10 Most Satisfying Revenge Stories In DC Comics

harley quinn drowning joker on the left and poison ivy eating dr woodrue on the right

DC Comics is filled with brutal, dark characters who are dead-set on getting revenge on those who have, in their eyes, done them wrong. The DC Universe is known for its mature take on the superhero genre, and often both the heroes and villains can be incredibly violent when fighting for what they want.

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Getting revenge is never easy, but often it is satisfying, which is clearly displayed in many of DC’s storylines. Whether it be violent revenge, or subtle, and whether they even succeed, readers and fans often find their favorite characters exacting revenge as a wholly satisfying experience.

10 The Huntress Kills Everyone Involved In Her Family’s Death

First Appeared In Huntress Volume 1 #1 By Writer Joey Cavalieri, Penciler Joe Staton, Inkers Dick Giordano & Bruce D. Patterson, Colorist Nansi Hoolahan, & Letterer Albert DeGuzman

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Helena Bertinelli, known as Huntress, was only a child when she witnessed her entire family being murdered in their home. She trained in fighting, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat, and became an expert markswoman in her vow to avenge her family’s death.

Helena confronts every man involved in their murder, from the people who made the order to the assassin himself. She is depicted as aggressive, and violent, but ultimately after she gets her revenge she denounces the life of crime and becomes an antiheroine.

9 Jason Todd Is Avenged By Damian Wayne

Happens In Batman & Robin Volume 2 #13 By Writer Peter Tomasi, Pencilers Patrick Gleason & Tomas Giorello, Inker Mick Gray, Colorist John Kalisz, & Letterer Carlos M. Mangual

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DC’s Death In The Family story line is a well-known, brutal tale in which the Joker uses a crowbar to end Jason Todd’s life. Taking the young Robin from the Bat-family was heart-wrenching, and although Todd was a controversial character in himself, the act was so violent it sent a shockwave throughout the universe.

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This set up for Damian Wayne to take revenge on the Joker for this horrific act. When Damian agrees to speak with the Joker alone, he brings along a crowbar and beats him with it. It’s a violent scene, but a satisfying act of revenge on the Joker for taking one of the bat-family members from them far too soon.

8 Superman Defeats Everyone Who Wants Revenge Against Him

First Appear In Superboy Volume 1 #94 By Penciler & Inker George Papp, & Editor Mort Weisinger

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The Superman Revenge Squad are a group of supervillains who band together with the intention of seeking revenge on Superman, most likely for continuously foiling their criminal plans. Although often they were defeated by Superman, the Superman Revenge Squad’s plans were elaborate and determined.

They used many types of psychological warfare on Superman in order to try and defeat him. This included red kryptonite in order to make him lose his grip on reality, and a mind-altering ray to cause fits of madness. It is satisfying that Superman was always able to defeat them, but the Squad does deserve some credit.

7 V For Vendetta Is An Iconic Revenge Story

Begins In V For Vendetta Volume 1 #1 By Writer Alan Moore, Penciler & Inker David Lloyd, Colorist Siobhan Dodds, & Letterers Jenny O’Connor & Steve Craddock

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V for Vendetta is a hugely popular comic published by DC, made increasingly popular as a result of its film adaption. However, as the title suggests, this comic centers itself around revenge, and the main character V’s plan on getting that revenge. V was subject to cruel medical experiments and is now determined to take down those who harmed him as payment for what they did.

V takes on a young girl named Evey as his protégée, in order to bring down the fascist state and bring forth anarchy. This revenge story is chilling, powerful, and highly satisfying knowing that Evey fulfilled V’s plans even after his death.

6 The Flash Has A Brutal Punishment For Zoom

Begins In The Flash Volume 2 #193 By Writer Geoff Johns, Penciler Scott Kolins, Inker Doug Hazlewood, Colorist James Sinclair, & Letterers Bill Oakley & Kurt Hathaway

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Hunter Zolomon became Zoom after Gorilla Grodd paralyzed him from the waist down, and he used the Cosmic Treadmill in an attempt to cure his injury, despite the Flash refusing to allow this. As Wally West wouldn’t help Zolomon, he decided that the Flash needed to feel a personal tragedy of his own, and targeted his wife, Linda.

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Although the Flash was able to save his wife’s life, the attack resulted in a miscarriage of their twin babies. As revenge, the Flash put Zoom into a temporal anomaly, forcing him into a paralyzed, comatose state where he had to watch the death of his father-in-law over and over again. A story filled with revenge, with a satisfying conclusion.

