10 Smartest Characters In Bungou Stray Dogs

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Bungou Stray Dogs is a gritty seinen starring members of various gangs across Yokohama. Most of the characters rely on keen strategic ability and constant scheming to outsmart their foes by staying a step ahead of the game at all times. However, some characters stand out more than others for their intellectual capacity and impressive street smarts.

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Many of Bungou‘s characters are manipulative and cunning and have impressive observation skills that ensure they’re seldom caught off guard. Very few characters are truly heroes or villains, which makes every psychological battle and scheme that much more exciting.

10 Atsushi Is Emotionally Intelligent

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Atsushi may not be a strategic genius or an impressive detective, but he provides something for the Agency that it didn’t previously have. Atsushi is extremely emotionally intelligent. He endured unconscionable amounts of abuse during his time at the Orphanage, so it’s easy for him to relate with people like Kyoka and even Dazai since he knows what it’s like to carry around intense emotional baggage.

Atsushi never strays from his moral compass and reminds himself that his worth is solely dependent upon how many people he can save. Atsushi’s lack of self-esteem holds him back in most of his fights. However, he never loses sight of why he joined the Agency in the first place.

9 Kunikida Is Highly Organized

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Most of Kunikida’s outbursts are written off as gag comedy in Bungou Stray Dogs. From his obsession with scheduling his days down to the millisecond to being gullible when Dazai feeds him nonsensical advice, it’s easy to forget that Kunikida is a pillar of strength for the Agency. It’d basically crumble without him.

Highly organized and strictly adhering to his moral code, Kunikida has guided his fellow members of the Agency to several victories. Kunikida’s also grown throughout the series, realizing that his ideals won’t save him from his deepest fears.

8 Poe’s Mysteries Stump Most People

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Edgar Allen Poe possesses the ability Black Cat In The Rue Morgue, which allows him to teleport people into the setting of any novel he chooses as long as his target is currently reading it. Since he writes many murder mystery novels, many of his victims can’t solve the mystery. If they die in the novel, they’re also dead in real life.

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Poe’s novels are exquisitely written and packed with seemingly impossible mysteries. Most people would be unable to solve anything Poe crafts. However, his natural rival is Ranpo. Though he tries his best to outsmart Ranpo like his life depends on it, it usually just results in a humiliating defeat for Poe every time he challenges the world’s greatest detective.

7 Sasaki Is A Master Manipulator

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Sasaki doesn’t exactly look like a threat at first glance. She’s easygoing and personable. However, her unassuming disposition is her greatest weapon since it allows her to get close to others and use them. She’s also one of the Azure King’s most loyal followers.

Sasaki infiltrated the Armed Detective Agency and used her charms to ruin the organization from within as retribution for her boyfriend’s death. She may seem friendly, but Sasaki is totally ruthless when she gets her sights set on a goal. As it turns out, her attempt to avenge her boyfriend was a feeble attempt to find a reason to live. She even admitted that her boyfriend never loved her and that she didn’t feel anything after staining the Agency’s good name.

6 Louisa Is A Brilliant Strategist

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Louisa May Alcott is definitely a genius, but she has shortcomings that make her seem more human compared to some of Bungou Stray Dogs’ other brilliant characters. Louisa is timid and gets flustered easily, but she’s still an impressive strategist who is intensely loyal to the Guild and Fitzgerald.

Louisa may stumble over her words, but her deductive reasoning and planning skills are otherwise unmatched by others in her organization. Her main pitfall is that she can not do much without reliable leads.

5 Mori Is Cold & Calculating

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Mori is the Port Mafia’s boss. He’s quite calculating and is always planning his next move. He killed the former boss and then fabricated his will so he’d become the next leader. Mori is eerily calm in violent situations since he never taps into his emotions. Calling him utterly emotionless wouldn’t be a stretch.

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However, Mori’s quite gifted at emotional manipulation, and it’s part of how he’s gotten so far. He’s the epitome of a picture-perfect mafia boss: cold and intimidating and nobody would dare to go against his orders.

4 Ayatsuji Is An Eccentric Genius

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Ayatsuji is classified as a dangerous ability user because of his Another, which causes a criminal’s accidental death. Whether it’s a heart attack or falling to death, Another will distort any possible physical barricades impeding that person’s death. Another is particularly dangerous since Dazai’s No Longer Human can’t stop it.

Ayatsuji is also quite eccentric. He states that dolls are better than humans and boasts an impressive collection in his basement. Ayatsuji is also a detective and even started his own agency. Though it’s currently unclear, he may be the only one capable of rivaling Ranpo in a battle of wits.

3 Fyodor Is Eerily Intelligent

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Fyodor is one of Bungou Stray Dogs‘ most brilliant strategists and realistically about as intelligent as Dazai. Fyodor keeps an eerily calm disposition in every situation. He can keep his composure because he’s likely already planned out how the situation will go. If something doesn’t go according to plan, Fyodor already has a strategy for contingency unraveling in its place.

Fyodor’s ability is simple when described on paper: he can kill someone with a single touch. However, the individual behind such a powerful ability is quite a mystery. Fyodor isn’t afraid of anybody and maintains utmost confidence in himself that he can solve any problem facing him.

2 Dazai’s Always Plotting Something

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Dazai is one of Bungou Stray Dogs‘ most enigmatic characters. Perpetually cheerful and seemingly carefree, Dazai’s upbeat disposition hides a lot of inner turmoil. There’s an ounce of truth in every joke, and the same can definitely be said for Dazai’s self-destructive antics.

Everybody agrees that they’re better off with Dazai as an ally rather than an enemy. Getting on Dazai’s bad side is a fate worse than death, but he’d never show it until it’s too late. He’s a genius schemer who never lets his opponents or allies know what’s going on in his head.

1 Ranpo Is The World’s Greatest Detective

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Bungou Stray Dogs‘ fourth season started with Ranpo’s backstory as the first member of the Armed Detective Agency after Fukuzawa took him under his wing. It was revealed that Ranpo’s been in and out of several jobs, often getting fired for outsmarting his superiors.

It’s clear that solving mysteries is Ranpo’s true calling in life and that he has every reason to be cocky. It’s pretty bold to declare oneself the “world’s greatest detective,” but Ranpo has the brilliant deductive reasoning skills to back up such lofty self-praises. Nobody doubts Ranpo’s judgment, and he can solve the most complex mysteries in no time. He even outsmarted the so-called “Detective Killer.”

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