10 Things Fans Are Looking Forward To In Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4

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Bungou Stray Dogs is an anime with a unique premise: give some of the world’s most famous writers a superhuman ability and spin a web that would see them collaborate and fight to solve mysteries. Its unique lore, coupled with a brilliant mangaka, Sango Harukawa, has made Bungou an anime with a strong fanbase.

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Fans are eager for its fourth season, which is anticipated to bring a fulfilling conclusion to the ongoing arc. Bungou’s unique abilities, fleshed-out cast, detailed action choreography, and faithfulness to the source material are foundations that hold the fans’ hopes for a riveting new chapter in the anime.

This article contains spoilers for Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4.

10 The Continuation Of The Main Story

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The Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia are the two antagonistic forces in the story of Bungou Stray Dogs. The third season left the two groups joining forces to battle a new enemy, a collective known as “Rats in the House of the Dead.”

The cliffhanger ending, the mysterious identity of the “mastermind,” and the key plot twists that twisted viewers’ perceptions need to be further explored. As new evil rises within the world of Bungou, it is up to The Armed Detective Agency to save the day, regardless of the cost.

9 Fan Favorites Getting Back On Screen

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Atsushi Nakajima is the beloved protagonist. His ability, “Beast beneath the Moonlight,” has made him a key member of The Detective Agency. Fans look forward to him getting a better handle on his powers, as well as developing a sense of worth.

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Osamu Dazai is Atsush’s “mentor,” and fans look forward to his meticulous plans, comedic bent, and further insight into his mysterious personality. The series revolves around these two, and it will be interesting to see their interactions with the rest as they mature.

8 New Characters To Spice Up Bungou Stray Dogs

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Bungou’s manga has quite a diverse cast. Now that the world of the “Decay of the Angel” group has been opened to fans, these particular antagonists to the story will be a delight to observe.

The anime has mastered the art of fleshing out its characters, linking their backstories with their motivations and the main story, and ensuring their contributions all hold weight, making its characters multidimensional and holistic. It will also be interesting to watch how certain motives clash with the protagonists’ and how they change as a result of it.

7 Better Action-Packed Fight Scenes

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Bungou Stray Dogs is known for its intense and well-animated fight scenes. Given the unique nature of abilities on display in the show, fights have been painstakingly crafted to highlight nuanced elements in the attack and marry the abilities to the users.

Top-notch choreography has been used to make the movements as realistic as possible. The slew of expected incoming characters will bring new abilities on board, and the dynamics of the ability battle will be a joy each fan is looking forward to watching. And hopefully, the anime portrays another “singularity” in all its glory.

6 Exploration Of New Abilities Within The Bungou Universe

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Bungou has one of anime’s most unique power systems and abilities. Described as a “special force,” those with abilities in Bungou are referred to as “ability users.” No one person is believed to be able to possess more than one. An ability can be controlled or activated unconsciously.

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Powered by the soul and user’s will, abilities can be honed over time and perfected. Season 4 is expected to reveal new abilities from new characters, such as Teruko Okura, Michizo Tachihara, and Ochi Fukuchi. As the arsenal expands, so does the anticipation of the anime’s take on these abilities.

5 Atsushi’s Development As A Human & Ability User

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Atsushi, the protagonist of Bungou Stray Dogs, is a model of a real-life author by the same name. His abilities are lifted directly from Sengetsuki, a book the author wrote. In it, the main character loses touch with reality and transforms into a tiger.

Wreaking havoc, the transformation is only undone when he reflects upon the damage caused to his family and nation. Atsushi has come a long way from cripplingly low self-self esteem and self-doubt to being able to fight solo and trusting his instincts. This gradual change is key and one many fans wish to see fleshed out.

4 New Mysteries & Plot Twists For Fans To Savor

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The storytelling and intricate plot of Bungou Stray Dogs has garnered the respect of critics and fans alike. Looking back at Season 3, Fyodor Dostoyevsky being captured, then seemingly having orchestrated this capture himself, shocked fans. His power, “Crime and Punishment,” allows him to kill with just a touch.

Given how terrifying that is, Dostoyevsky’s “arrest” was certainly a twist. However, the most intriguing plot twist comes at the end of the prior season, when it is discovered that The Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia are sister organizations with the same directive. Season 4 has much to live up to.

3 A Fitting Conclusion To The Current Arc

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Fans are eager to see where the tale of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the leader of Rats in the House of the Dead, goes. Being an antagonist who Dazai did not even attempt to confront in the last season’s finale, fans are curious as to what method the Agency will use to capture him.

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Fyodor is a devout man and seeks to impose his religious beliefs on the earth. His desire is to acquire the Book, a magical object which makes whatever is written in it into reality, and rid the world of sin and ability users.

2 A Beautiful Audiovisual Experience In The Manner Of Bungou

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Bungou Stray Dogs is famed for its sound design and character styling aesthetic. Bungou has a catchy opening and closing themes and scene-specific and character-reflective OSTs.

The use of sound in the anime has been pivotal in etching certain sequences and plot points into fans’ minds. As for character styling, the anime has been faithful to the manga, and fans hope that they can see the same style applied to the host of new characters who might be introduced in the incoming season.

1 The Potential Of New Adaptations & Spin-offs

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New adaptations, spin-offs, and feature films are a common route that popular anime diverge into. Bungou already has nine novels, two movies, and eight stage plays. Given that Bungou is an anime based on authors of literature having supernatural abilities and working together to solve a crime, more spin-offs may be added to the franchise.

A possible route is a Bungou Stray Dogs game, based on the arc that will be concluded in the fourth season. The success of other anime with their video game entries would be something Bungou should consider and that fans would appreciate.

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