10 Times Chika Fujiwara Stole The Spotlight In Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

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Every comedy anime cast needs a wild card, and there might be none better than the walking “natural disaster” herself, Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War. While the over-the-top romantic battle of wits is the main attraction of this rom-com anime, Chika adds pure chaos to the mix just by being there, often obliviously ruining whatever plans Kaguya or Shirogane had cooking.

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Sometimes adorably sweet, sometimes deviously selfish, occasionally absent-minded, but at all times hilarious, it’s no surprise that Chika became a fan favorite among the anime’s audience. In a show with so many funny and memorable characters, Chika has definitely stolen the show more times than not.

10 Love Detective Chika Is On The Case

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Among many other things, Chika loves the concept of love itself. In fact, she loves it so much that she has a sort of alter-ego whenever the subject comes up in the form of “Love Detective Chika.” Whenever this romantic investigator appears, she often tries to give others love or relationship advice.

Ironically, despite being inexperienced in love herself, Chika can be rather insightful about it unless she’s completely out of her depth, then she runs for it. Funnily enough, she’s also utterly oblivious to the pining going on right in front of her between Shirogane and Kaguya. Either way, Chika’s comedy is ramped up anytime she decides to don her detective hat.

9 Out From The Darkness Chika Strikes With An Umbrella

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Most of the time, no matter how well-laid out Kaguya or Shirogane’s plans are, Chika finds a way to unintentionally throw a wrench into them. During one segment, in particular, the two plan to share an umbrella by using mind games to make it look like they both forgot theirs. Just as it looks like Kaguya is about to declare “checkmate,” Chika comes out from the shadows and lends a spare umbrella to Kaguya.

While she’s not in this scene long, Chika practically jump-scares Kaguya like some sort of horror movie monster before leaving as quickly as she appeared. Fortunately, this does lead to a tender moment between Kaguya and Shirogane, so at least they were able to turn lemons into lemonade.

8 Chika Makes A Man Question His Whole Way Of Life With One Ramen Order

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Typically, Chika’s in her own little world during her antics and isn’t always aware that her actions have an effect on others, even when she’s just minding her own business. Such is the case during one segment where Chika decides to stop by a ramen shop where an unsuspecting and self-proclaimed ramen connoisseur witnesses her order.

Amazed at Chika’s supposed level of taste, the man begins a non-verbal and one-sided battle about whom the better customer is through the way they eat their ramen. Chika not only unwittingly defies the ramen lover’s expectations, but also makes him question his whole way of life just by enjoying ramen her way.

7 The Whole Balloon Game Was A Stroke Of Pure Villainy

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Aside from being the secretary to Shuchi’in’s student council, Chika’s also a member of the “Table Top Gaming Club” and often brings some of her homemade games into the student council room, often leading to hilarious reactions from the other members. In the finale of the anime’s second season, Chika brings a game that involves pumping a balloon until it pops.

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Chika, being Chika, starts off by pumping the balloon so big that the rest becomes a game of chicken. Deviously, Chika also manipulates Miko into pumping the balloon to nearly its limit. As if Chika hadn’t committed enough acts of villainy yet, she also accidentally pops the balloon in everyone’s faces with a small amount of juice from a freshly peeled orange.

6 When A Shojo Manga Takes Over The Student Council, Chika Ends Up Being Unaffected

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The right manga can pull just about anyone in, and such was the case when the student council discovered the shojo manga Go Sweet, a romance series that manages to get everyone to feel the love. The episode ends with Kaguya, Shirogane, and Ishigami all getting “shojo manga brain,” where everyone starts acting like characters in a shojo romance manga; everyone except for Chika, that is.

While Kaguya, Shirogane, and Ishigami are fully consumed by this shojo virus, Chika remains completely immune and ruins the mood as always. Whether it’s due to her obliviousness or because she had already read Go Sweet before, Chika remains hilariously unaware of the others’ condition.

5 Chika Tortures The Student Council With A Board Game

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In yet another act of unintended malice, Chika brings another game of hers to the student council that she dubs “Happy Life.” In this game, which is similar to the board game The Game of Life, Chika sends the student council members down a road of life choices that are practically designed to torture them.

In the game, Ishigami ends up dying, Kaguya ends up striking it rich, and Shirogane and Chika get married and have tons of kids, to Kaguya’s chagrin. While it’s just a game, the theater in Kaguya’s mind plays out these scenarios, which end up giving her inner torment. In the end, Chika gets divorced and marries Kaguya, all while she silently considers her supposed “best friend’s” demise.

4 Chika Develops Her Fear Of Teaching For Life

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To most, Miyuki Shirogane is a top-tier student, skilled in just about all things, but Chika knows the truth of his shortcomings behind closed doors. In Season 1’s fifth episode, Chika discovers how bad at volleyball Shirogane is and decides to help him, so he doesn’t make a fool of himself. Only after seeing how bad he is does she discover the can of worms she just opened.

With hard work and grueling training, Chika’s able to whip Shirogane into shape and make him passable at the sport. Unfortunately for her, the torment had only just begun as Shirogane would come back to her for help in other things, developing her new life-long fear of teaching.

3 Chika Brutally Beat Ishigami With A Fan

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An angry Chika can also be a violent Chika, and nobody knows that better than Ishigami. In one episode, Ishigami is caught by both Kaguya and Chika, who overhear him talking to Shirogane about their breast sizes, unaware that the two are standing right behind him. Chika responds by cutely making her own fan out of a newspaper and then brutally beating Ishigami with it.

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While it’s a rather violent punishment, it’s not like Ishigami didn’t have it coming this time. This scene is an example of how fast Chika can switch from innocent to deadly, creating many laughs for the audience as a result.

2 Chika Learns Rap 101 From MC Miyuki

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Just when it would look like Chika’s worst nightmare of having to teach Shirogane anything was coming back to haunt her, the tables were turned on her. In Season 3, Shirogane wants to improve his rap skills, but Chika has none either, so he winds up being the one to teach her. She takes to it well, though her trauma reopens when she actually does have to train Shirogane later.

After “MC Miyuki” is born, both he and Chika become a decent rap duo. What brings the bigger laughs in this segment isn’t just Chika having to be trained in rap first and still having to train Shirogane anyway, but also the surprisingly colorful and adult language she drops after her training’s complete.

1 Chika Took Over The ED & Broke The Internet

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Chika’s popularity came from her cute, seemingly innocent, yet childish and absent-minded shenanigans, but if one moment solidified her as a fan-favorite character among anime fans, it was most likely that time she took over the anime’s ending in Episode 3 of Season 1. Taking viewers by surprise, this ending has Chika dancing to the song “Super Bright Shining Girl Chika” as she closes out the episode.

With stunningly fluid animation that perfectly captures Chika’s energy and a song that can easily get stuck in one’s head, it’s no mystery how Chika’s dance broke the internet. It was also the start of the many Chika memes that would follow.

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