10 Most Stylish Sailor Moon Villains

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It’s common anime knowledge that Naoko Takeuchi is an avid fashion and haute couture fan. Many Sailor Moon character designs, from posing to clothes, are drawn using runway looks and editorials as direct inspiration. The heroes in Sailor Moon have their fair share of looks with their ’90s pastel streetwear, sailor suit uniforms, and Dior-inspired Moon Kingdom gowns.

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But the villains are where truly creative fashion choices can be made. Sailor Moon has so many villains that an iconic, bombastic outfit design helps round out the character and sets them apart. Even the more understated villainous looks are impeccable in cut and design.

10 Mimet Is Witches 5 Meets Black Swan

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Mimet of the Witches 5 is outer-space meets ballerina chic. Her ensemble is like if Swan Lake‘s Black Swan attended a Halloween party with her black lace-up shoes, jeweled tiara, pumpkin-colored tights, and black-and-orange tutu.

Small celestial designs like the star on Mimet’s halter-top bodice and the stars running down her back allude to both her alien nature and her aspirations to be a star performer. Though Fisheye is the villain that gets to work undercover as a ballerina, Mimet rocks the ballerina look, too.

9 Zoyrin Geller Are A Beautiful Terror On The Ice

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Zoyrin Geller is the figure skating Youma duo that the Negaverse created from the human Olympic skaters, Janelyn and Misha. Janelyn’s hair goes from a fluffy ombre of pink and blonde to a short, pastel peach. Her outfit changes from the pastoral princess-like tutu to a red halter-top bikini and a pink chiffon skirt with red gloves that reach up to tapered points at the elbows. The contrasting colors and elegant lines of her costume make her look elfin and altogether alien.

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Misha’s outfit improves from a simple shirt and pants to a black suit and cape. The best part of the change by far is his hair, which switches from blond to a gorgeous, muted moss green.

8 Petz Pairs Black & Green Perfectly

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Petz is the eldest of the four Spectre Sisters, and she works for the Black Moon Clan. She wears an outfit of black and forest green that matches the color of her sweeping updo.

Petz’s outfit is simple, a tube dress with a structured bodice, black tights and heels, and elbow-length gloves, with one statement accessory — a green feather boa over her shoulders. Her green-hued ensemble hints at her eventual plan to attack and trap Sailor Jupiter, the Scout whose uniform and Star Power stick are green.

7 An’s Alien Form Is By Far The Prettiest

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The school uniform An wears in her human form isn’t much to brag about stylistically. However, the ornate maroon and gold bodysuit she wears as an alien looks as beautiful as it does vaguely uncomfortable.

Yellow-gold filigree decorates An’s front like a vest and trails down to outline her waist and wrap around her one leg. The bodysuit extends seamlessly into a pair of dainty pointed boots. An’s hair is the best part of her style; her long hime-style dusty pink hair with blue highlights is dreamy.

6 Nephrite Looks Good As A General & As A Human

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Though not the most powerful of the Four Generals, Nephrite’s certainly one of the most stylish. In the ’90s anime, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, and Malachite wear the same uniforms as Prince Endymion’s retinue of Heavenly Kings and as generals of the Negaverse. They prove the point that sometimes all one needs is a perfectly tailored suit.

The devil is in the details with their uniforms; the a-symmetrical seams in the front of the jacket and the high-waisted and perfectly tapered dress trousers make them cut quite the figure. Nephrite also dresses immaculately as Maxfield Stanton, with a button-down shirt in buttercup yellow and a lavender-gray suit jacket that emphasizes his shoulders.

5 Hawk’s Eye Looks Great In Lilac & Pink

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Hawk’s Eye is one of the Amazon Trio. In the manga, his hair is a lavender color to complement his purple outfit, but the anime depicts his hair as a vivid pink, which also works very well.

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Both Hawk’s Eye and Tiger’s Eye wear pieces that are reminiscent of ’80s athletic wear. Hawk’s Eye wears orchid-purple leggings, a short lavender skirt tied high at the waist, and a matching lavender a-symmetrical fitted crop top. His pink hair and maroon gloves add some dimension to the purple color palette.

4 Prince Demande Is The Real Diamond Of The Season

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Prince Demande was plainly designed to be the photonegative of Tuxedo Mask, from personality to hair to regal, tailored suit. Where Tuxedo Mask’s color scheme is black and red, Prince Demande’s is white and blue. Even his hair is snowy grayish-white.

Prince Demande wears a white structured tunic with blue filigree, slim-fit white trousers cut high on the ankle, dress shoes, and a long blue cloak that’s fitted to tiny epaulets right at the tips of his broad shoulders. He finishes the princely look with black crystal dangly earrings.

3 Koan Is A Vision Of Pinstripes & Feathers

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Koan’s entire look is drawn directly from the designer Mugler’s 1992 autumn/winter season. Though Koan wears the same exact hairstyle and headdress as the Mugler design, there are a few changes in the rest of the ensemble. Where the Mugler dress is black and grayscale, Koan’s outfit is pink and dark purple.

The original Mugler feather skirt is huge and moves like a Rococo skirt pannier or a burlesque bustle. Koan’s purple feather skirt fits more like a chaotic tutu, which gives her a more youthful look.

2 Queen Nehelenia Combines A Few Epochs Of Fashion

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Queen Nehelenia embodies evil queen vibes with her floor-length raven hair and ondongo. In Sailor Moon, ondongo are worn specifically by the women of the Moon Kingdom royals. Queen Nehelenia’s hair and ethereal good looks are meant to be like a mirror image of Usagi and Serenity.

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Nehelenia’s dress has a futuristic Regency look with an empire waist and flowing over- and underskirts in contrasting hues of cream and dark green. Her ornate choker and the well-draped shoulder caps on her long lavender cape are accessories a 1920s flapper girl would weep for.

1 Wicked Lady Reigns Supreme In Yves Saint Laurent Aesthetic

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Wicked Lady’s strappy heels, color scheme, and the flowing drape of her dress are drawn directly from a Yves Saint Laurent perfume advertisement. Naoko Takeuchi added more detail to the dress, drawing it in a svelte ’90s style.

Sailor Mini Moon’s pastel pink hair remains, but her ondongo are pointed like cat’s ears rather than rounded, and the tails extend nearly to the floor. She wears a black jeweled choker and a fitted, black spaghetti-strap dress with a scarlet chiffon undershirt that cinches in at the wrists.

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