10 Teams Gambit Has Joined In The Comics

Gambit with X-Factor and Excalibur in the background

Captain Britain assembled a new team of X-Men to help her keep the peace of Otherworld in Knights of X. Remy LeBeau/Gambit joined the team to help, though it definitely wasn’t the first group he had joined over the years. LeBeau was born into the ancient Thieves Guild which attempted to turn him into a team player at an early age.

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However, Gambit developed a reputation as a loner after he left the Thieves Guild. The “ragin’ cajun” soon found a home with the X-Men that would set him on a new path for a short time. Unfortunately, Gambit’s dark past would continue to haunt him and he would join villainous teams like the Marauders before returning to the side of the angels.

10 Remy LeBeau Became The Leader Of The Thieves Guild

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Gambit was abandoned as an infant due to the appearance of his glowing mutant red eyes at birth. Following an ancient prophecy, the New Orleans Thieves Guild abducted the young infant and he was eventually adopted by Thieves Guild leader Jean-Luc LeBeau. He raised young Remy to become one of the most successful thieves in the Marvel universe.

Gambit eventually struck out on his own and attempted to abandon his responsibility to the Thieves Guild. However, he always found his way back to the ancient organization to take over his adopted father’s role with the Guild. Gambit eventually took over as leader of the Guild and helped them unify with their ancient enemies in the Assassin’s Guild.

9 He Helped The Marauders During The Morlock Massacre

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Remy LeBeau made a few bad decisions that saw him fall into Sinister’s clutches, like many other mutants over the years. Sinister force him to carry out quite a few jobs over the years as a skilled thief. However, Gambit decided to take a final job with Sinister to wipe his slate clean which would lead to one of the X-Men’s darkest secrets.

Sinister used Gambit’s particular set of skills to first locate and then lead the Marauders through a hidden entrance to the Morlock’s underground tunnels. The vicious Marauders then began massacring the Morlocks on Sinister’s orders. A surprised Gambit left the team when he saw the carnage, saving a single mutant on the way who would become the X-Men’s Marrow.

8 Gambit Found A New Heroic Path With The X-Men

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Remy LeBeau’s dark past as a thief and one of Mr. Sinister’s numerous indebted mutants seemed to be behind him. He joined the X-Men at the request of his new friend Storm and attempted to move forward. He struggled to fit in, butting heads with other rebellious X-Men members like Wolverine.

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Gambit met Rogue and found a reason to stick with the X-Men. His past with the Thieves Guild occasionally threatened to reclaim him, but he remained loyal. However, the X-Men kicked him off the team after learning of his work with Sinister during the “Mutant Massacre.” He would eventually return to the X-Men a few times and even lead his own iteration of the team.

7 He Joined The X-Treme X-Men Before It Was The X.S.E.

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During Gambit’s time away from the X-Men, Sebastian Shaw framed him for a murder he didn’t commit. Rogue and the X-Treme X-Men intervened and helped him clear his name. Gambit decided to join his former allies on their hunt for Destiny’s diaries.

Gambit also helped his old friend Storm set up one of the strongest rosters of the X-Men. The governmental agency became known as the X-Treme Sanctions Executive or X.S.E., which would survive into the future to become Xavier’s Security Enforcers. While Gambit wasn’t an official operative of the X.S.E., he still assisted the team when needed.

6 Gambit Advised A Mutant Squad Called The Chevaliers

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Cyclops and Emma Frost had their hands full with an expanded roster of mutant students at the Xavier Institute. They decided to reorganize the students into squads with advisors from the X-Men, who each took a mentorship role among their students. Gambit’s team took the name of the Chevaliers, or cadets of French nobility which honored LeBeau’s past as a Cajun.

Gambit’s Chevaliers were led by Bling! and included members like Onyxx, Flubber, and Rain Boy. Mystique attempted to infiltrate the team in disguise as a young mutant named Foxx, though she left the team when she was discovered. The Chevaliers were heavily impacted by M-Day and the majority of the team lost their powers, forcing them to disband.

5 He Became A Horseman Of Apocalypse Named Death

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Remy LeBeau fell back to a dark path when he agreed to become one of Apocalypse’s Horsemen. Apocalypse had appeared to the X-Men with a new plan to save a few worthy mutants from a new devastating plague he created from his blood. Gambit tried to make a deal with one of the most controversial X-Men villains in order to save his teammates.

Gambit underwent Apocalypse’s grueling transformative process without any pain medication or sedatives so he could keep an eye on the eternal mutant. However, he was still corrupted into a dark new form as Apocalypse’s new Horseman, Death. He served alongside transformed versions of Sunfire as Famine, Polaris as Pestilence, and Gazer as War before he regained control.

4 Gambit Joined Sinister’s Marauders A Second Time

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After Gambit’s dark turn as one of Apocalypse’s Horseman, he shocked the X-Men when he returned as a member of Sinister’s Marauders. He joined deadly mutants like Mystique, Sunfire, Omega Sentinel, Random, and a few others in one of the most powerful rosters of the murderous team.

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Mister Sinister helped cure Gambit of his Death persona, resulting in his renewed allegiance to the dark X-Men villain. Gambit helped the Marauders take down Cable in one of their first attacks against Rogue.s team of X-Men. However, he ultimately rebelled against Sinister and the Marauders and rejoined the X-Men.

3 Polaris Recruited Him For The Corporate X-Factor Team

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When the X-Men kicked Gambit off the team again due to his ongoing job as a thief, Polaris decided to recruit him. Polaris and her mastery of magnetism made her the perfect choice to lead a new iteration of X-Factor. It was formed by Serval Industries as the first corporate super team.

Gambit joined Polaris and other members like Quicksilver, Cypher, Warlock, and Danger as the corporate X-Factor. He was suspicious of CEO Harrison Snow and joined to keep an eye on Serval Industries. While he didn’t spend much time working alongside the All-New X-Factor, it was one of the few occasions that he actually wore a team uniform.

2 Gambit Joined Excalibur To Keep An Eye On Apocalypse

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A new iteration of Excalibur appeared after the mutant society formed on Krakoa in the Dawn of X era. Besty Braddock became the new Captain Britain and founded the team to help fight for mutant freedom and reestablish a connection to Otherworld.

Apocalypse joined Excalibur to further his own studies into mutant magic. Rogue joined as her powers could help open a portal to Avalon and reestablish contact with Otherworld. Gambit remained untrustworthy of Apocalypse after his time as Death, so he decided to keep an eye on En Sabah Nur. Gambit would later follow Betsy as one of her Knights of X.

1 He Joined Captain Britain’s Knights of X In Otherworld

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Betsy Braddock’s new role as Captain Britain came with new responsibilities to Otherworld, which was embroiled in a war for control between Merlyn and Lady Roma. Captain Britain supported Lady Roma and gathered a few other warriors to aid in her quest as the Knights of X.

Gambit was selected along with former Excalibur teammate Rictor and other members like Rachel Summers, Glorianna, Bei the Blood Moon, Shatterstar, Kylun, Shogo Lee in his dragon form, and the evil mystic Modred. He died in an early battle with Merlyn and was resurrected in his Death form. Thankfully, his teammates were able to restore his original form and personality.

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