10 Most Jealous Players In Blue Lock

Shoei Barou And Yoichi Isagi In Blue Lock

Blue Lock operates much differently from many other sports anime and actually pushes players to accept their feelings of jealousy in order to motivate themselves to reach greater heights. Instead of encouraging teamwork and doing what is best for the group, the people participating in the program are taught to look out for themselves and become the best version of themselves they can be.

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The goal of the program is to create the world’s greatest striker, and many of the training exercises are meant to spark a competitive spirit in the players. Each player has their own talent within the realm of soccer, and it is only natural for feelings of jealousy to pop up when everyone is striving to become the very best.

10 Yoichi Isagi Doesn’t Have The Physical Power Other Players Do

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Yoichi Isagi has doubted his ability to keep up with the rest of the members of Blue Lock because he was ranked the second-lowest. He doesn’t have an amazing physical gift, so it is easy for people to catch up to him or overpower him if they can predict where he is going.

Isagi looks at Blue Lock’s most talented players with some jealousy, but instead of trying to copy what they have or getting frustrated, Isagi aims to “devour” their talent by either outsmarting them or using them to his advantage. He gets frustrated that he can’t make many goals on his own, but he just doesn’t have the physical capacity to yet.

9 Shoei Barou Can’t Stand Seeing Others Become King Of The Field

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Shoei Barou likes to see himself as the king of the field, selfishly hogging the ball and making goals on his own. He enjoyed crushing opponents and replacing them as the center of attention, but got to experience being crushed in a match against Isagi.

Barou was furious when he saw that Isagi made it into the Blue Lock Eleven lineup while he himself did not. When he is subbed in to play against U-20, his primary goal is to “devour” Isagi, looking for openings for himself to take the ball and pull a fast one over his own teammate. Using his jealousy in this way worked out well for the team.

8 Reo Mikage Became Resentful When Nagi Left Him

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Reo Mikage wants to win the soccer world cup, and in order to make this dream a reality, he asked Seishiro Nagi to play soccer with him. In order to keep Nagi motivated, Mikage did practically everything for him, carrying him when he was tired and even altering his own playstyle to match Nagi’s.

When Nagi decided to play with Isagi instead, Mikage felt betrayed. He was jealous of Isagi, and wanted to prove that Nagi made a mistake. Mikage eventually realized that the best way to get his friend’s attention again was to become a soccer player on par with him.

7 Keisuke Wanamiya Hated Chigiri’s Talent & Attitude

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Keisuke Wanamiya is a former resident of the Blue Lock facility. He and his brother, Junichi, were a powerful duo on the soccer field. They were on the same wavelength, making it hard for other teams to pin them down. When they were younger, they were on the same soccer team as Hyoma Chigiri.

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Despite being older than Chigiri, the brothers found themselves outclassed. They were resentful of Chigiri’s skills, especially when told that they weren’t as naturally talented as him. Keisuke was the one who would taunt Chigiri after he tore his ACL, and planted the fear that if Chigiri tried running too fast, he would get hurt again.

6 Rin Itoshi Was Envious That Isagi Was Acknowledged By Sae

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Rin Itoshi originally wanted to become the world’s second-greatest striker after his brother Sae, which was their shared dream. After Sae gave up on becoming a striker to play in a different position, Rin felt as though Sae was breaking an important promise.

Sae expressed cold disappointment after Rin lost to him in a one-on-one match, making Rin obsessed with getting revenge. After Rin and the rest of Blue Lock’s players won against Sae and the U-20, Sae only acknowledged Isagi. This lit a new, hateful fire in Rin.

5 Gurimu Igarashi Is Blue Lock’s Weakest Player

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Gurimu Igarashi is the weakest player in Blue Lock, although he has miraculously survived longer than many other contestants. Thanks to his rank, he gets the worst side dish, making him look at the superior side dishes that everyone else has with longing. Most people don’t think much of him, which is often damaging to his confidence.

Igarashi has yet to prove himself as a powerful player, as his tactics involve making other people get carded. When he gets put on the bench as a spectator in the game against U-20, he’s extremely jealous and wishes he for a chance to prove himself.

4 Kenyu Yukimiya Looks For Faults In Players Who Already Achieved Fame

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Kenyu Yukimiya directed most of his jealousy to Isagi, who was one of the first in Blue Lock to achieve some success and fame. When Isagi passed the ball to Rensuke Kunigami in their game against FC Barcha, Yukimiya criticized him, and Yukimiya was called out by Micheal Kaiser.

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Kaiser accused Yukimiya of being too afraid of confronting his own weakness and of looking for faults in Isagi instead. Kaiser was spot-on, as Yukimiya was desperate to climb his way to fame before he lost his vision.

3 Ryosuke Kira Was One Of The First People Eliminated

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Ryosuke Kira defeated Isagi’s team at the very beginning of the series, and although he boasted about teamwork, he had a sense of superiority over other players. Before entering Blue Lock, Kira was friendly to Isagi, and was the main voice of protest when he heard Jinpachi Ego’s plans for them. However, he had enough pride to join Blue Lock and believe he would teach Ego a lesson.

When Kira lost the game of tag and his right to stay at Blue Lock, he had an ugly look on his face as he bitterly gnashed his teeth. Kira believed that he was better than Isagi, and wasn’t afraid to say it, and he didn’t take his loss well. At that moment, he was jealous and resentful of the players that were supposedly not as good as he was.

2 Asahi Naruhaya Was Jealous That Isagi Didn’t Get Eliminated

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Asahi Naruhaya originally asked Isagi to play a match with him during the second selection because he assumed Isagi would be a complete pushover. He believed that Isagi was just as unremarkable as he was.

After missing multiple goals and getting beaten by Isagi, Asahi was crushed. He admitted that Isagi was actually a genius who knew how to adapt quickly and that Isagi was right in choosing Barou over him. He was frustrated that he wasn’t able to prove his worth like Isagi did, and that he wasn’t the one who got to stay in Blue Lock.

1 Chris Prince Is Envious Of Noa’s Popularity

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Chris Prince is one of the best soccer players in the world, and he is so confident that he sometimes comes across as arrogant. He loves to show off, constantly advertising his merchandise and ripping off his shirt on the field even though he gets a yellow card for it.

Chris’ showboating was interrupted by Noel Noa, who criticized this trait of his. No matter what Chris does, he can’t get a rise out of Noa. In fact, Noa doesn’t hesitate to call Chris out when he gets too boastful. Chris constantly and mockingly refers to Noa as number one, revealing some poorly concealed jealousy.

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