10 Times Isagi’s Weapon Saved The Day

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In Blue Lock, Isagi’s weapon is the ability to smell goals before they happen. On both offense and defense, Isagi’s weapon allows him to sense when a goal is possible and identify how to influence it in his team’s favor. Isagi can essentially see the future of the field before it happens, and he uses this weapon to change the trajectory of the game in his favor.

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In addition to his foresight, Isagi’s pure soccer IQ lets him identify the trick behind any player’s skill set and pinpoint a way to stop them. These capabilities combine to make Isagi the mastermind behind Team Z’s success and bring out the best in all the players on his team.

Contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga not yet adapted into the anime.

10 Isagi Unlocked The Monster Within

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Ryosuke Kira was called “The National Treasure of Japan” for his amazing skill and talent on the soccer field. Unfortunately, reputation means nothing in Blue Lock; only results matter. That’s why Isagi was able to not only get the upper hand over Ryosuke, but ultimately eliminate him in the preliminary round.

When Bachira sent him a pass, Isagi could have avoided it and allowed Bachira to get eliminated. Instead, Isagi took the opportunity to put his Direct Shot weapon to work and take one of Blue Lock’s strongest players out of the game immediately.

9 Isagi Recognized Chigiri’s Hidden Weapon

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After tying and losing a match, Team Z was left with no choice but to win their match. Though Chigiri was chained by his own feelings about his injury, he left all that behind thanks to Isagi’s leadership.

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Unlocking his true potential, Chigiri broke down the field with unparalleled speed and was virtually unguarded due to laying low the whole game. While other players hadn’t noticed Chigiri up to that point, Isagi isn’t like most players. His field awareness let him find Chigiri from across the field where no one else had even thought to look.

8 Isagi Stopped Team Y’s Final Pass

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Isagi met his match against Team Y’s Niko, whose weapon was similar to Isagi’s in that it was characterized by his ability to see the field. Niko used this to devise an effective strategy that utterly took Isagi and Team Z out of the game.

However, Isagi is never out of the game, no matter how bad it looks. By figuring out Niko’s mindset, Isagi was able to position himself in the right place at the right time to stop Niko’s potentially game-winning pass. Though it was partially due to Niko’s misplay, Isagi’s weapon allowed him to completely change the trajectory of the game.

7 Isagi Scored The Winning Goal Against Team Y

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Though Isagi turned the game around against Team Y, they weren’t giving up without a fight. After tying up the game, Niko sent the entire team on an all-out offensive to score the final goal. Even so, that wasn’t enough.

Isagi was one step ahead of Niko the whole time, stealing the ball and finding his open teammates down the field. Isagi’s next-level play didn’t stop there though. Again using his incredible field perception, Isagi found the one place that was open down the field and, taking advantage of a perfectly directed pass by Bachira, scored the goal at the last second.

6 Isagi Recognized That Kuon Was The Traitor

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When Kuon began scoring like a madman in the first half of their match against the Waniwa twins, it seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately for Team Z, that was exactly the case. Isagi’s spacial awareness allowed him to recognize the fact that every goal in the game seemed to involve Kuon in some way

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Isagi’s weapon successfully implicated Kuon as the source of their struggle in the match. Identifying Kuon as the culprit allowed Team Z to break from the illusion that he fed them and ultimately come together with the players they had left to change the trajectory of the game.

5 Isagi Stopped Nagi Stealing From Chigiri

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In their match against Team V, Chigiri recognizes the advantage he has over Tsurugi in pure speed alone. Bachira finds Chigiri on the sideline in hopes that he can use his incredible speed to rush down the field. However, Nagi accounted for this and appears with the intention of double-teaming Chigiri.

If Nagi can anticipate something, he can be sure that Isagi is already two moves ahead. Instead of letting Nagi get there first, Isagi beats him to the punch, allowing Chigiri to continue his run which ultimately leads to the tying goal. This was a turning point for the match; had Nagi stolen the ball Chigiri, their scoring opportunity would have been lost along with their chances at winning.

4 Isagi Inspired Chigiri To Snap Out Of His Funk

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After Kuon betrayed them, Team Z was feeling both physically and mentally defeated. No one felt this more than Chigiri, who had already felt like quitting soccer before even joining Blue Lock. Though Chigiri felt like giving up, Isagi’s determination and will to fight until the end inspired Chigiri.

After seeing how badly Isagi wanted to win, Chigiri was reminded of why he loved soccer. Isagi’s resolve in the face of adversity awakened Chigiri’s own weapon and gave Team Z the boost they needed to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

3 Isagi Evolved In The Solo Elimination Round

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Isagi’s weapon is not only about seeing the field and sensing a goal; it’s also about allowing him to adapt to any conditions in order to find the best path to the goal. This aspect of his weapon was shown in his solo elimination following the end of the second selection.

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In the solo game, Isagi was tasked with scoring 100 goals in 90 minutes to prove the viability of his formula for scoring. While this game became increasingly difficult, Isagi was able to continually adapt and take his Direct Shot to the next level.

2 Isagi Utilized His Direct Shot To Beat Team V

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Isagi’s journey throughout Blue Lock was all about identifying his weapon on the field and discovering how to put it to use in the most effective manner. That all came to a head in the final moments of Team Z’s match against Team V.

While Nagi, Reo, and Tsurugi put Team Z against the ropes, Isagi used his field vision to completely dissect the defense and utilize his teammates’ weapons to completely control the field. While Nagi anticipated Bachira’s pass to Isagi, he couldn’t have predicted how Isagi would shoot directly off his first touch, immortalizing his Direct Shot.

1 Isagi Beat Barou One On One

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From the moment Isagi first encountered Barou in their first match after joining Blue Lock, Isagi was distinctly aware of the difference in skill between them. Even so, Isagi never stopped fighting and adapting on the field until he became one of the highest-ranked players in Blue Lock.

In their 2-v-2 match against Barou’s squad, Nagi was carrying the team while Isagi could do little but watch. However, in true Isagi form, he learned how to adapt and move off the ball, throwing Barou off long enough to finish the opponent off with his infamous Direct Shot.

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