10 Things Manga Readers Were Excited To See After To Your Eternity Season 2

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To Your Eternity was one of the breakout series of 2021. The story of Fushi and his slow growth into humanity captured the introspective atmosphere of the manga source material extremely well. With the second season being highly anticipated, fans of the manga were excited to see how well the anime would continue to capture that same feeling.

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While some fans of Season 1 were critical of Season 2’s slower pacing, manga readers have appreciated how closely the season has followed its original material. The arcs covered thus far in Season 2 were some of the most important in the series as they set the stage for Fushi’s biggest test yet, and manga fans have enjoyed seeing those moments brought to life in a way that’s been faithful to the story they’ve grown to love.

10 Fushi’s Island Recap Went Into More Detail

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When the series restarted for Season 2, it began with Fushi alone on the beach 40 years after Pioran’s death. The anime was spot on with the manga during this transition, and even added some additional depth to things such as Fushi’s experience as a crab in the ocean.

Fans can always appreciate when an anime adaptation goes into more detail and adds to the source material’s story in a meaningful way. These small added details make watching an anime fulfilling in more ways than one, even for manga readers who are fully aware of the story ahead of time.

9 Tonari Got More Screen Time

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Tonari has become a fan-favorite character since her introduction in the Janunda arc. Her free-spirited nature and willingness to give everything to help Fushi are truly heartwarming and display how deeply Fushi’s friends care for him. That’s why Tonari receiving some extra attention in the anime was sure to be a welcome addition for fans.

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For instance, the second season started off with an extra scene featuring the village where Tonari and Sandel are staying being attacked by the knockers. While the anime is very faithful to the source material, this scene serves as some great foreshadowing and fan service for those who recognized Tonari’s older form from the manga.

8 The Nokkers Are Even Creepier In Motion

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While the nokkers are already creepy villains in their own right, seeing the scenes from the manga in motion reiterated that fact even more. For example, seeing the nokker in Hisame’s arm literally change the direction that her fingers move was a cringey moment in the best way possible and one that is much harder to drive home in the manga.

The manga does an awesome job of focusing on facial expressions and suggesting movement in characters to show action. However, one of the scariest things about the nokkers is how they move in inhuman ways after taking control of their hosts, and that fact can really translate even better in animation than in still manga frames.

7 Fushi’s Growth Is A Sight To Behold

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Throughout the Bennett Church and Renril arcs, Fushi is shown getting even more powerful than ever before. He is able to push his powers to new limits, and readers discover deeper truths about the nature of his powers and their possibilities.

Luckily, that fact translated well into the animation and resulted in some cool action sequences and moments, such as his escape from the Bennet Church. Fushi still has a lot to learn and do in the series, but Season 2 is covering one of his fastest periods of growth yet and is full of exciting revelations regarding the extent of Fushi’s abilities.

6 The Introduction Of Some Of To Your Eternity’s Best Characters

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Season 2 is coming at a time in the series when several new, important characters are being introduced that fans have grown attached to. Among these, characters like Iddy and Prince Bon stand out, as well as Fushi’s immortal three companions in the coming arcs.

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Seeing these characters’ backstories come to life on screen has been an awesome experience for manga fans. Prince Bon, in particular, is one of the most complex and unpredictable characters in the series who will drive forward a lot of the story from this point. His questionable motivations keep fans guessing, and his ability to see spirits makes him even more interesting.

5 The Anime Has Been Keeping True To Its Source Material

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The To Your Eternity anime thus far has remained incredibly true to its manga source material, and Season 2 showcased that. Most scenes were near replicas of the manga, with dialogue only containing slight alterations to fit the more conversational medium.

Even the sections that were added to the show did more to add additional details or provide deeper looks into the characters acted and moved. While some series will tend to use additional scenes as filler, To Your Eternity has found a great balance thus far, which fans are hoping can continue throughout the rest of the show.

4 Fushi’s Shadow Keeps Growing Larger

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One of the most emotional moments in the manga was when Prince Bon recognized Fushi’s shadow as he entered the town. Prince Bon spoke to Tonari’s spirit several years prior and knew that Fushi would have a huge shadow following him one day.

When Fushi eventually did arrive, and Bon saw Fushi’s shadow, it turned out to be the giant bear spirit following behind Fushi, a reveal that demonstrated the extent of Bon’s visual powers. Not only that, but Bon also saw the people that traveled with Fushi as well, indicating how they were still alive within him.

3 The Stage Is Being Set For One Of The Best Moments In To Your Eternity

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The attack on Renril is one of the most epic moments in the manga as Fushi puts his new powers to the test to defend the great city from a massive nokker onslaught. The people Fushi meets in the build-up to this battle have a big influence on his development, and the events that occur give fans an even deeper understanding of Fushi’s powers and purpose.

The seeds have already been planted in Season 2 for this big moment, and manga fans have been looking forward to seeing it in all its fully animated glory. In many ways, the roots that are set in this period are just as important as the battle itself.

2 Season 2’s Pacing Followed The Manga Well

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An important part of the storytelling in To Your Eternity is the disorienting sense of passing time that Fushi experiences as an immortal being. Whereas generations pass for human beings, these extended periods come off almost like a few months relative to how he perceives it.

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The lapse of time is not dwelled on or deeply explained and often simply has occurred with no explanation, and this dynamic was followed well in the anime. Instead of over-narrating or dumbing it down for the audience, the anime stuck to the script and preserved the feel of the manga in this sense.

1 Action Is What Animation Does Best

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One aspect of manga that can always benefit from animation is its fighting and action sequences, and that fact is not missed in To Your Eternity. The series itself is not all about fighting and is more story-oriented, but its action adds to the suspense and emotional weight of Fushi’s decisions.

Even when there isn’t a fight, though, the little things, such as the animation when Fushi transforms and the black specks he sees when someone is in pain, hit even harder when they happen in motion. Some of the best action in the entire series is still to come in the next arc, but the anime should certainly do it justice if the past few seasons have been any indication.

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