10 Powerful Marvel Villains Who Disappeared Without A Trace

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Marvel Comics has introduced countless dangerous supervillains over the years, the likes of which can challenge even the most powerful superheroes in the world. However, while some villains like Doctor Doom, Magneto, and the Green Goblin have frequently returned to fight Earth’s Mightiest Heroes over the years, some haven’t been featured as prominently.

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Over its long history, Marvel Comics has forgotten about some of its villainous characters. Some of these supervillains were surprisingly powerful and could have been major lasting threats in the Marvel Universe, only to disappear into obscurity, leaving without a trace.



10 Ravage

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Dr. Geoffery Crawford was a scientist who was assigned to find a cure for the Hulk but used the Avenger’s gamma-radiated DNA for his own personal experiments. The Marvel villain is transformed into yet another Hulk, adopting the name Ravage and attempting to assert his strength over Bruce Banner.

Ravage was eventually defeated by the Hulk and his allies, who placed the supervillain in suspended animation, leaving his fate thereafter completely unknown. However, the fact that Ravage was not killed off but merely placed in stasis suggests that he will return someday, though time continues to pass without an additional appearance from the powerful supervillain.

9 The Spider-Slayer

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Alistair Smythe was once a scientist who followed in the footsteps of his father in creating a legion of robots designed specifically to hunt down and kill Spider-Man. Eventually, Smythe transformed himself into a superhuman, granting himself incredible powers and declaring that he was the ultimate Spider-Slayer.

The Spider-Slayer was killed off during the Superior Spider-Man’s reign over New York City, only to be resurrected by the Jackal in Clone Conspiracy #2 several years later. Despite his shocking return, the Spider-Slayer has been missing in action from Marvel Comics for quite some time, making it appear odd that the company chose to bring him back only to not follow up on his resurrection.

8 Sun King

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The Sun King is the avatar of the Egyptian god Ra and one of Moon Knight’s most powerful enemies. As the servant of the sun god, the character is capable of wielding flames, often doing so in the form of a flaming whip. Because of Ra’s rivalry with the moon god Khonshu, the Sun King is the sworn enemy of Moon Knight.

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The Sun King was defeated during the events of Moon Knight #200 in 2018, leading him to lose faith in Ra and subsequently lose the powers that the Egyptian god had granted him. Nevertheless, the character was one of the most intriguing villains introduced to Moon Knight’s Rogues Gallery in many years, and a return from the wayward Sun King, who hasn’t appeared since his defeat, would certainly be a welcome surprise.

7 Tiger Shark

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Tiger Shark is a supervillain who most commonly finds himself opposed to Namor the Sub-Mariner. While he has rarely been considered an A-list villain in Marvel Comics, Tiger Shark is surprisingly powerful, sporting a host of superhuman abilities, including adamantium teeth that can bite through just about anything.

In his latest storyline, Tiger Shark was coerced into joining the Defenders of the Deep by their leader, Namor. However, the supervillain has had few appearances since then, fading into obscurity over the last several years. Given how long he has been present in the Marvel Universe, it is well past time for the supervillain’s current whereabouts to be explored.

6 Mastermind

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Mastermind is a Marvel villain with a genius-level intellect who often serves as an enemy to the X-Men. Mastermind was best known for his ability to use his power of telepathy to cast illusions of great complexity that feel real to his many victims, often inspiring great fear.

After his death and subsequent resurrection, Mastermind was put through a gauntlet, fighting the likes of Mister Sinister, Arcade, and the Hellions in order to reestablish his place in the world of supervillainy. Emerging victorious, Mastermind appears set for more heinous adventures in the future — if only Marvel would get around to writing them.

5 The Magus

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The Magus is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. As the evil counterpart of the extremely powerful Adam Warlock, the Marvel villain almost conquered the world during the 1992 Infinity War crossover event, during which he waged war on every known superhero using an army of evil doppelgangers.

The Magus has appeared in multiple stories in recent years, including several tussles with the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, he has not been seen since Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 5) #12 in 2020, wherein a de-aged version of the villain was apprehended by a group of space-faring heroes. Nevertheless, the Magus’s incredible power implies that he will return someday in the near future — though readers are still waiting for that day to come.

4 The Goddess

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The Goddess is a cosmic entity born of Adam Warlock who was originally intended to serve as the good counterpart to the evil Magus. However, her relentless pursuit of justice proved incredibly destructive to the Marvel Universe as she embarked on a crusade that nearly purged all life in the known universe.

The ending of the Infinity Crusade had both the Magus and Goddess exiled in Soul World, where they were presumed to be held captive for eternity. However, the Magus has since reappeared in Marvel Comics, implying that the Goddess could also have escaped at some point. However, she has yet to appear again in the time since, leaving her fate a mystery.

3 Doctor Bong

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Doctor Bong may appear humorous based on his odd fashion sense and unfortunate supervillain name, but he is deceptively powerful. The villain is capable of using his bell-shaped helmet to create any number of adverse effects for his enemies, including powerful concussion blasts and even teleportation.

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Doctor Bong was once a common recurring character in the Marvel Universe but hasn’t made an appearance in many years. When last seen, Doctor Bong was arrested after a brief fight with Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) Annual #1. After his long absence, Doctor Bong’s return to the current Marvel Universe would be quite welcome.

2 Carrion

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Carrion is a Spider-Man villain who made a terrific first impression in his early appearances, using a single touch to kill his enemies with the deadly Carrion Virus. The villain’s identity remained a closely guarded secret for quite some time until it was eventually revealed that he was a failed clone of Dr. Miles Warren, otherwise known as the Jackal.

Carrion suffered as a result of the convoluted nature of the Clone Saga, which caused Marvel to move away from any and all clones for quite some time thereafter. However, the villain is more than ready to make a massive return and could truly wreak havoc on the life of Spider-Man if given another opportunity.

1 Terrax

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Terrax the Tamer is an extremely powerful villain in the Marvel Universe, who, in addition to being incredibly strong and durable, also wields a terrifying Cosmic Axe capable of easily cleaving his enemies into pieces. The supervillain is truly a force to be reckoned with and has even served as the herald of Galactus.

Terrax was last seen in his battle with the Superior Spider-Man in 2019, wherein he was defeated. While the character has never been one of Marvel’s more prominent villains, there is no denying that he certainly deserves more stories in the near future. However, with several years having passed since his last appearance, things aren’t looking particularly good for poor Terrax.

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