10 Sitcoms Based On Egregious Lies

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One of the main reasons sitcoms are so incredibly popular is that they create interesting and absurd situations to make the audience laugh. Sometimes, sitcoms use simple premises, such as Hannah Montana trying to hide her secret pop star identity. Other sitcoms get incredibly complex.

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Lies are some of the most common tropes in sitcoms. These series love to create misunderstandings or have petty characters lie to each other just for the sake of comedy. However, on other occasions, the whole sitcom is based on terrible lies, which makes a great excuse for a series of ridiculous situations.

10 Hannah Montana Keeps Her Pop Star Persona A Secret

One of the most popular teenage sitcoms in the 2000s, Hannah Montana focuses on Miley Stewart, who lives a double life as the famous pop singer Hannah Montana. Because she wants to live a normal life, she pretends not to be Hannah Montana.

However, Miley doesn’t do a whole lot to protect her secret. When she performs as Hannah Montana, the only difference between her and her alter-ego is that Hannah wears a blonde wig. Very much in the same fashion as Superman/Clark Kent, the audience simply pretends not to notice the terrible disguise.

9 3rd Rock From The Sun Is About Aliens Pretending To Be Humans

3rd Rock from the Sun revolves around an extraterrestrial crew who comes to Earth to study human civilization. However, the aliens take different human forms to go unnoticed on the planet and avoid conflict with humans. Still, as much as they look like humans, there’s a lot they don’t understand about human customs.

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The basis of 3rd Rock from the Sun is a lie, but as the show progresses, the aliens become better at understanding human life, and they even get attached to their different relationships and jobs on Earth. However, that doesn’t mean they are not lying all the time.

8 Sabrina The Teenage Witch Has To Hide Her Powers

A classic sitcom from the ’90s, Sabrina the Teenage Witch revolves around Sabrina, a 16-year-old who discovers she has magical powers on her birthday. From then on, she also knows she has two immortal aunts and that her cat, Salem, is actually a human in the body of a cat.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch revolves around Sabrina’s adventures as she gets used to her new powers and struggles with the stereotypical American teenage life. Of course, Sabrina has to keep her witch identity a secret, which is often not as easy as she would think.

7 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Starts With A Very Dark Lie

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows Kimmy as she tries to put her life together after being kidnaped for more than 15 years. The show’s humor revolves mostly around the fact that Kimmy doesn’t have a lot of information on how to live a regular life in 2015.

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Although Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s premise doesn’t revolve around a lie, it does start on a pretty terrible one. The only reason Kimmy was kidnapped for so many years is that her kidnapper, Reverend Richard Wayne, told her and the other three women that they had to remain in a bunker to survive a nuclear apocalypse.

6 Ted Lasso Is Set To Fail, But He Turns It Around

Ted Lasso is one of the best shows to watch on Apple TV. The series focuses on Ted Lasso, an optimistic and proactive man who used to coach college football. However, he is surprisingly hired to coach a very important English soccer team, AFC Richmond. Ted takes the opportunity and gives it his all.

However, what the audience soon comes to know is that the only reason Ted was hired was that the owner of the team expects him to fail. Rebecca Welton got AFC Richmond as part of her divorce deal, and she wants the team to lose to get back at her ex-husband.

5 WandaVision Explores Wanda’s Grief As She Pretends To Have A Happy Life With Vision

One of the first MCU shows to be released on Disney+, WandaVision is a mixture between a sitcom and a superhero show. While paying tribute to some of the most popular sitcoms ever made, the show also explores Wanda’s grief as she deals with Vision’s death.

The audience comes to realize that Wanda is living a lie while recreating sitcom after sitcom in the small town of Westview. When she can’t sustain the lie anymore, she decides to free all the people in Westview, but as everyone knows, Wanda takes an ever darker path.

4 Grace And Frankie Starts With A Huge And Heartbreaking Lie

Grace and Frankie is one of the funniest sitcoms out there. It follows two characters in their 70s, Grace and Frankie, as they discover that their marriages are a complete lie. Sol and Robert, their husbands, have been having an affair for 20 years, and they decide to be honest now.

Even though Grace and Frankie are very different, this heartbreak forces them to get closer. Although Sol and Robert are difficult to forgive, there’s no doubt that their terrible lie brought a great friendship between these two characters, who learn more about themselves as the show progresses.

3 In How I Met Your Mother, Ted Lies From The Very Beginning

How I Met Your Mother has become famous for starting with a terrible lie. The very name of the show indicates that Ted is going to tell a story of how he met his kids’ mother, but as the show progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that this is not true.

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However, the audience finds Ted has been lying this whole time when he acknowledges the only reason he’s telling this story is that he’s still in love with Robin. In one of the most disappointing finales in TV history, Ted goes back to Robin with the blue French horn.

2 In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca Lies About Her Reasons To Move To West Covina

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows the life of Rebecca Bunch, a bitter lawyer who changes her life after a casual encounter with her summer camp boyfriend. Rebecca moves from New York to West Covina, California, in an attempt to find happiness and ends up embarking on a personal journey.

When Rebecca first moves to West Covina, she makes everyone believe that her moving there has nothing to do with Josh living there, but this is a big lie. As Crazy Ex-Girlfriend moves forward and the truth becomes apparent, Rebecca gets crushed by her own lies.

1 The Good Place Unapologetically Lies To The Audience

The Good Place is a unique sitcom that explores the afterlife with humor, but with a lot of interesting philosophical insight. At the beginning of the show, Eleanor thinks she’s in “the good place” by mistake. She spends the whole season lying, so she doesn’t get kicked out.

However, in one of the most surprising twists in television, the main characters come to know that this wasn’t true and none of them were in “the good place” in the first place. A sitcom with lies inside lies, The Good Place is probably the show with the most egregious lies.

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