10 Scary TV Characters Who Are Surprisingly Friendly

Rose Diaz from B99, Mando, The Hound

It’s always fun when a tough, jaded, or scary character who has only ever been judged by their hard exterior is revealed to have a soft side. Fans enjoy seeing someone go on an interesting character arc that makes them a better person. Watching them overcome adversity can make the characters more relatable and more human.

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Some of these intimidating characters appear to not care about anything or anyone. They might be violent and angry, but the strongest people are able to find compassion underneath it all. Some characters can even recognize that being feared isn’t everything, and although they’re intimidating, they can still be kind.

10 Underneath Maeve’s Tough Exterior Is A Kind Person

Sex Education

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Sex Education’s Maeve is pretty standoffish and doesn’t tolerate nonsense. When she realizes she likes Otis, however, the cracks in her tough exterior begin to show. She already showed a kinder side in her wholesome friendship with Aimee, but her friendly personality is fully shown in her connections with Otis and Eric.

Maeve is an incredibly compassionate friend, which is seen when she encourages Aimee to go to the police, sits with her throughout the whole process, and supports her every step of the way. Her kindness, loyalty, and generosity are shown as the coming-of-age sitcom progresses.

9 Rosa Has A Secret Soft Side

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Rosa from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not to be trifled with. Everyone in the 99th precinct is scared of her, even though they don’t know anything about her. She takes herself and her job very seriously and has a no-nonsense attitude to keep her colleagues at arm’s length. However, Rosa does have a soft side to her.

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Rosa cares deeply for her friends, even though she isn’t always able to show it. She falls in love with Pimento and even begins to open up about her sexual identity. Rosa would do anything to protect her friends and goes to great lengths to improve their lives.

8 Rick Is Ruthless But Protective

Rick & Morty

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Rick is the smartest man in the universe and has created technology that allows him to fend off any possible threats that come his way. Rick is chaotic; he’s willing to kill anybody of any species and is constantly embarking on strange adventures. Additionally, the fact that he is always one step ahead of everybody else is unnerving.

Rick might seem ruthless and selfish, but he does care about people, like Morty, Summer, and his daughter Beth. Rick has a great rapport with his loved ones and does anything to help them. He even has a few friends, notably Birdperson, who he saves and brings back to life.

7 Luther Is Large In Body And In Heart

Umbrella Academy

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In The Umbrella Academy, Luther is number one and fulfills the role of the leader. He is very physically imposing, as he stands at 6’5″. After using an experimental serum, he began to grow thick fur and leathery skin.

Luther is incredibly strong, tough, and intimidating. However, he uses his powers for good, as all he wants is to protect those he cares about and help as many people as he can. Luther is so loyal that he spent four years on the moon just because his father asked him to.

6 Eleven Sacrifices Herself

Stranger Things

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Stranger Things’ Eleven has immense power. Although she’s only young, she can scare people and terrify creatures alike with her superhuman abilities. Eleven is the reason why the gate to the Upside Down opened, and she is also the only one able to close it. That kind of power is incredible and could easily be used negatively.

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However, Eleven only has good within her. She was experimented on and abused, but she opened her heart to wonderful friendships and a new family with Mike and the rest of the group. She is incredibly protective of them and even sacrifices herself for their safety.

5 Wednesday Addams Slowly Discovers Friendship


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Wednesday gives a very strong impression of the titular character when she dumps piranhas into the school pool. Wednesday has a terrifying desire for revenge and a stoic expression, which make her particularly unnerving. However, she only attacked the other students because she was defending her brother from bullies.

The piranha incident is what leads Wednesday to Nevermore. Although Nevermore Academy is a school for outcasts, she still manages to stand out. Wednesday is less than friendly until she realizes that it is okay to rely on others. She has a fun relationship with her Uncle Fester and is loyal to her friends Enid, Eugene, and Xavier. Wednesday works as a team with her new friends and even hugs Enid toward the end of Wednesday.

4 Red Is Incredibly Dedicated To Her Chosen Family

Orange Is The New Black

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Galina Reznikov, or “Red,” is an inmate in Litchfield Penitentiary in Orange is the New Black. Red is primarily known for her role in the kitchen, her leadership qualities, and her bright red hair. Her control over the kitchen means she decides if other inmates eat and what they eat. Therefore, she is not to be messed with.

Because of her ruthless attitude and her connections to organized crime, Red is terrifying. However, she builds a community in prison and takes on a motherly role to the other young women. Red does all she can to keep Nicky from relapsing and covers up the many crimes her friends commit.

3 Geralt Uses His Strength For Good

The Witcher

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Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher, and his only goal in life is to rid the world of monsters and collect coin for doing so. Geralt’s mission means that he has to be ruthless. He has to choose which jobs to take on and which to leave. Geralt is tall, broad, and strong, carrying a large sword and harboring a constant look of anger on his face.

Based on his first appearance and his reputation in The Witcher, Geralt is certainly scary. However, he shows kindness toward his horse, Roach, and they develop a close bond. Then, he shows his softer side to Renfri. He later dedicates his time to defending young Cirilla. Geralt’s face might not be friendly, but he is incredibly kind.

2 The Hound Shows Kindness And Mercy

Game Of Thrones

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Game of Thrones’ Sandor Clegane, or the Hound, stands at 6’5″ and carries a large sword. He is known for being violent, aggressive, and brutal. Therefore, he instills fear in anyone in Westeros.

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However, there is compassion and genuine kindness underneath it all. The Hound cares for Sansa and Arya Stark, and he helps them both in times of strife. He learns to be friendlier as he moves through life and develops a more peaceful attitude. In the end, the Hound tells Arya to run and save herself, encouraging her to not live a life that’s centered around violence and revenge.

1 Mando Rescues Grogu

The Mandalorian

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Din Djarin is a Mandalorian, a bounty hunter, and one of the few of his people left in existence. He is very dedicated to the Mandalorian way of life and traditions. His devotion to keeping his helmet on and remaining in full armor, as well as barely ever speaking, contributes to his intimidating presence.

Things change when Mando is sent on a mission to collect the child, and he can’t bring himself to take Grogu to those who hired him. He shows compassion, and Grogu and Mando form a close fatherly-son bond. Although he can be ruthless, Din is protective and sweet toward the child and the other innocents he comes across.

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