10 Star Wars Characters You Don’t Want As A Roommate

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The Star Wars movie saga is populated with legendary, quirky, and unforgettable characters ranging form the farmboy hero Luke Skywalker and the menacing assassin Darth Maul to the ace pilot Poe Dameron and the Rebel extremist Saw Gerrera. Star Wars fans may admire some characters for their noble and agreeable personalities, but the opposite is true, too.

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Fans can gauge these characters in novel but insightful ways, such as deciding which would make a great adventure companion or even a roommate in a rented apartment or house. In a Coruscant apartment, for example, some Star Wars characters would make reliable and friendly roommates while others have no business putting their name on anyone’s lease.

10 Bib Fortuna Is Just Plain Creepy

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Even if Bib Fortuna never said or did anything truly awful in the original Star Wars movie trilogy, he still ranks among the movies’ creepiest and most unnerving character. The Twi’leks can be pleasant and heroic people, but not Bib Fortuna, who is really just Jabba’s insidious lackey.

Bib would creep out any roommate with his villainous personality, his sharp teeth, and intense red eyes. He would also feel a bit antsy in Jabba’s absence. If he got kicked out of Jabba’s palace and had to go apartment hunting, it wouldn’t end very well for anyone involved.

9 Lady Proxima Is A Giant Crime Boss With Strict Housing Needs

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Lady Proxima made her debut in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story as the leader of the White Worms criminal gang on Corellia, a gang that Han Solo once ran with. She is a fascinating character, but not a pleasant one to meet, practically being Corellia’s own Jabba the Hutt.

Lady Proxima is a demanding and merciless boss even in the best of times, and it seems unlikely she willingly lets anyone into her personal life as a roommate or friend. She is also physically large and weak to sunlight, which would be a serious logistical challenge for any potential roommate.

8 DJ Is Untrustworthy & Will Betray Anyone For Money

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2017’s The Last Jedi introduced a wily, clever hacker named DJ who was loyal to just one thing – credits. DJ was a mercenary rogue to the last, willing to work with or against absolutely anyone if it meant getting serious cash and ensuring his own survival.

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No doubt DJ works best on his own, and any shipmate or roommate of his would get mixed up in his shady affairs. He might even vanish without a trace to avoid his enemies, leaving his hapless roommate with his half of the rent to pay.

7 Jabba The Hutt Is Unbearable To Be Around

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Jabba the Hutt is the quintessential Star Wars crime lord, a notoriously greedy, cruel, and selfish Hutt who has done it all – hiring bounty hunters, feeding people to the Rancor, extorting people, and far more. Most Star Wars civilians wouldn’t even want to talk with him over the phone, let alone live with him.

Jabba is deeply self-centered and vain, and he would dominate anyone unfortunate to share a living space with him. Even without his bounty hunters and monster pets, Jabba would make daily life miserable for his roommate with his grotesque body and creepy personality. He would have ample cash to pay rent, but that doesn’t salvage the situation.

6 Armitage Hux Is Too Tightly Wound

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General Armitage Hux is a high-ranking First Order official, and he was never much fun to be around for anyone. Hux has an intense, humorless personality that leads him to make almost cartoonish outbursts about how the puny Resistance will soon fall to the glorious First Order.

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Hux would make for an irritating and tiresome roommate for anyone who isn’t exactly like him. He is fanatical about his duty and the First Order, and it’s all he would ever talk about at the apartment. And if Hux’s roommate complained, Hux would get in their face and yell some more.

5 Sebulba Is A Conceited Jock

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The Star Wars prequel trilogy was packed with goofy side characters, some of them pleasant like Dexter Jettster and others being total jerks, like Sebulba the podracing star. Sebulba lives up to his species’ reputation for aggression, and he will kick anyone who crosses him.

Sebulba is also an arrogant podracing jock who makes everything about him. Any conceivable roommate would quickly tire of Sebulba’s boasting and self-centered ways, and if they stood up to him, they’d get a two-foot kick to the chest.

4 Ponda Baba Has A Serious Attitude Problem

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In 1977’s A New Hope, Luke Skywalker somehow ran afoul of the alien Ponda Baba even though Luke didn’t say or do anything to anger the alien. Ponda got right into Luke’s face in his alien language, and his human ally translated Ponda’s dislike for Luke.

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Ponda has a nasty temper, a stereotype for his face, and he lived up to it in that cantina. He and his friend even tried to pick a fight, only for Obi-Wan Kenobi to hack off Ponda’s arm in self-defense. Clearly, Ponda would make a lousy roommate or shipmate for almost anyone who doesn’t share his nasty temper.

3 Jar Jar Binks Is So Tiring To Be Around

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Jar Jar Binks, the Gungan outcast, is a prime example of the prequel trilogy going too far to be funny and kid-friendly. From the very start, Star Wars fans despised this character for his hideous appearance, his grating voice, and his terrible attempt at being a comic relief character.

Jar Jar may not be a bad person – in fact, he’s a loyal friend and believes in helping people. Even so, his extremely annoying personality, combined with his clumsiness and tendency of getting into trouble, make him one of the galaxy’s worst picks for a roommate.

2 Watto Owns Slaves & Only Cares About Himself

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Watto is a junk dealer living on Tatooine, and he has an eye for deals. Watto is also rather unscrupulous and shady, being the owner of two slaves and having a bad attitude when a deal doesn’t go his way. He might even try to sneak out of a lost bet, and only smart characters like Qui-Gon can set him straight.

Overall, Watto would make for an annoying and unpleasant roommate as someone who relies on slave labor, gambles constantly, and takes pleasure in picking on ignorant customers. Not even the most desperate renter in Mos Eisely would add his name to their lease.

1 Kylo Ren Is Highly Volatile

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Han and Leia’s son Ben Solo soon turned to the Dark Side of the Force, and like his grandfather Anakin before him, Kylo Ren was secretly conflicted about it the entire time. This made Kylo Ren highly volatile and confused, causing a great deal of angst that he sometimes vented with violence.

All this makes Kylo Ren a terrible pick for anyone’s roommate. His personal baggage would quickly wear down any roommate of his, and he would wreck the place with his bizarre lightsaber and get himself into serious trouble with the landlord or landlady.

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