10 Strongest Female Characters in Bleach’s Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

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The following contains spoilers for the Bleach manga.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is the final and bloodiest story arc in all of Bleach. Dozens of characters will converge on the battlefield and fight for the future of the universe, with the Quincy king Yhwach threatening to destroy the Soul Society and make a new world of his own choosing.

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Bleach fans can expect familiar powerhouses like protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, and Captain Kenpachi Zaraki to dominate the fight. Along the way, Bleach: TYBW will also highlight a handful of mighty female warriors on both sides, including trained assassins, veteran Captains, villainous Sternritter, and more. And a few of them have some truly shocking secrets to share, being far more powerful than anyone ever expected.

10 Captain Unohana Is Actually The First Kenpachi

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Captain Retsu Unohana has long since led squad 4, the medical corps. Everyone is used to Captain Unohana’s warm, maternal persona as a deredere Captain, but she has a dark secret. She was once Yachiru Unohana, the brutal first Kenpachi and squad 11’s first leader.

Yachiru Unohana is overwhelmingly powerful, and she proved it in mortal combat with the current Kenpachi during a private training exercise. She mortally wounded and healed Kenpachi many times, but she ultimately died so Kenpachi could gain more power through victory.

9 Yoruichi Shihoin Wrote The Book On Assassination

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The goofy assassin Yoruichi Shihoin has long since proven herself as an expert martial artist in Bleach‘s story. She is a former Captain and member of the noble Shihoin family, but most of all, she identifies as a good friend of Kisuke, Ichigo, Orihime, and the others.

Yoruichi boasts the Soul Society’s fastest flash step, and her martial arts technique is peerless. Instead of using her zanpakuto, Yoruichi can use shunko, a kido/martial arts hybrid technique she invented herself to boost her incredible power even more.

8 Soi Fon Is Squad 2’s Deadly Assassin Commander

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Captain Soi Fon of squad 2 isn’t quite on her mentor Yoruichi’s level, but she is still an incredibly deadly Soul Reaper and one of the Gotei 13’s most powerful women. Unlike Yoruichi, Soi Fon makes frequent use of her zanpakuto, Suzumebachi, whose shikai can kill any foe with two stings to the same location.

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Soi Fon has top-tier martial arts, stealth, and speed on her side, and she can also use shunko if need be. In special cases, brute force might actually be preferable, so this tsundere Captain can use her cannon-like bankai to blast her foe into dust.

7 Bambietta Basterbine Wields The Power Of Explosions

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Sternritter E, Bambietta Basterbine, joins the likes of Katsuki Bakugo, Megumin, Solf J Kimblee, and Yoshikage Kira as one of anime’s best explosion users. Her unique power is The Explosion, and she can turn any item or even the people around her into powerful explosive devices.

That alone makes Bambietta dangerous, but she can do more. In close-quarters combat, Bambietta wields a curved sword, and from a distance, she can use a standard Quincy bow. She can also fly with her Voll Stern Dich’s wings, and finally, Bambietta can steal bankai with her medallion.

6 Meninas McAllon Punches Like The Incredible Hulk

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Menins McAllon is Sternritter P, and she belongs to the same all-female squad as Bambietta. Meninas only made a cameo in the Bleach: TYBW anime so far, but manga readers know that her ability is The Power, meaning she can expand her muscles and fight like the Incredible Hulk.

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Meninas doesn’t need anger to fuel The Power, though. She remains cool-headed and precise in combat, using her overwhelming strength to easily punch Soul Reaper Captains into a pulp or throw entire buildings at them with ease. Meninas can also use standard Quincy bows, just in case.

5 Candice Catnipp Is An Electrifying Sternritter

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Candice Catnipp is another friend of Bambietta’s, an aggressive tsundere who is also notoriously vain about her appearance. Candice sometimes takes her opponents too lightly or overestimates her own power, but with The Tunderbolt, she is a formidable foe all the same.

Candice can easily threaten an exhausted Kenpachi with her electric powers, and she did her best to defeat Ichigo, too. With The Thunderbolt, Candice can obliterate most ordinary Soul Reapers from a distance with overwhelming lightning attacks.

4 Giselle Gewelle Can Make A Zombie Army

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Giselle Gewelle is Sternritter Z, with a bizarre power called The Zombie. Giselle typically lures her enemies into attacking and then sprays her blood all over them. Any affected Soul Reaper, living or dead, will fall under Giselle’s control as a zombie.

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Giselle can slowly turn the tide of any battle with The Zombie, repeatedly turning her enemies against one another as zombies. The Zombie even works on other Quincy, though they must already be dead so The Zombie can affect them. Giselle even personally finished off an injured Bambietta to turn her into a zombie.

3 Rukia Kuchiki Has An Ice-Cold Bankai

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Ichigo’s good friend Rukia Kuchiki finally showed off her shikai, Sode no Shirayuki, partway through the Arrancar story arc. Her shikai has three modes, but those aren’t enough to defeat the Sternritter. So, Rukia fought As Nodt with an all-new ability that can freeze her body into a lifeless state to avoid The Fear.

Rukia also achieved bankai, which made Byakuya very proud of her. Rukia, when given a chance, activated her bankai, Hakka no Togame, and defeated As Nodt in one blow with it. Even As Nodt, the master of fear, felt pure terror when Rukia hit him with that icy bankai.

2 Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi Is Stronger Than She Looks

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Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi was introduced as a quiet kuudere who obeyed Captain Kurotsuchi’s every command, even if it meant putting herself in harm’s way. Nemu often supports Captain Kurotsuchi in battle and rarely even carries a zanpakuto, but she is still formidable in a fight.

Nemu has been scientifically augmented to be much faster, stronger, and tougher than any ordinary Soul. Nemu can also use special abilities to sacrifice pieces of her soul to attack the enemy with spirit spheres, which can seriously injure even the most elite Sternritter, like Sterritter C, Pernida Parnkgjas.

1 Lieutenant Nanao Ise Can Wield Her Family’s Mirror Sword

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Lieutenant Nanao Ise was introduced as a book-loving tsundere in the Soul Society arc, and while she is a highly skilled kudo user, she doesn’t carry a zanpakuto. She rarely fights, but later in TYBW, Nanao finally showed Bleach fans what she can really do.

Nanao wielded her family’s heirloom, a special sword called Shinken Hakkyoken, which has reflective properties. This sword can’t easily cut an enemy, but it can reflect their attacks right back at them, which allowed Nanao to easily deal devastating damage to Sternritter X, Lille Barro, in mortal combat.

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