10 Most Painful Times Deku Broke His Bones

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Getting injured comes with the job in the world of My Hero Academia. Fighting villains for a living can really take a toll on the body, regardless of ranking or power. However, some heroes are more likely to injure themselves than others. The main character, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is particularly adept at injuring himself, thanks to the super powerful Quirk he was given, One For All.

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In the beginning, his bones would shatter on impact, leaving him relatively useless for the rest of the fight. As he grew in strength and skill, Deku was able to properly use that power. However, the times he has broken his bones have been brutal, leaving lasting scars on his body.

10 Deku’s Bones First Shattered At The Entrance Exam

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The very first time Deku ever used One For All was during the Entrance Exam to get into U.A. His body had only just become a strong enough vessel to hold the quirk. He hadn’t had a chance to test the power out beforehand.

When Deku did finally unleash his Quirk, he shot up into the air and destroyed the giant mech with one punch. However, this made all the bones in his arms and legs completely shatter. Had it not been for Uraraka and her Gravity Quirk, he would have plummeted to the ground and injured himself further.

9 Deku Broke His Finger On The First Day Of Classes

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Deku may have gotten into U.A., but his trials and tribulations had only just begun. On the first day of class, his homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa, had them all go out to the field and test out their Quirks with the stipulation that the person dead last would be expelled.

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Midoriya really wanted to show everyone he deserved to be at U.A. He would have shattered his whole body again had Aizawa not intervened. Luckily, Deku was able to break just one finger. However, doing this still caused him immense pain and made taking the rest of the test much harder.

8 Fighting Bakugo Always Ends With New Injuries

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Bakugou and Midoriya’s relationship is fraught, to say the least. There are a lot of unresolved feelings between the two due to Bakugo’s past bullying and his growing inferiority complex. These strong emotions all came to a head during their first training exercise.

Bakugo was incredibly focused on fighting Deku, both bringing out the worst in each other. At the climax of the fight, Deku set off his Quirk, punching into the air and creating a windstorm that allowed Uraraka to win the battle. However, Deku once again shattered the bones in his arm and passed out from the pain.

7 Deku Broke All His Bones Again At USJ

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The sudden attack at USJ by the League of Villains tested all the kids in Class 1-A. Midoriya had to plan when best to use his quirk so that he could still fight. At one point, he was even able to use it without breaking his bones.

However, in a last-ditch effort, Deku leaped to try to help and ended up breaking all the bones in his arms and legs again. Even though he was able to make a breakthrough on his Quirk, it didn’t stop him from pushing too hard and shattering his arms again.

6 Deku Re-Injured Himself Right After Recovering

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The first My Hero Academia OVA takes place right after the USJ attack. For the most part, the OVA is a fun extra episode with not much happening other than the 1-A kids getting hands-on rescue training.

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However, when a villain holds Todoroki hostage, the class has to work together to take out the villain and rescue their classmate. Midoriya ends up using his quirk again, breaking the barely healed bones all over again. The “villain” ends up just being All Might in a costume, meaning Deku broke his bones for nothing.

5 Deku Broke His Bones Strategically When Facing Todoroki

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In his fight with Shoto Todoroki during the Sports Festival, Midoriya had to be tactical about using his quirk. However, in using his power strategically, the audience sees the toll each broken finger takes on Midoriya.

The battle these two characters are fighting is far from just physical. Midoriya is truly fighting for Shoto to embrace all sides of himself and confront his trauma head-on. Midoriya is putting his body at risk, once again, to save someone. Though the battle did help Todoroki come to terms with himself, it caused Midoriya to have permanent scarring and a bent wrist.

4 All Might Broke His Back

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The final exam arc is a rare case where Midoriya did not cause harm to himself. Both Midoriya and Bakugo were forced to partner together and fight All Might. Though All Might had restraints on his arms, he was still too powerful for the two students to handle.

All Might is so powerful, he ends up launching himself into Midoriya and breaking his back. All Might is later roughly chastised by Recovery Girl for his reckless behavior, but if they hadn’t had a healer on sight, Midoriya could have sustained a permanent injury.

3 Muscular Caused Midoriya To Go Beyond His Limits

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Midoriya’s fight with Muscular was particularly hard on his arms. His dedication to saving Kota caused him to use his power beyond even his body’s limits. Yet, even with his arms completely broken and busted, he continued to fight, saving Kota and then later joining the rest of his classmates.

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Deku didn’t stop until after the villains were gone. He allowed himself no time to rest even with his major injuries. This injury was one of the most significant for him, and he was left with even more damage to the bones, tendons, and ligaments.

2 Bakugo & Midoriya Both Broke Themselves To Stop Nine

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In the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Deku and Bakugo end up being the last ones standing in the fight with Nine. Deku had already shattered his arms in the fight, but in a last-ditch effort, he gave One For All to Bakugo. This allowed both of them to fight Nine and win.

Both Bakugo and Midoriya end up injuring themselves with the sheer power of One For All coursing through their veins. Midoriya was injured significantly more due to already having shattered them previously. Luckily, they are both given aid and Midoriya is able to regain One For All.

1 Midoriya Fell Into A Coma After The Paranormal Liberation War

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During the Paranormal Liberation War, Deku sustained arguably his worst injury. His fight with the newly powered-up Shigaraki left both hero and villain with gruesome injuries. Deku destroyed his arms once again during the battle and was quickly taken out of commission.

Deku’s injuries were so terrible, he ended up in a coma, still unconscious as his other classmates began recovering. In his time at U.A., his body had grown stronger, but the sheer power of One For All combined with the fight had taken a great toll on his body.

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