10 Times My Hero Academia’s Toga Was Likeable

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Himiko Toga is a member of My Hero Academia’s League Of Villains and one of its most perturbing characters. Her combination of enthusiasm and sadism is nothing short of bizarre, as she seldom understands the extent of how she hurts other people.

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Nonetheless, there are many factors making Toga a surprisingly charismatic character. Although she may serve Shigaraki and All For One’s monstrous purposes, it is out of being misguided and unstable rather than genuine malice. Aside from Twice, Toga is the League’s second most approachable character, which suggests that some antagonists may be salvageable if an effort is made.

10 Toga’s Quirk Makes Her An Underdog

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One of Toga’s harshest realities is that her Quirk pales in comparison to her comrades’. Even after evolving it during the Meta Liberation Front arc, it still requires her to have a sample of her target’s blood in order to imitate their ability.

This is incredibly impractical to use in the heat of battle since it requires her to scratch an enemy, draw blood, and imbibe it all before they can retaliate. Storing a comrade’s blood in advance may seem like a decent workaround, though it still takes more prep time than can be reasonably afforded.

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Chitose Kizuki was a high ranking member of the Meta Liberation Army and the woman responsible for preserving its morale. Alongside dozens of colleagues, she attempted to ambush and kill Toga in hopes of twisting her life into a tragedy that would move potential supporters toward their cause.

However, by drinking Uraraka’s blood and evolving her Quirk, Toga decimated her pursuers and proved that she would not be exploited. Ironically, it meant that she killed more villains than most of Japan’s finest pros could ever dream of.

8 Toga Abandoned Overhaul In His Hour Of Need

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After a failed meeting between the League and Overhaul’s organization, there was an attempt to “make amends.” Overhaul requested Twice and Toga to accompany him both to strengthen his organization and to keep Shigaraki in check.

When the heroes attacked, Toga and Twice abandoned him relatively quickly. This actually improved their likability given that Overhaul was a child abuser who sought to destroy the concept of Quirks entirely. Additionally, Toga did not forgive him for killing Magne in cold blood.

7 Toga Had A Touching Relationship With Twice

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Toga and Twice both viewed the League Of Villains as a community that understood them. Given their similar priorities and interests, it didn’t take long for them to become close friends. Amidst their escape from Overhaul’s hideout, Toga even patched up Twice’s torn mask in order to prevent him from having an identity crisis.

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When the heroes invaded Re-Destro’s compound, Twice gave his life to save Toga and Compress from capture. Toga was touched by his sacrifice and devastated from his loss, which compelled her to seek out Uraraka so that she could clarify what it meant to be a “hero.”

6 Toga’s Backstory Made Things Difficult Since The Start

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Toga’s Quirk came with an insatiable thirst for blood. As a child, she quelled it by eating small animals, which understandably made her a pariah among her peers. Too young to comprehend why her behavior was wrong, she eventually blamed society itself for mistreating her.

The League may be evil, though they were the only ones willing to accept Toga as she was. As a result, she risked her life and freedom for them time and again despite lacking All For One’s grand objectives.

5 Toga Has A Crush On Midoriya

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An endearing albeit disturbing aspect of Toga’s character is that she has a crush on Deku. During the Overhaul raid, she attempted to attack him since she couldn’t express affection in a more appropriate way. Nonetheless, she was flattered that Midoriya remembered her from forest camp attack and perceived it as a sign of interest.

When encountering Uraraka during the heroes’ battle against Shigaraki, she told her about her interest in Deku with clear excitement in her voice. Toga’s fascination illustrates that although she has a warped perception of reality, she is more than capable of love.

4 Toga Was One Of Stain’s Greatest Admirers

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At first, Toga was one of Stain’s greatest admirers. She appreciated his defiance of social norms, and their similar Quirks provided a clear sense of connection between the two villains.

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During one of the first encounters with Shigaraki, Toga was even willing to attack him alongside Dabi for her benefactor’s sake. Like Deku, her ability to have an idol suggests that she is not beyond reason, especially since Stain’s goals are clear and she voiced an interest in physically becoming him.

3 Toga Tried To Befriend Uraraka

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Twice’s death sparked Toga’s curiosity about what it meant to be a hero. When cornering Uraraka in an abandoned house, she asked why he couldn’t have been saved like the innocents they vowed to protect. Desperate to help Deku, Uraraka was more interested in fighting than talking and said that if Toga acted on her murderous urges, she’d get whatever was coming to her.

This conflict was particularly interesting since Toga was the one more interested in intellectualizing the nature of their feud. Granted, she may still have been in the wrong, but Uraraka was so harsh that it moved the villain to tears.

2 Toga Didn’t Ruin The Provisional Licensing Exam

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Toga spied on the Provisional Licensing Exam as per her comrades’ request. Donning Camie’s likeness, she kept close watch over the heroes and most importantly Deku.

Despite being in an ideal position to collect hero blood or even attack them, Toga’s presence went entirely undetected throughout the trials. This showed an outstanding amount of personal restraint and that she could be relied upon when necessary. Not even professional heroes realized Toga’s presence until well after she had absconded from the scene.

1 Toga Tried To Calm Shigaraki Down

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Shigaraki repeatedly stated that his primary goal was to destroy the world. When first hearing of this, Toga was deeply alarmed and reminded him that she still enjoyed certain luxuries that she didn’t want to go to waste.

Pressured by Toga and considering her a friend, Shigaraki reluctantly reassured her that everything she liked would still be there by the time he was done with society. It illustrated that he could still be reasoned with, even if his poor temperament might influence his willingness to make good on his promise.

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