10 Most Underrated Superhero Games, Ranked

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With the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man, superhero games have risen in the video game world as a means to adapt characters just as well as blockbuster movies. However, that wasn’t always the case with comic book video games often resulting in either classic gems or less-than-loved titles.

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The latter of the two ended up creating such a poor reputation for superhero games that some titles that were worth checking out ended up slipping under the radar or gained a cult following over the years. In some cases, a few superhero games ended up doing what more popular games would do later on.

10 Before The Arkham Games There Was Batman Begins

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Back in 2005, movie-licensed games were rarely good. However, Batman Begins based on the Christopher Nolan movie was a bit of a rare gem that delivered on combat and stealth mechanics of being Batman years before Batman: Arkham Asylum was released.

Batman Begins isn’t a perfect game, but it featured many fun levels to go through with most of the cast of the movie reprising their roles, including Christian Bale as Batman. There is even a Batmobile segment that feels uncannily similar to the Arkham Knight version of the Batmobile in terms of controls.

9 Captain America: Super Soldier Was A Good MCU Game

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During Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each movie received a tie-in video game and most of them were not good. One managed to stick out from the rest, and it was based on Captain America: The First Avenger.

While not the best Marvel game, there was clearly more thought and care put into playing Captain America through World War II in Captain America: Super Soldier. The combat for Captain America himself has plenty of fun melee and shield combos that keep the game enjoyable, even if a little repetitive.

8 Spawn Armageddon Understood What Makes Spawn So Memorable

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It takes just a few minutes for a gamer to realize that Spawn: Armageddon is a Devil May Cry clone. Thankfully, it’s a clone that maintains why Devil May Cry is a strong hack-and-slash franchise and implements the aspects of Spawn that turned him into a cult classic hero from his powers, weapons, and the now-iconic voice of Keith David.

Spawn: Armageddon was even directed by the franchise creator Todd MacFarlane, so loyalty to the source material is pleasing to longtime fans while general gamers can enjoy addictive and brutal gameplay going up against all kinds of powerful Spawn characters — both monsters and villains — as an undead warrior.

7 Edge Of Time Was The Superb Spider-Man Sequel Everyone Forgot

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For many, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is praised for being a strong Spider-Man multiverse adventure. Yet somehow the direct sequel seemed to quickly fade into obscurity. Instead of universes, Spider-Man: Edge Of Time featured timelines going through a crisis with Peter Parker and Spider-Man 2099 working together.

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Edge Of Time maintained a lot of the gameplay that made Shattered Dimensions so beloved as well as expanded upon it with a darker storyline and interesting twists on characters. It even featured the return of Josh Keaton as Peter Parker from The Spectacular Spider-Man series who got to show even more range.

6 Square Enix’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Does Some Things Better Than The Movies

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While far from a flop, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was not exactly the biggest seller either. However, word of mouth was quick to spread because anybody who did play the game attested that it was a well-crafted single-player adventure that tried something vastly different from most Marvel video games.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy presented gamers with a mix of many other games including God of War, Kingdom Hearts, and a bit of Uncharted. The game allowed players to test their skills at being a leader by building relationships with the other Guardians which made for plenty of emotional moments and characterizations that were executed just as well, if not better than the MCU.

5 Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Is Still The Pinnacle Of Hulk Gameplay

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No game has quite captured the pure raw strength as well as The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. It was a pure sandbox game that allowed players to roam deserts and cities doing whatever they want as the less-than-jolly green giant.

Everything was destructible by the Hulk and as a result, Ultimate Destruction made the player feel like the Hulk. Add in a decent story featuring the Abomination as a villain and the reprisal of Neal McDonough as Bruce Banner, and Ultimate Destruction gained such a cult following that even The Incredible Hulk movie borrowed moves from the game.

4 Gotham Knights Stands Out From Arkham Games As A Superhero RPG

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Despite the developers stating that Gotham Knights was never intended to feel or play like a Batman: Arkham game, critics unfairly continued to compare the two which led to it suffering a bit at first. Gotham Knights is more of an action RPG with more similarities to The Witcher in terms of combat with a focus on bouncing between enemies.

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Each member of the Bat-Family plays drastically different and has their own unique dialogue to make them feel akin to RPG classes. The story is a massive new take on the Batman lore with many twists, turns, and strong takes on famous characters. If viewed as its own game, Gotham Knights delivers on so much more than it is given credit for.

3 Somehow The X-Men Origins: Wolverine Was Better Than The Movie

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With Hugh Jackman providing a surprisingly strong vocal performance and a far better portrayal of Wolverine’s origin than the movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a rare gem. The game managed to include better ties to a wider X-Men universe, it gave intense blood and gore long before Logan did, and had a better story than the movie.

There is no hiding that the gameplay is heavily influenced by the original God Of War games but that hack-and-slash gameplay fits the brutality of Wolverine. By all accounts, X-Men Origins: Wolverine should have been a disaster but instead, it’s a top-tier X-Men game that could potentially influence the new Marvel’s Wolverine from Insomniac Games.

2 Ultimate Alliance 2 Adapted Civil War Before The MCU Did

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Another sequel that did not get as much attention despite actually evolving what the first game did, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 took the gameplay of the first game and expanded upon it with the inclusion of multiple famous Marvel villains and anti-heroes as playable characters. As a bonus, Ultimate Alliance 2 was an adaptation of Marvel’s Civil War that predated the MCU version.

The concept of Civil War allowed for replayability thanks to having two different stories depending on which faction the player chooses. Ultimate Alliance 2 also featured better visuals, more abilities, and even better combo attacks that make it arguably superior to the first.

1 Batman: Arkham Origins Was Unfairly Shunned By Fans

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With a very limited time and budget, Warner Bros. Games Montréal managed to deliver a strong prequel to the Batman: Arkham games. Unfortunately, Origins was met with criticism before the game even launched due to the new voice cast for Batman and Joker as well as being made by different developers.

Over the years though, more have come to respectBatman: Arkham Origins for delivering an early Batman story that is similar in many ways to Matt Reeves’The Batman, with better boss fights, a strong dynamic between Bruce Wayne and Alfred, and is one of the few games that can be called a holiday classic.

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