10 My Hero Academia Class 1-A Students Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Split image of Class 1-A students from My Hero Academia.

U.A. High School from My Hero Academia has taught many great Heroes, including the students from the current Class 1-A. Class 1-A’s young Heroes have compelling motivations, relationships, and arcs that can be explored in individual films and OVAs.

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Characters like Mezo Shoji, Tenya Iida, and Shoto Todoroki have rich stories that have struck chords with many fans, who would be glad to see the characters further developed in their own films and OVAs. Since My Hero Academia is getting closer to its end, it would be a nice opportunity to give Class 1-A students movies that expand on their arcs.

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After Tensei Iida’s battle with Stain, the former was left paralyzed and could no longer continue his Hero work as Ingenium. Tensei passed down the mantle to his brother, Tenya Iida, who has vowed to honor the name.

A film about Tenya can show how he strives to live up to the Ingenium moniker, with Tenya doing his best to rescue people and refusing to give into his own selfish desires like he did during his own battle with the Hero Killer. The movie can also have a rematch between Tenya and Stain, representing how far Iida has grown since his original quest for vengeance.

9 Fans Can Spend Time With Froppy’s Family

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Froppy is a beloved character within My Hero Academia‘s fan community, with her even getting an OVA and filler episodes that devote extra time to her. It would be a great opportunity to also give Froppy a film that expands on her life outside of Hero work.

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A film can show more of Froppy’s family, expanding her siblings’ and parents’ personalities and their relationships with her. It would also be interesting to see how they feel about her Hero work, and how it affects their time together.

8 Bakugo Can Reflect On His Childhood

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For most of his life, Katsuki Bakugo has had a superiority complex that led to him bullying people Bakugo deemed weaker than him, particularly Izuku Midoriya. Since his time at U.A., Bakugo has learned to acknowledge his weaknesses and work with others.

A film can show Bakugo reflecting on his past, upset at the person he used to be. In particular, the story can focus on his relationship with Deku, who Bakugo has always subconsciously looked up to. The film can show that despite a rough beginning and hurtful mistakes, people can still make amends and even become comrades.

7 Shoto & His Family Can Make Peace With Endeavor

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A large aspect of Shoto Todoroki’s character development is his relationship with his father, Enji Todoroki, or Endeavor. Shoto finds it hard to forgive Endeavor for his past abuse, but over the course of the series, it looks like Shoto will eventually forgive his father.

A movie can have Shoto not only forgive his father but also have them develop a healthier father-son relationship, essentially making up for lost time. The movie can develop Shoto’s family as well, with them all making peace with Endeavor. The movie can be heartwarming, finally having them all together as a family.

6 Jiro Can Have A Musical

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As a musician, Kyoka Jiro can be shy but also has a strong love for music and songs. Thus, it would be a missed opportunity to not give Jiro her own musical film or OVA. Jiro can have a fun OVA where she further comes out of her shell.

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It would also be humorous to see her and all her friends suddenly singing all the time, similar to the official My Hero Academia live-action musicals. Jiro’s OVA can also demonstrate her feelings for Denki Kaminari, having them grow closer and sing a duet together.

5 Shoji Has A Scarring Backstory

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Mezo Shoji’s backstory is incredibly sympathetic and helps build upon My Hero Academia‘s world. As a heteromorph, Shoji faced violent prejudice, but still saved someone else’s life and chose to become a Hero.

Shoji’s backstory can make for an emotional movie, showing the harsh treatment heteromorphs can face. However, his story can also be an uplifting one, with Shoji choosing to focus on his happy memories related to his Mutant Quirk, as well as showing his growing friendships at U.A. High School.

4 Denki’s Feelings For Jiro Inspired Him To Be Braver

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A great character moment for Denki Kaminari happened during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc; since he was scared out of his mind, Midnight told him to think about saving one particular person. To many fans’ joy, that person turned out to be none other than Kyoka Jiro.

Prior to this moment, many fans had already shipped the Kaminari and Jiro together. It would be interesting for a Denki movie to expand on this and have him try to pursue an actual romantic relationship with her. The movie can also reference how he feels fear, but his feelings for her help him overcome that anxiety.

3 Koji Koda’s Family Inspires Him To Be Heroic

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An underappreciated character, Koji Koda has a lot of charm and can have a film that emulates his gentle nature. The movie’s scenes can juxtapose his calm personality with the harsher aspects of Hero society.

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In between Hero-Villain battles, Koji Koda can peacefully talk to others about what inspired him to become a Hero — his family. His father stood up for his mother, who had faced prejudice due to her status as a heteromorph; although Koda is shy and quiet, the film can showcase how far he will go to defend others from similar persecution.

2 Mineta Used To Be A Scaredy Cat

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Class 1-A’s Minoru Mineta may not be everyone’s ideal Hero, but he has had substantial character development since his first days at U.A. High School. He can get scared easily, but he pushes on and fights anyway.

Mineta can get a film that demonstrates how frightening Hero work is, with the audience essentially being in his shoes fighting against more powerful Villains. Despite his fear, Mineta can also demonstrate bravery, doing everything he can to defeat Villains and save lives, being a Hero everyone can rely on.

1 Yuga Aoyama Was The Traitor

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A popular discussion centered around who was the supposed traitor in U.A. High School. To many people’s shock, it turned out to be Yuga Aoyama, who expressed massive guilt over his actions. A film about Yuga can paint a better picture of his time as a double agent, showing how much anguish he went through committing vile orders for the Villain, All For One.

The movie can also explore Yuga’s life as a Quirkless child, showing how he may have faced similar bullying as Deku. Above all, however, the film can show Aoyama finally moving on from his mistakes, embracing the future as a full-fledged Hero.

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