10 Strongest Galactic Teams In Marvel Comics

Split image of the Black Order, Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Red.

Galactic teams are aplenty in the Marvel Universe. Both heroes and villains have signed up for units that seek to either protect or destroy. While many could easily stand toe-to-toe with the Avengers, there are even more dangerous threats out there that these groups have had to overcome.

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While it’s important to note that Empires like the Skrulls, Kree, or Intergalactic Wakandan are powerful forces in the galaxy in their own right, it’s vital to focus on those teams that have a smaller roster and are not defined by a species or nation. Organizations like S.W.O.R.D. and the Nova Corps are also not technically teams despite their influence.



10 The God Squad

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The God Squad, as the name suggests, has always been comprised of some of the most powerful deities in the cosmos. Each time the God Squad has formed, it has been for a very specific mission, with the group carrying out the most dangerous of tasks, from killing a Skrull icon to facing Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Chaos King.

With members such as Ajak, Hercules, Silver Surfer, Thor, Sersi, Snowbird, and Atum, this was truly a pantheon of greats from ancient mythologies and Marvel’s own lore. It’s no surprise that very few could stand the might of the combined strength of these Gods, each of whom had already been firmly established as legends.

9 The Starjammers

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Some of the best comics in Marvel history have boasted misfit groups that are overlooked due to their unprofessional presentation. The Starjammers are one such band of oddities. They’ve been called many things: thieves, thugs, scoundrels, and on the odd occasion, heroes.

The renegades had a background in piracy but would always be won over by their moral compass. Featuring roster members such as Polaris, Havoc, Cyclops, Korvus, Ch’od, Cr’reee, Hepzibah, Raza Longknife, and Sikorsky, it’s clear that the Starjammers’ strength came from the balance of Mutants and aliens that filled out the ranks. It’s their veteran experience and unpredictability that made them especially dangerous.

8 X-Men Red

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Arakko, formerly known as Mars, became a home-from-home for Mutantkind. With the nation of Krakoa expanding to the stars, it made sense that the X-Men would install their own team that could operate alongside Arakko’s forces and toe the line between Mutant interests and the goals of the Martians.

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The X-Men Red was born, with members including Storm, Magneto, Frenzy, Vulcan, Fisher King, and Cable across its history. The allegiances of the group continue to shift, but each member has a dedication to serving the red planet and a power set that ensures they are prepared for the space-based entities heading their way.

7 Alpha Flight

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Alpha Flight was traditionally pitched as the Canadian iteration of the Avengers, with some of the nation’s best-loved heroes filling out the team. But there was a transitional period that occurred where Alpha Flight took to the stars under the leadership of Abigail Brand and Captain Marvel.

This space program enabled Alpha Flight to become the first line of defense against any galactic forces that could pose a threat to Earth. Aurora, Puck, and Sasquatch carried on their allegiance to the group from the previous version and demonstrated that their years as grounded heroes had prepared them well for space warfare. Having Carol Danvers on any team immediately elevates its strength.

6 Heralds Of Galactus

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The Heralds of Galactus were elevated to god status thanks to the gifts of the world eater. Designed to search for planets for the titan to consume, Silver Surfer has been the longest-serving member of the group. Indeed, Surfer has become so talented as the team’s leader that he is able to point Galactus where he chooses, saving millions.

Becoming Galatcus’ Herald doesn’t only ensure a few underused powers are passed along. It can be quite an all-consuming job, with characters like Stardust, Deadpool, Ka-Zar, Nova, and even Superman falling under his manipulation. The role can take a toll, and many have ended their time on the team by battling their figurehead.

5 Infinity Watch

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There have been a few variations of the Infinity Watch, but it’s Doctor Strange’s version of the team that perhaps holds the most power. The unit was designed to protect the Infinity Stones, powerful objects that, once combined, could have the ability to rewrite the universe itself.

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Roster members like Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Star-Lord, and formerly Adam Warlock demonstrate the sheer range of abilities the group can call upon to contain the Stones. A team with a mission on such a scale would have to be well-equipped, considering the galactic forces hellbent on the retrieval of the Gauntlet and its gems.

4 Asgardians Of The Galaxy

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There have been numerous spinoffs of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Asgardians of the Galaxy are one of them. The team took some of the strongest Asgardians in comic book history deep into space, continuing their mission to both explore and protect.

Thus comprised of deities much like the God Squad, the Destroyer, Thunderstrike, Throg, Valkeryie, and Angela are some of the most classic members. The dissolution of the Guardians might have prompted their creation. Still, this team very much stands on its own reputation in the cosmos, especially after their impressive performance in the War of Realms.

3 Dark Guardians

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The Dark Guardians were formed to carry out the duties that the traditional team wasn’t capable of. More specifically, they wished to hunt down Gamora and anyone else who could have been capable of unleashing the full might of Thanos on the galaxy once more.

The team featured truly powerful beings like Gladiator, Wraith, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Nebula, and Starfox. While their methods were lethal and their moral compass was skewed, this team certainly inspired fear in the name of the greater good. The Guardians themselves failed to truly match the range of skills on the team.

2 The Black Order

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The Mad Titan might have had no problem getting his hands dirty, but with a huge empire to run, Thanos had to trust that his foot soldiers would carry out some of his workload. The Black Order was the most elite of Thanos’ forces and was a team created only for killing.

The galactic group had every base covered to serve the ruthless Marvel villain, with the magic of Corvus Glaive balanced well with the brutish strength of Ebony Maw. The Assassin Proxima Midnight added yet another dynamic to the team, which was rounded out by the likes of Black Swan, Supergiant, and Black Dwarf. This team was capable of toppling worlds.

1 Guardians Of The Galaxy

The found family known as the Guardians of the Galaxy started out life in a very different place compared to their portrayal now. Regardless of the roster, the group has always been made up of criminals and outcasts, even if they are well-intentioned in some of their pursuits.

Money speaks volumes, but under the tutelage of Star-Lord, the team has turned a new leaf and attempted to serve the galaxy. Drax, Gamora, Groot, Rocket, and Mantis round out the main cast, but Moondragon, Marvel Boy, Hercules, and countless other immensely powerful beings have joined the group and elevated its status.

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