10 Times Goku Saved The Day Without Fighting

time goku saved the world without violence

If there’s one thing Goku is known for, it’s fighting. Goku has become one of anime’s most powerful heroes, and his high-flying battles have become well-known all over the world. While his strength in battle is definitely an integral part of Goku’s arsenal, it isn’t what makes him a true hero.

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Goku’s greatest heroic quality is his willingness to stand up for good and do what’s right no matter the cost to himself, and this has come out in many ways other than fighting. By setting a great example for his kids, sticking his neck out for others, and showing compassion to even the worst villains, Goku has saved the day in more ways than one.

10 Goku Helped Put Out The Fire On Mt Frypan

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As a child, Goku first encountered Chichi’s father, the Ox King, during his quest to collect all the dragon balls with Bulma. The Ox king was the guardian of one of the dragon balls, and the only way he would give it up was if Goku helped him put out the fire on Mt Frypan.

In order to do that, Goku recruited the likes of Master Roshi, who was willing to help in return for an unsavory favor from Bulma. While it wasn’t really Goku’s place to oblige the dirty old man, he nevertheless was able to successfully get the mountain of fire put out without doing any kind of fighting.

9 Goku Taught Gohan Everything He Knows

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Teaching Gohan how to fight and take care of himself was one of the most important things Goku could do. Not only did it build his relationship with his son, but it also indirectly led to the protection of the Earth several times over.

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Gohan has either single-handedly saved the Earth or had a huge part in the fight to save it multiple times. Without the lessons he learned from his father in both fighting and doing the right thing, Gohan wouldn’t have been anywhere near as well-equipped as he was to serve as humanity’s protector and a good father to his own daughter.

8 Goku Let Vegeta Live

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At the time, Goku’s decision to let Vegeta escape and live to fight another day seemed utterly unbelievable to Krillin. Neither of them could have foreseen how valuable a member of their group Vegeta would become.

Despite his past, and maybe even because of it, Vegeta became an invaluable ally to Goku and even one of his greatest friends. Goku’s ability to show mercy to even the most evil of villains serves to show how a true hero is one who is just as willing to forgive as he is to fight.

7 Goku Became A Farmer To Provide For His Family

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While his propensity as a father has been called into question at times, Goku has shown throughout the years how much his family really does mean to him. After all, there’s no greater hero than someone who takes care of their family. In that sense, Goku saves the day for his family every day as a provider.

Even though Goku’s extremely powerful as a fighter, that oftentimes isn’t enough to put food on the table for his wife and kids. In order to make money while also maintaining a low profile, Goku works on his farm growing radishes. In his maturity, Goku does what it takes to make sure his family is okay beyond fighting off the universe’s most terrible villains.

6 Goku Inspired Gohan’s Moment Of Truth

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A lifetime’s worth of selfless action in servitude of justice was not missed by Goku’s son, Gohan. All the great things Goku did throughout his life ultimately culminated at the moment when Gohan fought Cell in one of Dragon Ball’s most iconic beam battles.

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Everything Goku taught Gohan in terms of fighting was nowhere near as important as what he gave him in terms of inner strength and confidence. Goku’s wisdom, as well as his life full of good deeds as protector of the Earth, served as Gohan’s inspiration to push through and defeat Cell with his infamous one-handed Kamehameha.

5 Goku Asked Frieza To Join The Tournament Of Power

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The Tournament of Power was set to be the Z Fighter’s toughest challenge yet – and they were going to need all the help they could get. In recognition of that fact, Goku knew he would need the strongest warriors Universe 7 had to offer, even if they were a villain like Frieza.

Frieza ended up being invaluable to Universe 7’s victory – especially against Jiren. By swallowing his pride and extending his hand to Frieza’s help, Goku made a truly heroic decision that ultimately saved the entire universe.

4 Goku Rescued A Dinosaur’s Family

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When a dinosaur egg fell from its nest onto a flimsy branch, Goku came to save the day and return it to its rightful place. While it seemed like an easy enough task for the powerful super saiyan warrior at first, he didn’t account for the myriad of dangers a dinosaur egg can face in nature.

Goku eventually succeeded in protecting the eggs and witnessing them hatch into their new family. Unfortunately, it slipped Goku’s mind that he had a family of his own, and his wife wasn’t too happy that he showed up late to Bulma’s party.

3 Goku Instant-Transmissioned Cell Away From Earth

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During his fight with Gohan, Cell quickly began to realize just how out-matched he was against the young Super Saiyan. In a last-ditch effort to win, Cell engaged his self-destruct mechanism, hoping to destroy not only himself but the entire earth as well.

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With no other choice and the fate of the world at stake, Goku used instant transmission ability to teleport Cell to King Kai’s planet at the last moment. This wasn’t the first time Goku sacrificed his own life to save the world, but it was perhaps the most upsetting for Gohan, who felt directly responsible.

2 Goku Decided To Stay Dead

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After Goku’s death during the Cell Games, he found himself at an ethical crossroads. While his family and friends all planned to revive him once again using the dragon balls, Goku questioned whether that would be the right decision.

In the end, Goku realized that many evil villains come to earth strictly looking to fight him, and thus decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest if he weren’t reincarnated. As long as he’s alive, powerful enemies will always come to threaten the earth, so Goku felt that everyone would be better off if he just stayed dead.

1 Goku Made One Final Wish On The Dragon Balls

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In Dragon Ball GT, all the wishes the Z Warriors made throughout the years finally came back to bite them in the form of Omega Shenron. To prevent this from ever happening again, Shenron and the dragon balls were set to disappear forever – but not before Goku made one final wish.

With his last wish, Goku wished for everyone to be brought back to life that had been killed by Super 17 and the Shadow Dragons. With his selfless final wish, Goku once again demonstrated his propensity to always put the well-being of others before himself.

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