10 Most Iconic Video Game Weapons

A split image of Samus from Metroid: Samus Returns, Link from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

While not the case for all games, many put players in the role of a character doing battle against formidable enemies. Whether these enemies are villains or other players, gamers are given various tools to best their opponents. These tools can take the form of powers, abilities, and of course, weapons.

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While some games settle for generic-looking guns or swords, others offer special armaments specific to the game. Whether it’s because of their appearance, utility, the surrounding lore, or pure nostalgia, these weapons are so unique that they have become an inseparable part of their game’s identity. There are many iconic weapons in gaming, but some deserve special attention.



10 Scarborough Fair (Bayonetta)

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While Bayonetta has wielded a different set of pistols at the beginning of every Bayonetta game, her first set is the most enduring. Named after the iconic song, Scarborough Fair is a quartet of ornate pistols called Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. The fact that Bayonetta wielded all four guns at once astounded players and set the stage for how over-the-top the game would get.

The guns were powerful as well as fashionable. As Bayonetta wore a mostly black costume, the bright pink of these guns added a much-needed splash of color. This made them an essential piece of her visual identity that’s inseparable from her appearance.

9 Rebellion (Devil May Cry)

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For a long time, Dante from Devil May Cry was the first and last name in action game heroes. His long red coat and snow-white hair gave him a memorable appearance, but his iconic sword Rebellion is the perfect representation of DMC’s style. Though its first appearance was the much-maligned Devil May Cry 2, it has been an essential part of Dante’s arsenal ever since.

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Being nearly as tall as Dante, Rebellion makes an impression on whoever sees it thanks to its skeleton-shaped cross-guard. The image of Dante effortlessly swinging this beautiful blade is a Devil May Cry staple. Though each game gives Dante a different cache of ridiculous armaments, Rebellion has been a beloved constant.

8 Blades Of Chaos (God Of War)

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Though their wielder Kratos has a complicated relationship with them, the Blades Of Chaos are a welcome sight to any God Of War fan. Though at first glance they appear to simply be short swords or large knives, the chains of near-infinite length they’re attached to make them incredibly versatile against distant foes or large crowds.

Add the fact that they have magical fire powers, and it’s not hard to understand why so many gamers love these blades. Their iconic status is aided by their story significance, as they serve as a tragic reminder of a past Kratos would sooner forget. As much as Kratos would wish otherwise, the Blades Of Chaos are a permanent fixture in his story.

7 BFG9000 (Doom)

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While the Doom series is full of many lovely implements of death, players have the most reverence for the beloved BFG9000. Many have tried to give “BFG” various meanings over the years such, as “Bio Force Gun” or “Blast Field Generator.” However, all Doom fans know in their hearts that it stands for “Big F****** Gun.”

The weapon truly lives up to its name, as it takes up a good chunk of screen space whenever it’s equipped. When players hit the fire button, it unleashes a gigantic green orb of death sure to make the wielder cackle with delight. This purveyor of gratuitous destruction is inextricably linked with everything shooter fans love about Doom.

6 Hidden Blade (Assassin’s Creed)

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The Assassin’s Creed franchise has featured many different protagonists. These diverse characters have varied in their backgrounds, skillsets, personalities, and even allegiance to the Assassin Brotherhood. One constant that many of them share is their use of the iconic Hidden Blade.

True to its name, the Hidden Blade is a small, wrist-mounted, retractable blade that can easily go unnoticed until its terrible work is done. While the Assassins have many means of taking lives, the Hidden Blade remains the most reliable when all else fails. It is a symbol of the Brotherhood and of the series itself.

5 Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

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Like Kingdom Hearts itself, the Keyblade is a completely ridiculous-looking concept at first glance. And just like Kingdom Hearts, it works perfectly in execution. The Keyblade is a very special weapon that can only be wielded by its chosen wielder.

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It’s also extremely versatile, being able to open any lock, channel magical power, and take on various forms. The weapon is perfectly representative of the Kingdom Hearts series—a completely ridiculous surface-level concept that is full of deep surprises. It’s little wonder the Keyblade is such a popular video game weapon.

4 Arm Canon (Metroid)

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Though it’s a part of her iconic armor, Samus Aran’s Arm Canon absolutely counts as a weapon. In the isolated and hostile planets the Metroid series takes place in, many players consider the Arm Canon to be their best friend. This versatile weapon is their primary means of defense, as well as the biggest way they interact with the world.

The Arm Canon fires various beams and missiles that make it easy to defeat the various enemies foolish enough to stand in Samus’ way. The canon also opens doors, destroys progress-impeding blocks, and freezes enemies to make platforms. The iconic Arm Canon is not just a weapon of destruction, but a vital problem-solving tool.

3 Spiny Shell (Mario Kart)

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To identify a Mario Kart player in a crowd, play the alarm-like sound effect that accompanies the iconic Spiny Shell. Anyone who tenses up is intimately familiar with losing a race thanks to this devious item. This weapon is so iconic that it even made an appearance in the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Commonly called the Blue Shell, the concept behind it is simple—it hunts down the driver currently in first place and hits them with a massive explosion. It doesn’t take long to recover, but it takes long enough for several drivers to speed by and steal the lead. As rage-inducing as it can be, this item is forever tied to the experience of Mario Kart.

2 Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

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While the debate on which Final Fantasy game is the best continues to rage, Final Fantasy VII continues to be a consistent frontrunner. While VII was not the first cyberpunk Final Fantasy game, it still marked a huge turning point in the series’ visual identity. Cloud Strife’s signature Buster Sword is a huge part of that shift.

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To this day, many gamers jokingly refer to ridiculously oversized swords as “Final Fantasy swords” and the Buster Sword was the series’ first example of that. Being nearly as tall and wide as its wielder, the Buster Sword naturally drew attention and changed what Final Fantasy represented. The tragic lore and sentiments attached to it in-story have only increased its popularity.

1 Master Sword (The Legend Of Zelda)

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With a name like “the blade of evil’s bane,” it’s no wonder that the Master Sword is one of the greatest video game weapons of all time. In the majority of Legend Of Zelda games, players feel an overwhelming sense of confidence when they inevitably pick it up. In terms of gameplay and story, the Master Sword feels like the most powerful tool at the heroes’ disposal.

As impressive as it is, the Master Sword is not infallible. In times of great crisis, it has been depowered, tarnished, and even broken. But when the sword shines with divine light again, as it always will, the people of Hyrule know that their salvation is at hand.

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