10 Most Powerful Non-Avengers Marvel Heroes

Split image of Adam Warlock, Gladiator and Sister Grimm in Marvel comics

The Avengers roster continues to grow as newly popular heroes make the jump from a solo career to life in one of the world’s most important superhero teams. Despite their significant power and strength, some heroes are yet to be featured in any configuration of the Avengers.

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This is usually because they have spent the majority of their career up in the cosmos or deep in the darkest of dimensions. Regardless of their power source, the likes of Clea Strange, Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock somehow have never been recruited to become one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, even if they have been honorable members or adjacent allies in the past.



10 Silver Surfer

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The Silver Surfer has the power cosmic at his fingertips as the herald of Galactus. He has spent a great chunk of his career attempting to save planets from the wrath of his master, so that does tend to keep this powerful entity busy. But such a tall task demonstrates the scale of his skill, intelligence, and strength.

Silver Surfer has traditionally been a member of the Defenders, demonstrating his worth on a team. Stints in groups like the God Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy indicate that despite his aloof personality, Norrin Radd is capable of forming battle-tested partnerships. The Avengers would be wise to recruit Silver Surfer down the line, rather than rely on him as an unpredictable ally.

9 Sister Grimm

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Nico Minoru has always been one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. Although Sister Grimm might have made a brief appearance on the Avengers adjacent team A-Force, the character has never featured on the main rosters. Her time as a sorcerer has also taken her from the Runaways all the way to the Strange Academy.

Although in recent years Nico had to get accustomed to no longer using the magical abilities of her staff, she was previously a hero of completely untapped potential. As Sister Grimm’s strength begins to regrow, there’s no doubt that she will be a significant player for years to come; more so than her Runaway brethren thanks to her aptitude for supernatural situations.

8 Legion

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David Haller has always been an erratic force, although in recent years he has ensured that his immense gifts have been used for good. Manipulated by the likes of the Shadow King, this reality-bending mutant also has immense psychic abilities that even Professor X himself fears.

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Legion has crafted a world for his Legionnaires to operate within, and he has worked alongside the X-Men previously. Perhaps the Avengers would be even more capable of tapping into what Haller can offer. The mutants have feared Legion for too long to make the most of their partnership, but with the Avengers he could start afresh. It wouldn’t be the first time a mutant joined the group.

7 Clea

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Clea is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension and even replaced Doctor Strange for a time as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-616. In her younger years, Clea was all rage and malice, with the character consistently tapping into the darkest of magics to get the job done.

While she has somewhat mellowed thanks in part to the influence of Strange himself, Clea’s power has certainly not been diminished. Considering the significance of the character and her role in the balance of all things supernatural, Clea’s lack of Avengers membership is an absolute crime.

6 Adam Warlock

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It’s shocking that Adam Warlock hadn’t had an MCU adaptation until now. However, with Adam Warlock blasting onto screens, it seems right to reconsider the character for an Avengers membership. Warlock has mostly been taken by the stars, preoccupied with cosmic teams like the Guardians of the Galaxy.

But the good he could do on Earth would be phenomenal. The character has teamed with the Avengers in the past to defeat the likes of Thanos and is capable of wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. Such power comes with great risk, but the Avengers would provide a much more stable home for Warlock to continue to evolve.

5 Snowbird

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Snowbird is arguably one of Marvel’s most underrated characters. As an Inuit demigoddess, the character has made the most of her position on Canada’s number one team Alpha Flight and briefly served as a member of the God Squad. However, Snowbird never got the call-up to the Avengers.

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Narya has demonstrated brilliant leadership skills, incredible tactical prowess and has the strength, speed, and flight to match those qualities. Her transformative abilities also fill a power set that the Avengers don’t currently have. Considering gods like Thor, Hercules, and Ares have been part of Avengers teams, Narya shouldn’t be far behind.

4 Doctor Spectrum

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Doctor Spectrum’s history is incredibly complicated as the character has been moved from solo hero to team player on a couple of occasions. Spectrum is commonly depicted as a powerful Green Lantern rip-off, but a vigilante nonetheless. But he has also been corrupted by the Squadron Supreme in some of Marvel’s best comics.

In recent years another Squadron Supreme member, Nighthawk, has been inducted into the main Avengers team. Any of the alternative universe iterations of Spectrum, who operate with the gem known as the Power Prism under their control, would make for worthwhile accomplices.

3 Gladiator

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Gladiator is a tried and true warrior who serves his Empire well. The character is very strict in his ideologies and with such a focus on carrying out his duty, Gladiator has at times run afoul of the Avengers. He has served on teams before that link to his interests, including the Guardians and the Dark Guardians.

Although he has such a universal reputation and is so well respected, the character hasn’t spent any length on Earth to be included among the Avengers. It would be an interesting narrative to explore his dynamic with the rest of the team and Kallark’s alien biology always gives him the physical advantage in battle.

2 Hope

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Some of the most underrated Avengers comics are those that utilize a team-up with the X-Men. Hope Summers has become a standout mutant for Krakoa, with her telekinesis and telepathy strengthening with each passing day. The character is sure to continue Jean Grey’s legacy.

Once considered to be the goddess of all mutants, the former White Phoenix has built a firm position as a potential savior for her kind. Whether it’s with the X-Men, X-Force, or The Lights, Hope has come into her own when backed up by a team. The Avengers would do well to recruit this Omega-level mutant and build stronger links with Krakoa.

1 The One Above All

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If there was a single god that had control of the Marvel Universe, that overpowered every other deity that readers had witnessed, then The One Above All would be it. The character has largely shown positive emotions towards the Avengers and has even aided Earth-616 against notable threats.

The intentions of The One Above All are never truly known, but it does appear that it values creation over destruction. It’s no surprise that the powerful entity hasn’t appeared on an Avengers roster, especially because there would be no more crime left. But a much more depowered version, looking to get to grips with human life, would be a worthy addition.

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