10 My Hero Academia Villains Who Deserve Their Own Movie

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My Hero Academia has many memorable Heroes, but it also has many astounding Villains. Characters like Stain, Himiko Toga, and Twice have resonated with many fans, who love reading and watching their stories unfold.

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Many of My Hero Academia‘s Villains have stories rich with conflict, tragedy, and misdirected aspirations due to their emotional backstories. Thus, characters like Stain and Twice deserve their own movies to expand on their stories, devoting extra time to them and allowing audiences to truly grasp who they are as people.

10 Himiko Toga’s Movie Can Focus On Repression

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At a young age, Himiko Toga had a strong fascination with blood, most likely due to her Transformation Quirk. However, her parents forced her to repress her Quirk and desires, which lead to Toga putting on a mask and pretending to be a “normal” girl.

Toga’s film can show how society represses “scary” Quirks that don’t fit into society’s norms and standards. Her movie can also demonstrate the dangers of repression; if someone simply holds back their feelings without a healthy outlet, the feelings will only grow stronger and eventually explode.

9 Fans Can See Kendo Rappa’s Rebellious Life

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Kendo Rappa is a dangerous but humorous Villain, eager for a challenging fight due to his powerful Quirk. Kendo’s film can delve into his background, with his rebelling against his parents and strong drive to battle others.

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The movie can use information from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, where fans got to see more of Kendo’s past as an underground fighter. The film could dive into Kendo’s philosophy and attitude, about how he values some recklessness in his life, as well as his strong sense of honor in his dangerous life of fighting.

8 Viewers Can Better Understand Stain’s Ideology

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Although Stain’s time in the series is short, he left a massive impact on My Hero Academia‘s society as well as the franchise’s real-life fans. A movie revolving around Stain’s past would garner lots of interest from the fan base.

Stain’s movie can show his shifting ideologies starting from his disillusionment from Hero society, and leading up to his eventual identity as Stain the Hero Killer. The film can also take some inspiration from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, showing Stain’s time as the murderous Vigilante Stendhal.

7 Neglect Led To Jealousy For Dabi

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Dabi, also known as Toya Todoroki, has a tragic past due to his father Endeavor neglecting him. A Dabi film can explore Toya’s mental decline into one of the deadliest Villains in My Hero Academia. Dabi’s film can have fans spend more time in Toya’s shoes, really making them understand just how much hope and drive Endeavor instilled into him at a young age.

Thus, fans can also see just how much Endeavor’s future neglect wound up scarring Toya, indirectly making the latter despise Shoto. Although the film should also stress that Dabi made his own choices, it could also showcase the dangerous damage familial abuse causes.

6 Twice’s Mind Fractured

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Twice was a funny Villain, with his alternate personalities garnering plenty of laughs from fans. However, he also had a sad backstory that resonated with many people. He can have a film that expands on his melancholic past, exploring the depths of his damaged psyche.

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A film about Twice can show his life after losing his job, with him struggling to find work due to his ruined reputation. The movie can also delve into his life as a criminal and how his mind fractured, before ultimately finding solace within the League of Villains.

5 Mustard Clearly Wanted To Be A U.A. Student

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Mustard is an interesting Villain because he clearly wanted to attend U.A. High School. Despite his anger at U.A. students, he holds them and the school to a high standard, demonstrating a hidden desire to be a student himself.

Mustard’s movie can showcase how a person’s insecurities can lead to them taking their anger out on others. Although Mustard demonstrates skill, it is likely that he let his own self-doubt stop him from trying to get into U.A. High School. The film can illustrate the dangers of someone who projects his hatred onto the world.

4 Hawk’s Father & Endeavor Are Reflections Of Each Other

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Takami is Pro Hero Hawks’s father and was a notorious criminal, stealing money and murdering people. Takami’s action forced his family into hiding, where he relentlessly abused his family until Endeavor finally turned the Villain in.

It would be compelling to see a film that explores Endeavor and Takami as reflections of each other; both were abusive and emotionally damaged their families, but the former was a Hero and the latter was a Villain. The film could explore the impact each had on Hawks’s childhood, as well reveal whether Takami ever came to regret his actions like Endeavor did.

3 Lady Nagant’s View On Hero Society Fractured

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As a child, Lady Nagant fantasized about being a Pro Hero and obtained her dream after years of work and effort. However, she learned that Hero society wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, which caused her to become disillusioned.

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Lady Nagant’s film can focus on her time with the Hero Public Safety Commission, depicting the aspects of Hero society hidden from the public. The movie can showcase Lady Nagant’s disconnect from the ideals of being a Hero, leading up to her imprisonment and eventual encounter with Izuku Midoriya.

2 Spinner Craved Someone To Follow

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Spinner’s backstory gives an insight into how My Hero Academia‘s society can act prejudiced towards Heteromorphs, people with Mutant Quirks that permanently alter their appearance. Due to Spinner’s Gecko Quirk, he faced severe bullying and secluded himself from society. However, he still craved a purpose.

A movie on Spinner can delve into how he questioned his existence, looking towards someone for some type of meaning or purpose. Spinner’s movie can also focus more on how Heteromorphs feel about Hero society, showing differing viewpoints from both Hero and Villain Heteromorphs.

1 Mr. Compress’s Ancestor Was A Criminal

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Mr. Compress has a theatrical presence, always stressing his “performance” and “magic tricks.” This already made him a memorable Villain, but the series also revealed that his great-great-grandfather Oji Harima was a Robin Hood type of criminal.

A Mr. Compress film can be a prequel, depicting his life before Villainy as Atsuhiro Sako. The movie could explore his admiration of Oji, and how Atsuhiro related to him in terms of how he viewed Hero society. The film could also showcase Atsuhiro’s life as an entertainer, showing how the present Mr. Compress clings to his past life.

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