10 Naruto Characters Who Have A Great Sense Of Humor

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In the Naruto world, there’s plenty for the characters to feel terribly sad or angry about. Ninjas such as Sasuke Uchiha and Nagato suffered greatly, and they abandoned their sense of humor and happiness so they could focus on revenge or destroying the world. By contrast, many other ninjas have a great sense of humor, and it gives them a balanced perspective on things.

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When someone has a good sense of humor, they might be a total joker who can cheer everyone up with wacky dialogue or even pratfalls. Also, a good sense of humor means a person can appreciate the funnier, more amusing side of life without taking things too seriously. That describes plenty of Naruto characters, some of whom are total class clowns or at least prone to warm, cheery laughter.

10 Naruto Uzumaki Can Find The Humor In Almost Anything

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The shonen star himself, Naruto Uzumaki, has an energetic and wacky sense of humor, and he’s even famous for it. At times, Naruto is fully serious, such as when he faces Pain or when he fights Sasuke at the end of Part 1. In everyday life, by contrast, Naruto sees the humor in most things.

Naruto is an easygoing, creative, and optimistic ninja who will burst out laughing if something truly wacky happens, and even if he’s exasperated, Naruto fans will find his reaction amusing. Naruto’s humor can be rather raunchy, too, such as his infamous sexy jutsu and its variants.

9 Konohamaru Learned To Copy Naruto’s Humor

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Early on, Konohamaru was introduced as a bratty kid who was desperate to step out of his Hokage grandfather’s shadow and carve out his own identity. Then he met Naruto Uzumaki, and the two boys soon became friends and rivals who understood each other.

Konohamaru soon cheered up, and he also mimicked Naruto’s zany sense of humor. Soon, Konohamaru replicated the sexy jutsu and even got into trouble with it, but Konohamaru took that in stride and learned to loosen up. He was tense and miserable while under pressure as Hiruzen’s grandson, but no longer.

8 Kushina Uzumaki Lived A Happy, Humorous Adult Life

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Naruto’s late mother, Kushina, had a tough childhood and even got captured at one point until Minato Namikaze personally rescued her. Then, as an adult, Kushina married Minato and settled into a short-lived but happy life in the Hidden Leaf Village with her new husband.

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Kushina was a hot-headed but cheerful lady who didn’t take things too seriously, which kept her in a good mood. Even Mikoto Uchiha picked up on that, humorously noting that only the topic of pregnancy and impending childbirth could actually make Kushina nervous and afraid for once.

7 Might Guy Is A Humorous Green Beast

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The taijutsu master Might Guy is fiercely passionate about physical training and competitions, but unlike shonen characters like Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia or Nnoitora Gilga from Bleach, he’s not angry or mean about it. Instead, Might Guy thoroughly enjoys himself during training or competitions and takes it in stride when he loses.

Might Guy takes his duty quite seriously, but otherwise, he is a total class clown who’s always seen having friendly competitions with Kakashi Hatake. Might Guy will even compete with rock-paper-scissors or improvised feats of strength to see who’s the real top dog around here.

6 Rock Lee Often Laughs & Smiles

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Might Guy’s most dedicated genin disciple, Rock Lee, takes after his master in many ways. Rock Lee used to feel terrible about his inability to perform ninjutsu or genjutsu, but with Might Guy to train and empower him, Rock Lee can now fight with a proud smile on his face.

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Rock Lee is a highly optimistic and energetic Leaf ninja who has had his dark moments, but overall, he has a fair sense of humor and isn’t too wound up about anything. Rock Lee is the type to exhaust himself training, then give Might Guy a dazzling smile and thumbs up to say, “I did it!

5 Choji Akimichi Is An Easygoing Food Ninja

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Choji Akimichi is Shikamaru Nara’s best friend, and as troublemaker boys with a decent sense of humor, they often annoy their academy teachers with their innocent antics. Choji always found it funny deep down, and it was a bonding experience between him and Shikamaru.

Choji isn’t quite a class clown, but he also takes things easy and is pretty goofy with his endless potato chips and his charming personality. The sole exception is the topic of his body image because he will react angrily to any joke or insult made about his weight.

4 Killer Bee Is All About Freestyle Lyrics

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Killer Bee, also known simply as B, hosts the Eight-Tailed Ox and has made the most of his life as a jinchuriki. Killer Bee is also notoriously wacky and funny for his musical hobby since he likes to make up freestyle lyrics and rap them anywhere, even in a serious duel.

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Killer Bee often cheers himself up with his rapping, and he will even smile to himself when he comes up with a clever rhyme. When he met Naruto Uzumaki, Bee helped Naruto develop his own freestyle lyrics, sharing his passion for music with someone who could understand him.

3 Jiraiya Has An R-Rated Sense Of Humor

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Jiraiya the toad sage is Naruto’s best mentor, and he also has a truly unique sense of humor. Other Naruto characters don’t always find him funny, but Jiraiya will keep at it, striking dramatic poses as the famous Sannin Jiraiya and boasting about what a ladies’ man he is.

Jiraiya’s humor is pretty R-rated, sometimes too much so, but at least he can balance his inner darkness and regrets by entertaining himself. Jiraiya, for all his goofy pranks and antics, carries serious burdens involving the Rain orphans and his failure to make his dream of world peace a reality.

2 Asuma Sarutobi Can Laugh Off Almost Anything

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Asuma Sarutobi is Konohamaru’s uncle and a father figure for Team 10’s three genin. Even if Asuma seemed a bit underwhelming compared to Kakashi, he was an immensely likable Naruto character with a stellar personality and a solid sense of humor.

Asuma doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s not a sore loser, either. He regularly loses to Shikamaru in shogi, and instead of cursing himself for losing to a tween, Asuma is proud of Shikamaru’s mental abilities. He even gave Shikamaru a disguised IQ test that involved a shogi match.

1 Kakashi Hatake Reads Raunchy Books While Training His Ninjas

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Naruto’s kuudere team leader, Kakashi Hatake, knows when to be serious and when to take things easy as an elite jonin who has been through a lot. Kakashi still mourns for his previous teammates and father, but he won’t let the grief control him. So, he creates mental bulwarks with sheer humor.

Kakashi made a goofy first impression with his apparently absent-minded behavior and his habit of reading X-rated books while training his team. Kakashi is also a great sport, being Might Guy’s rival despite lacking Might Guy’s competitive spirit and enthusiasm for such things.

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