10 Most Underestimated Anime Characters

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Anime is full of super-powerful characters who push the boundaries of what fans can even imagine being possible. Through superhuman feats, they are able to defy the laws of nature and beat the odds time and time again. Still, despite all that unimaginable power and resilience, many anime characters are constantly underestimated by both their enemies and fans alike.

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While they may not always look it, those same heroes and villains possess immeasurable levels of hidden potential just waiting to be unleashed. Looks can certainly be deceiving, and anime’s most underestimated characters demonstrate that fact better than anyone.

10 Bojji Overcomes The Odds Through Sheer Willpower

Ranking Of Kings

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Due to being both deaf and mute, Prince Bojji is consistently looked down upon by even the subjects who live in his kingdom. Still, despite what anyone says, Bojji always follows his heart and puts the fullest of his ability into everything he does.

Even when others treat him badly, Bojji approaches everyone with courage and kindness, and that’s what ultimately wins over those around him who first underestimated him. Though Bojji can’t actually talk, he’s the living embodiment of the phrase “actions speak louder than words.”

9 Fushi Can Appear However He Wants

To Your Eternity

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Since Fushi can take on the form of anything he comes into contact with, he doesn’t necessarily have to be underestimated. If Fushi wanted to, he could take his giant bear form and be the most feared being in the land. However, Fushi likes to keep a low profile, and his favorite base form — that of the unnamed boy — is a very unassuming look that doesn’t match his power.

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Taking on the form of a young boy often makes those who first meet Fushi shocked that he could be an immortal entity capable of so much power. The only ones that can truly see the extent of Fushi’s strength are his great ally, Prince Bon, and his worst enemy, the Nokkers.

8 Ash’s Pikachu Looks Weak By Choice


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It’s hard not to underestimate a character as adorable as Pikachu. However, in terms of power, Ash’s Pikachu is one of the strongest Pokémon around. While its evolved form, Raichu, definitely receives some stat boosts, Pikachu never wanted to be evolved, and Ash respected his wishes.

As it turns out, Pikachu’s decision worked out in the end. Ash ended up becoming the Pokémon League Champion, and Pikachu played a huge part in his many battles to get there. Ash’s Pikachu is easy to underestimate based on looks alone, but trainers who do will be in for a rude awakening.

7 Saitama Wishes He Was As Weak As He Looks

One-Punch Man

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If any villain understood Saitama’s true power, they wouldn’t so much as stand in his presence, let alone voluntarily choose to do battle. However, since his actual strength doesn’t in any way match his appearance, Saitama is constantly underestimated by villains to their own detriment.

The term “underestimated” may be a bit of an understatement in Saitama’s case as he is just blatantly written off completely. In reality, the true extent of his strength is far beyond the limits of power any villain possesses, and Saitama wants nothing more than to fight someone who can actually give him a challenge.

6 Rimuru Looks Like The Weakest Of All Monsters

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

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Historically speaking, slimes are generally known by RPG gamers as the weakest of all the random monsters they’ll encounter. Being reborn into a dungeon as a slime then, Rimuru was naturally seen as weak since the moment he was reincarnated.

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Even after he grew to astronomical heights of power and even became a demon lord, Rimuru’s unassuming appearance often causes many to view him as weaker on first impression. However, as soon as he removes the limiter on his power, onlookers are literally blown away by the sheer force of his innate energy.

5 Isagi’s Weapon Is Too Unconventional To Measure

Blue Lock

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Isagi doesn’t really have much in terms of pure soccer skill, strength, or speed. In all those categories, other players at Blue Lock clearly outmatch him. However, Isagi’s abilities to read the field and adapt in order to win make him the most overlooked player on the field, and he uses that to his advantage to catch his opponents off guard.

Even Rin’s Team during the second selection tells Isagi that they wanted to play against him because he was the weakest link whom they knew they could beat. In that loss, as in every other one he suffers, Isagi will learn and grow as his player, and he always makes a comeback.

4 Ed Elric Doesn’t Live Up To His Reputation

Fullmetal Alchemist

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As the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric is actually a kind of local legend for alchemists. Being that he brought his brother back to life by giving his own arm and leg in exchange and is also the youngest state alchemist, Ed’s legend reaches far and wide.

Even though the Fullmetal Alchemist is well-known, Ed Elric himself doesn’t get the same respect in person. Due to his small stature and uncool demeanor, most people tend to write Edward off as just a loudmouthed kid. In fact, upon seeing the two enter a room, most people tend to think Ed’s brother Al is the actual Fullmetal because of his large suit of armor.

3 Mob Goes From 0 To 100 Quick

Mob Psycho 100

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Mob doesn’t only look weak, he is also extremely timid by nature. Mob is the perfect example of someone who just doesn’t know his own strength. Not only that, but he also refuses to use his incredible powers on human beings, resulting in many a bully pushing him around.

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While he’s normally nonchalant and deadpan, no one wants to be around when Mob finally loses his temper. When he hits 100, Mob becomes an unstoppable psychic force that nobody — whether spirit or human — can oppose.

2 Escanor’s Public & Private Personas Are Like Night & Day

The Seven Deadly Sins

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By day, Escanor is perhaps the most powerful of all the Seven Deadly Sins due to his sheer strength alone. By night though, he becomes a meek, feeble-looking man who wouldn’t even attempt to hurt a fly. This change of day and night plays into Escanor’s sin of Pride, as one who is truly strong and powerful feels like only a humble weakling at night when no one’s looking.

Escanor is one of the rare cases of a character that is not only underestimated but underestimates himself depending on what time of the day it is. During the day Escanor is not afraid to become the pure incarnation of strength, but at night he feels terrible that he lost control and acted without restraint.

1 Goku Loves Being Underestimated

Dragon Ball

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Ever since he was a kid, Goku has been underestimated by his opponents. Even as an adult, despite Goku being in peak physical form, his enemies still somehow expect him to be a weakling when they first meet him.

As the series has gone on, Goku’s reputation across the universe has begun to precede him, although even those who have heard of him often have a hard time believing he’s the warrior they heard rumors about. Whether it’s due to his happy-go-lucky personality or simply his unassuming physique, nobody seems to expect Goku to have the God-like powers that he does.

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