10 Most Inspirational Players In Blue Lock

Noel Noa And Rensuke Kunigami In Blue Lock

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 202 of the Blue Lock Manga.

Blue Lock has an array of characters who live under one roof, all competing to become the best striker in the world. Jinpachi Ego runs the Blue Lock facility with the goal of destroying idealistic thoughts of teamwork and turning the students into egoists. During their time at Blue Lock, the students start to change, competing for goals and struggling to prove themselves.

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The facility is turning many of these people into talented soccer players, but many of them are motivated by something that allows them to put in the work and persevere. As the players overcome their weaknesses, fans can’t help but admire them and how much they change.

10 Hyoma Chigiri Overcame His Fear Of His Injury

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Seeing Hyoma Chigiri bounce back after a severe injury and play so well is inspiring. Chigiri was once a soccer prodigy thanks to his fast running speed but became scared of running after tearing his ACL. Although he joined Blue Lock in order to find a reason to quit, a part of him wanted to play soccer again.

After overcoming his fear of getting hurt again, Chigiri poured himself into improving. He did the same training as the others and pushed himself to do his best so that he wouldn’t have any regrets. His efforts have made him one of the best players in Blue Lock.

9 Kenyu Yukimiya Is One Of Blue Lock’s Best Players

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Kenyu Yukimiya was ranked the sixth best in Blue Lock’s third selection. He can dribble past any player in a one-on-one. Yukima is also able to cut off Chigiri’s route and later scores in the final game against Manshine City with a sword screw kick no one had predicted.

Yukimiya may come across as selfish and self-centered because of his desire to score a goal with his own power, but he just wants to make his dream come true as soon as possible since he has optic neuropathy, so his vision has holes in it when he is exhausted.

8 Reo Mikage Chose His Passion Over An Easy Life

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Reo Mikage could have had an easy life, but he chose to pursue his passion instead. As a high schooler, everything came easily to him: money, popularity, academics, and anything else he put his mind to. He set his sights on winning the world cup because it seemed like a goal that would be difficult yet rewarding to reach.

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He recruited Seishiro Nagi to play with him, but during Blue Lock, Mikage was forced to stop relying on Nagi. Instead of relying on supporting Nagi in games, he worked to be a stronger player, using his analytical skills to become a chameleon on the field who could replicate other players’ moves with 99% accuracy.

7 Meguru Bachira Is A Great Dribbler Who Has Overcome His Weaknesses

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Meguru Bachira is an optimist who loves to challenge himself. When playing a game of tag, Bachira was the first one to suggest going for the strongest person in the room rather than the weakest. He is passionate about soccer and wants to challenge himself, and he likes people who are the same way.

It is difficult to get Bachira down, as he is almost always optimistic and enjoying himself to the fullest when playing. When he was a child, he created his monster to feel less lonely, but in Blue Lock, he has learned to rely on it less and to use it as a source of strength. When it comes to dribbling, Bachira is one of the best in Blue Lock.

6 Gin Gagamaru Swoops In To Stop A Goal Just In Time

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Gin Gagamaru is mainly known for his ability to defend the goal. He is like the hero that swoops in at the last second to keep the opposing team from scoring, making him an ideal goalkeeper. Gagamaru doesn’t hesitate to dive in either, as some of his blocks end with him landing right on his face.

Blocking a goal with his face doesn’t faze him at all, showing a durability that probably arose from his time toughing it out in the wild, as seen when the members of Blue Lock were allowed a break. Gin has performed some impressive kicks as well, including a scorpion kick during Team Z’s battle against Team V.

5 Noel Noa Earned His Title As The Best Striker In The World

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Noel Noa is currently the best striker in the world, and worked hard to earn that title. He grew up poor in France’s slums and quickly realized that soccer was his key to getting a better life. Even after rising to success, Noa is the coach that takes the sport the most seriously.

Noa is a good coach, rewarding those who play the best and offering advice with a cool head, even in the middle of a heated game. When Noa is seen playing with the members of Blue Lock, most of the players are unable to approach him.

4 Yoichi Isagi Is Always Striving To Challenge & Better Himself

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When Isagi started out in Blue Lock, he felt out of place since he was ranked the second lowest. After growing accustomed to the competitive nature of the challenge, he gained the drive required to become the best striker possible. Isagi doesn’t have the physical talents that many of the others do, as he is often outmatched in strength and speed.

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However, he has amazing spatial awareness that makes him able to observe and strategize in a way few others can. In order to improve, Isagi doesn’t shy away from challenging the best, and he takes every opportunity to push himself to be better, constantly thinking of ways to improve both on and off the field.

3 Seishiro Nagi Pulls Off Some Of The Best Plays In The Series

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Seishiro Nagi is considered a prodigy, as he had only played soccer for a short time before joining Blue Lock, and had never lost a game before then. He starts off lazy at first, but once he experiences the frustration of losing and a passion for soccer, he puts more effort into the sport.

Nagi’s experience shows how valuable it can be to try something new, as it leads to him finding something he quickly grows passionate about. His control over the ball leads to some of the most impressive plays in the series.

2 Asahi Naruhaya Wanted To Support His Family With A Soccer Career

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Asahi Naruhaya wanted to be a professional soccer player so that he would be able to make enough money to support his family. His parents had passed away, and his sister supported Asahi and four other siblings with a part-time job. Asahi wanted to ease some of his sister’s burden, and he tried his hardest to become a great striker.

Asahi challenged Isagi’s team during the second selection, and rather than leaning on Barou, he tried his hardest to score goals. He was eliminated, and although he brushed off his hopes of being a professional soccer player as a pipe dream, he genuinely did care. He may not have become the world’s best striker, but he is still the type of person who will find another way to help his family.

1 Rensuke Kunigami Was One Of The Most Upstanding Characters

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Up until the end of the Second Selection arc, Rensuke Kunigami was the type who had good morals and a strong sense of justice. If he saw something that he felt was wrong, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in to rectify the situation. During the first game of tag, he insisted that the players should refrain from cheating, despite the stakes.

Kunigami dreamed of being a superhero and felt that soccer players were more tangible and admirable than the heroes in fiction. He was the type of person others could easily rely on, and after Isagi helped him score a goal, he wanted to share the prize steak with him in order to repay him.

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