10 Naruto Characters Who Would Make Excellent Bodyguards

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In Naruto‘s shonen world, trained shinobi are often sent on deadly missions to assassinate someone, steal valuable items, or capture a hostage, all of which are typical ninja activities in any context. However, Naruto ninjas may also accept defensive missions, usually to escort a client somewhere or serve as a bodyguard in someone’s estate.

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A few key qualities make for a good bodyguard, ninja or not. Bodyguards and escorts must be mindful of their surroundings and be vigilant for any assassins or infiltrators. Ideally, bodyguards will also have defensive techniques or strategies to protect their client’s life over their own. A handful of Naruto ninjas fit this criteria, and it helps that as assassins themselves, they know how to predict and foil another would-be assassins’ plans.

10 Shino Aburame Can Set Up Surveillance Beetles

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The quiet kuudere Shino Aburame can use chakra-eating beetle swarms in battle, and those bugs are equally effective on both offense and defense. Shino can envelop a foe in those beetles to drain their chakra dry, and he can escape harm with beetle clones as well.

On a bodyguard assignment, the smart Shino would set up dozens of literal surveillance bugs and make sure every angle is covered for his client’s sake. If any enemy ninjas got close, they would alert Shino, who in turn could fight off the intruders and warn his client.

9 Kiba Inuzuka Comes With A Free Guard Dog

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Kiba Inuzuka is a Konoha 11 member who typically underperforms in most Naruto arcs, but he does have his merits as a potential bodyguard or escort. Like all Inuzuka clan members, Kiba has a life-long bond with an intelligent dog, and they always fight together.

If someone hired Kiba as their bodyguard, that client would benefit from Akamaru’s company as well. Like any well-trained hound, Akamaru would growl and bark if anyone got too close, even in the dead of night, and alert the client to danger. Then Kiba and Akamaru could finish off the intruders with fierce taijutsu.

8 Sakura Haruno Is Smart & Can Heal Injuries

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Sakura Haruno often lamented how she was born with no hiden jutsu or kekkei genkai, but a seemingly generic kunoichi like her can still be highly effective on A-rank missions and below. Sakura has always been book-smart, and she is clever and insightful in battle. Jutsu-wise, she offers hard-hitting chakra punches and medical ninjutsu.

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Sakura Haruno would make a fairly effective bodyguard for a client, using her sharp wits and book smarts to predict how and when the client’s enemies might attack. And if the other bodyguards or client got hurt, Sakura could heal them, something few other bodyguards could do.

7 Tsunade Is Tough, Experienced, & Can Heal Anyone

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Tsunade would have made a lousy bodyguard when Naruto met her, and later, she was too busy as the Fifth Hokage to defend anyone else personally. In theory, though, the slug princess Tsunade would make a highly effective escort or bodyguard, even on S-rank assignments.

Tsunade, like her apprentice Sakura Haruno, can deliver the beating of a lifetime to anyone who might threaten her client, and Tsunade’s smart enough to see them coming from a mile away. Tsunade also has decades of experience backing her up, and if her client gets hurt, they can be healed with ease.

6 Asuma Sarutobi Is A Reliable & Disciplined Jonin

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Even if Asuma Sarutobi doesn’t have a single specialized trait or jutsu for defensive missions, he would still be a great addition to any team of bodyguards or escorts. As a battle-hardened Jonin and natural leader, Asuma is highly reliable and can handle any challenge on any mission.

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As a bodyguard, Asuma would warmly promise his client their safety, then set his mind to his work. Asuma is one of the Leaf Village’s most reliable and disciplined jonin, so any client can rest easy knowing that Asuma is taking the job 100% seriously.

5 Yamato Can Capture Or Block Assassins With Wood Formations

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Partway through Naruto Shippuden, Naruto and Sakura met Team 7’s new leader, Yamato. He was temporarily taking over for Kakashi, a stern but also agreeable ninja who took his duty seriously. He also boasted the First Hokage’s unique wood release jutsu.

Yamato would do well as anyone’s bodyguard, mostly with those wood-based techniques. He could, for example, form a wooden barrier between his client and any assassins who slipped through Yamato’s defenses. Yamato could also trap the assassins in a wooden cage to interrogate them.

4 Shikamaru Nara Could Command A Client’s Entire Bodyguard Unit

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Shikamaru Nara is a famously smart Konoha 11 ninja who can think dozens of moves ahead, treating any battle or mission like a game of shogi. Overall, Shikamaru does best as a support ninja or team leader, which would make him a fantastic bodyguard or escort.

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Shikamaru could coordinate a client’s entire bodyguard unit and devise foolproof plans and backup plans to make sure no enemy ninja ever harmed the client. He could also use shadow paralysis jutsu to capture anyone who somehow breached the bodyguard unit’s defenses.

3 Kakashi Hatake Can Accomplish Any Mission As The Copycat Ninja

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Kakashi Hatake is the famed copycat ninja who has imitated countless jutsu with his Sharingan eye, though his overall skill set is broader than that. Kakashi is also a highly insightful and skilled tactician, like Shikamaru, and he is a veteran of hundreds of missions.

All this means Kakashi has the experience, intuition, brains, and jutsu necessary for any mission of any rank, bodyguard assignments included. He is a responsible and dutiful ninja who wouldn’t dare let even the deadliest shinobi touch his client, and if need be, he could warp them away with his Kamui.

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Gaara’s brother Kankuro is a puppet jutsu specialist, using long chakra strings to control weapon-laden puppets from a distance. Like Kiba, Kankuro never fights alone, and that means any client will get several bodyguards for the price of one when hiring Kankuro.

Kankuro is a clever and observant ninja who doesn’t miss a trick, and anyone who trespasses onto the client’s estate will soon face several deadly puppets at once. Kankuro can even disperse his numerous puppets to protect his clients from multiple angles or fill in the gaps if other bodyguards are slain.

1 Itachi Uchiha Can Beat Any Assassin At Their Own Game

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Throughout Naruto, Itachi Uchiha was usually seen carrying out offensive missions such as assassinating his entire family or trying to capture Naruto Uzumaki alongside Kisame Hoshigaki. But it’s also easy to imagine Itachi using this expertise for defensive missions.

Itachi is a gifted ninja, and on a bodyguard assignment, he could easily get into any assassin’s head and predict all their moves. He would have every angle covered, and that, combined with his immense talent and jutsu, would make him an outstanding bodyguard or escort.

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