10 Spider-Man Versions Who Need To Appear In Across The Spider-Verse

10 Spider-Man Versions Who Need To Appear In Across The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse impressed fans with a focus on Miles Morales as well as a few other multiversal versions of Spider-Man. The first trailer and official poster for the highly-anticipated sequel debuted online, teasing fans with a huge selection of characters that will be appearing in 2023’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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Characters like Ghost Spider and Spider-Man 2099 will appear alongside a few more teased characters. However, there are still a few unconfirmed versions of Spider-Man that fans would love to see in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Heroes like Spider-UK and Amalgam’s Spider-Boy are just a few of the different versions that should definitely appear in the sequel.

10 Doctor Octopus Became The Superior Spider-Man

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One of the most unique versions of Spider-Man actually appeared in the mainstream 616 reality. Doctor Octopus was one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains, though he faced his death after years of superpowered beatings in the “Dying Wish” storyline. Otto Octavius decided to use his technology to swap bodies with Peter Parker.

Doc Ock became a dark version of Spider-Man while Parker died in Octavious’ body. As the Superior Spider-Man, he continued to operate as a hero while secretly carrying out his own plans of villainy. Superior Spider-Man has worked with other Spider-Verse characters before, though he doesn’t always get along with them.

9 Two Different Spider-UK Protected The Spider-Verse

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Billy Braddock from Earth-833 was the first hero known as Spider-UK. He served as his reality’s Captain Britain and helped protect the Omniverse. He continued wearing a version of Captain Britain’s best costume as Spider-UK after he detected the threat of the multiversal Inheritors.

He played a large part in the Spider-Verse comic event before he led the Web Warriors to protect the Web of Life and Destiny. After his death in Spider-Geddon, a new young hero named Zarina Zahari debuted as the new Spider-UK during the End of Spider-Verse event.

8 Ghost Spider Was Powered By The Spirit Of Vengeance

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Not every version of Spider-Man that has appeared across the multiverse has been a hero, though some made terrible decisions attempting to be heroes. Peter Parker from Earth-11638 never lost his Uncle Ben, who helped him in his costumed persona as the Amazing Spider. He developed the technology to transport other versions of Spider-Man to his reality.

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Unfortunately, he also created a machine that could transfer the power of those Spider-Men into him to increase his own strength. He attempted to steal the mainstream Spider-Man’s powers, though he was convinced of the error of his ways instead. He sacrificed his life but was resurrected by Ghost Rider’s Spirit of Vengeance as the supernatural hero Ghost Spider.

7 Dr. Aaron Aikman Created Armor To Active His Powers

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The Edge of Spider-Verse comic series introduced a few new alternate versions of Spider-Man, including Spider-Gwen. Some of these new characters would go on to have large roles in events like Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon. Unfortunately, others were early casualties of the multiversal threats known as the Inheritors, leaving fans wanting more.

Dr. Aaron Aikman was one of those characters fans were hoping to see more of in the comics and on the big screen. He developed spider powers through a secret genetic experiment. However, it was the sleek high-tech armor he created that allowed him to really capitalize on his new abilities. Aikman’s The Spider Man is visually impressive, which would make him a great fit for the sequel.

6 Spider-Man Succumbed To The Hunger In Marvel Zombies

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Fans were introduced to a dark alternate Marvel reality in Ultimate Fantastic Four when zombified versions of Marvel heroes attempted to escape into a new reality. This universe was further explored in the successful Marvel Zombies series. A zombie outbreak corrupted powerful heroes like Spider-Man, who retained their intelligence but were consumed by a powerful hunger.

Spider-Man tried to help during the initial outbreak, but after one of the undead bit him, he couldn’t stop himself from feeding on his loved ones as he turned into a zombie. While this version of Spider-Man might be a bit dark for the animated film, fans would still love to see a nod to the zombified Peter Parker in Across the Spider-Verse.

5 Cosmic Spider-Man Used Captain Universe’s Uni-Power

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The mainstream version of Spider-Man previously gained the Enigma Force’s Uni-Power during the Acts of Vengeance event. He became Captain Universe and helped stop an increasingly dangerous attack from villains and the deadly Tri-Sentinel. While the Uni-Power left Spider-Man after the event in the 616 reality, it stayed with a similar version of the hero from Earth-13.

As Captain Universe, he became his reality’s most powerful hero and an integral member of the Spider-Army’s resistance against the Inheritors during Spider-Verse. Fans have a soft spot for Cosmic Spider-Man and his great achievements as a multiversal Spider-Man variant, making his presence in the film a must.

4 Spider-Man And DC’s Superboy Merged As Spider-Boy

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The Marvel vs. DC event featured an epic confrontation between each comic publisher’s universe of characters. They fought for the survival of their reality, though the battle ended in a stalemate that resulted in the merger of both universes. The newly-created Amalgam universe featured merged versions of Marvel and DC characters.

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Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man merged together with Conner Kent/Superboy to become Amalgam’s Spider-Boy. He was a cloned hero named Pete Ross with a unique costume and abilities that he used to deal with powerful amalgamated villains who threatened his home, Project Cadmus.

3 An Alternate Aunt May Gained Powers As Spider-Ma’am

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Spider-Man’s Aunt May played a crucial role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, as she outfitted Miles Morales with her fallen nephew’s technology. There are quite a few different versions of Aunt May across the multiverse, though one of the most unique is a superhero known as Spider-Ma’am.

Maybelle Parker was just as dutiful of an aunt as the mainstream version of the character. When her version of Peter Parker forgot his lunch on the day of a big science demonstration, she brought it to him. She was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, becoming a superpowered crimefighter with incredibly polite manners.

2 Spiders-Man Has A Body Composed Of Deadly Spiders

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Another dark version of Peter Parker first appeared during the Spider-Geddon event. On Earth-11580, Peter Parker fell into an experimental colony of radioactive spiders that completely devoured his body. However, his consciousness merged with the colony of spiders, and he developed the ability to form them together in a humanoid shape.

Like one of Spider-Man’s scariest villains named The Thousand, Spiders-Man could spread his consciousness among any of the individual spiders in his body. He could also enhance his strength by consuming other living beings. Spiders-Man was even able to seed his spiders across the multiverse as spies, which could potentially factor into Across the Spider-Verse​​​​​​.

1 “Mayday” Parker Continued The Legacy As Spider-Girl

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Marvel’s What If…? comic series introduced quite a few different versions of popular Marvel heroes over the years. One of the most successful characters was May “Mayday” Parker. She would have been the teenage daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane if their marriage wasn’t erased by Mephisto.

When Mayday’s powers manifested in high school, she donned her uncle Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man costume to start her own career as Spider-Girl. Mayday is one of the best versions of Spider-Man, and fans would love to see Spider-Girl (and later Spider-Woman) make her cinematic debut in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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