10 Naruto Ninjas Unworthy Of Becoming Kage

Naruto Ninjas Unworthy Of Becoming Kage

One of the reasons why Naruto became a global success, is because it featured a lot of action, and most of the battles involved ninjas from different villages. In terms of military might, the Five Great Shinobi Villages wielded the most power, and they each had skilled and dangerous ninjas at their disposal.

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The Leaf, Mist, Stone, Sand, and Cloud Villages were all led by a Kage, an individual who was considered to be the strongest ninja at the time. Over the course of history, there have been only 27 Kage, but there have been plenty of powerful ninjas who were worthy of the title as well. Some ninjas however, are not worthy of the title, either because they betrayed their villages in some way, or because their personalities are not suited for protecting civilians.

10 Deidara Valued His Art More Than His Village

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Deidara was born and raised in the Hidden Stone Village, and thanks to the Explosion Release kekkei genkai, he was able to join the village’s Explosion Corps. He defeated Gaara and the Three-Tails, which proves that he was a Kage-level ninja.

Deidara considered his explosions to be the ultimate form of art, and he valued his art more than anything, including his village. He actually used his “art” to destroy a segment of his village after joining the Akatsuki. He died by turning himself into a bomb, and although it was a poetic death, it proved that he was willing to sacrifice himself for the wrong reasons.

9 Fuguki Suikazan Was A Traitor

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Fuguki Suikazan was part of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, making him one of the greatest swordsmen of his generation. Like Zabuza, he was part of the group’s greatest generation, which makes him one of the strongest ninja that the Hidden Mist Village has ever produced.

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He wielded Samehada, and he served as Kisame’s superior. As one of the infamous swordsmen, the door was certainly open for Fuguki to become a future Mizukage, but he lost all credibility when he chose to betray his village by giving secret information to the Mist’s enemies.

8 Kinkaku & Ginkaku Staged A Coup

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Kinkaku and Ginkaku were the Cloud Village’s Gold and Silver Brothers, and they were reanimated during the Fourth Great Ninja War. In the past, they attempted to capture the Nine-Tails, and were swallowed, but they were spat out because they were feeding on the fox’s internal flesh.

As a result, they gained part of the Nine-Tails’ chakra, which allowed them to enter Tailed Beast Version 2 form. Kinkaku killed the 2nd Hokage, which proves their strength. Either one could have potentially become the Raikage, but they lost that right when they staged a coup and attacked the 2nd Raikage, who was forming an alliance with the Leaf.

7 Fugaku Uchiha Attempted A Coup Out Of Spite

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Fugaku Uchiha was both Itachi and Sasuke’s father, and other nations feared his skill in battle. He was considered for the position of 4th Hokage because his strength was comparable to that of Minato and the Legendary Sannin.

When the Nine-Tails attacked the Leaf Village, many villagers blamed the Uchiha, and the entire clan was relocated and placed under surveillance. Fugaku and many others within the clan grew resentful of the Leaf’s treatment, and as the leader of the clan, Fugaku led an attempted coup that would have plunged the Leaf into a devastating civil war.

6 Suigetsu Would Have Likely Continued The Bloody Mist Practices

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Suigetsu is part of the Hozuki Clan, the same clan that produced the Mist Village’s 2nd Mizukage, and his older brother Mangetsu was the strongest member of the greatest generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. This shows that his family produces Kage-level ninjas.

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Mangetsu was level-headed and humble, but Suigetsu was considered to be a prodigy in the art of murder. He enjoyed killing, and was annoyed when he was forced to refrain from killing individuals. This is a result of being raised during the Bloody Mist period, and if he had become the Mizukage, he probably would have continued the cruel practice.

5 Sasori Killed The 3rd Kazekage

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Sasori may have been the first Akatsuki member to be defeated, but he was still one of the toughest villains in Naruto. .He mastered the Puppet Technique, to the point that he was able to turn himself into a human puppet. During the Third Great Ninja War, he earned the nickname, “Sasori of the Red Sand” because he stained the sand with the blood of his enemies.

When he left the Sand Village, he killed the 3rd Kazekage and turned him into a human puppet. Sasori killed the strongest Kazekage in the Sand’s history just to add him to his collection, and in doing so, he severely weakened his village.

4 Hidan Only Cared About Killing

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Hidan was a devout follower of the Jashin faith, and it was through the religion that he gained a form of immortality. It is also the reason why he was able to use his infamous curse, which is still one of the darkest jutsu in the series because it turns him into a living voodoo doll.

Hidan was a ninja from the Village Hidden in Hot Water, which means that he could never become one of the Five Kage, but if he were able to, he would be a terrible choice. A Kage’s job is to protect their village, but Hidan was a homicidal religious fanatic who only cared about killing people.

3 Obito Was Responsible For The Nine-Tails’ Attack On The Leaf

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When he was a kid, Obito wanted to become Hokage, but his entire life changed during the Third Great Ninja War. He lost his eye and was presumed dead, and after being saved by Madara, he watched Rin die. Her death is the reason he agreed to fulfill the Eye of the Moon plan.

Thanks to Madara’s training, Obito became a Kage-level ninja in just a few months. He may have been strong enough to become Hokage, but he set the Nine-Tails loose on the Leaf Village. Large portions of the village were destroyed, and many people lost their lives, including Minato, the 4th Hokage.

2 Orochimaru Sacrificed His Fellow Leaf Ninja For His Ambitions

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As one of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru is one of the strongest ninja in the Leaf Village’s history. He was taught by the 3rd Hokage himself, and he was a candidate for the position of 4th Hokage before it went to Minato.

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In terms of skill and intelligence, Orochimaru would have made an excellent Hokage, but he decided to betray the Leaf in favor of his own ambitions. Orochimaru wanted immortality so that he could learn every justu, and he kidnapped and killed multiple Leaf citizens and ninja in order to conduct inhumane experiments.

1 Danzo Intentionally Did Nothing During Pain’s Attack

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The Leaf Village has had a number of great leaders, but Danzo was not one of them. Like the 3rd Hokage, Danzo was part of the 2nd Hokage’s squad, and he spent the majority of his life vying for the position himself. He came close when he was named the 6th Hokage candidate.

Danzo claimed that he had the best interest of the village in mind, but his decisions led to the Uchiha massacre and the birth of Pain and the Akatsuki. During Pain’s assault, he ordered his men to not help the village. He saw the attack as the perfect opportunity to become Hokage, even though many of his fellow citizens were going to die.

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