5 Batman Gets Revenge For The Death Of His Parents

Happens In Batman Volume 1 #673 By Writer Grant Morrison, Penciler Tony S. Daniel, Inkers Jonathan Glapion & Sandu Florea, Colorist Guy Major, & Letterer Steve Wands

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Batman’s origin story is iconic in the world of comics, having watched the death of his parents at a young age in Crime Alley after an attempted mugging. A young Bruce Wayne saw this and was changed forever, eventually becoming The Dark Knight and vowing to fight crime as a vigilante.

So, when Bruce Wayne eventually got revenge on the man who caused it all, Joe Chill, it was a satisfying moment for all fans of Batman. Although in many versions Batman does not actually take Joe Chill’s life himself, he is directly involved in the man’s downfall, and torments him. The ultimate revenge for all the trauma and heartbreak Bruce Wayne had to endure.

4 Selina Kyle Doesn’t Let Anyone Away With Hurting Her

Begins In Catwoman Volume 1 #1 By Writer Mindy Newell, Penciler Joe Brozowski, Inker Michael Bair, Colorist Adrienne Roy, & Letterer Augustin Mas

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Selina Kyle is found crumpled and beaten in an alley behind a church and rushed to the hospital. She is questioned on who left her in such a state, and although she doesn’t tell, readers later find out it was her pimp, Stan. She decides then to take self-defense lessons, especially after Stan gifts her a catsuit and asks her to do one last job for him.

Selina attacks Stan, threatening him, which only angers Stan further, who is now determined to kill Selina. Eventually, in a fight, Stan falls to his death after being nudged off a building as Selina attempts to save her sister, Magdalene. She admits she let Stan fall to his death, getting the revenge she deserved after he treated her so badly.

3 Harley Quinn Finally Gives The Joker What He Deserves

Happens In Batman: Prelude To The Wedding: Harley Quinn vs. The Joker Volume 1 #1 By Writer Tom Seeley, Pencilers & Inkers Sami Basri & Otto Schmidt, Colorist Jessica Kholinne, & Letterer David Sharpe

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Harley Quinn and the Joker are one of the most iconic couples in comics across the board but are equally one of the most toxic, and abusive. For years, it has been depicted in DC that the Joker treats Harley terribly, throwing her around and using her on a whim.

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However, Harley finally gets her own back. She runs him over and kidnaps him, drowning him in the pudding, so he can finally feel what it was like to be suffocated like she was in their relationship for so long. A brutal, but satisfying revenge story after all this time.

2 Jason Todd Wants Revenge For His Murder

Begins In Batman Volume 1 #635 By Writer Judd Winick, Penciler Doug Mahnke, Inker Tom Nguyen, Colorist Alex Sinclair, & Letterer Pat Brosseau

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After Jason Todd was killed by the Joker, Ra’s al Ghul takes Jason’s body from his grave and uses the Lazarus Pit to resurrect him. Jason is alive, but as a result goes mad, and becomes the Red Hood, which was the original alias of the Joker. As the Red Hood, Todd terrorizes Gotham and leads Batman on a hunt to find out who is behind the mask.

In this story, Jason gets his revenge on the Joker by beating him with a crowbar the same way the Joker did to him. However, he also expresses his anger and need for revenge against Batman, who didn’t save him. He attempts to force The Dark Knight to kill the Joker as he believes he should have already done. Although the Joker does live and is sent to Arkham Asylum, this story is a powerful tale of revenge.

1 Poison Ivy Kills The Man Who Experimented On Her

Happens In Poison Ivy Volume 1 #6 By Writer G. Willow Wilson, Pencilers Brian Level & Marcio Takara, Inker Jay Leisten, Colorist Arif Prianto, & Letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

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Dr. Pamela Lillian Islay became Poison Ivy after her professor Dr. Jason Woodrue seduced her and then injected her with poisons and toxins as an experiment. Pamela suffers as a result, nearly dying twice, and struggles through severe mood swings while becoming the iconic Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy is being consumed by a parasitic fungus that causes hallucinations, which are often about Dr. Jason Woodrue, who also goes by Floronic Man and other aliases. She has flashbacks of him injecting her and attempts to kill him with the parasite. However, when this fails and he decides to threaten the life of Harley Quinn, she defeats him and devours him in order to gain his regenerative powers. Ultimate satisfactory revenge.

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