. He then tells the last survivor, Adam, that the game has now come to a conclusion. With the final remarks, he leaves Adam to die.

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Jigsaw’s closing line means that even if Adam lives, he’ll stop being unappreciative. That’s because the experience he has gone through has been so hellish that it’ll make him forever grateful to be alive. On the other hand, a dead person cannot be unappreciative, so it’s the same outcome either way.

2 “Ernest Hemingway Once Wrote, “The World Is A Fine Place And Worth Fighting For.” I Agree With The Second Part” – William Somerset


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Detective William Somerset and his partner David Mills have every reason to celebrate after they put an end to the menace caused by the serial killer, John, in Se7en. The former then quotes Ernest Hemingway before going on to offer his perspective on the quote.

According to Somerset, the world cannot be a fine place when it’s full of evil people like John. Despite that, those who believe in good should always make an effort to stop evil. It’s for this reason that he keeps taking on big cases, despite being a semi-retired officer.

1 “I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship” – Rick


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Casablanca is widely regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made because it hardly has any flaws from start to finish. The ending is even better as the protagonist Rick is forced to make a decision. He can either rekindle his romance with a former lover or accept an offer by a French policeman to join the allied forces.

Rick ends up choosing war over love because he thinks it’s the more honorable decision and one that he is unlikely to regret. He is grateful the officer gave him a greater purpose in life and concludes that the two of them will make great buddies.

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