10 Ways Mister Sinister Is The Best X-Men Villain

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The X-Men have a plethora of great villains, each of them posing a unique and deadly threat to the team. Mister Sinister has always been one of the team’s most popular villains, but his stock has risen precipitously during the Krakoa Era. Sinister became a paragon of the island and used his importance in affairs to completely take over Krakoa and the world in Sins Of Sinister.

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Mister Sinister has had an impressive couple of years. While he’s always been a big-time X-Men villain, a very convincing argument can be made that he’s become their greatest villain. Sinister has finally come into his own in a big way.



10 Mister Sinister Is Great At Building Teams

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The Marauders joined the ranks of Marvel’s most important villain teams in their first outing. The team entered the sewers under Manhattan and slaughtered the Morlocks, mutants whose powers caused them to be shunned by society. Sinister assembled the team and sent them to destroy the mutants because he felt they were genetic dead ends.

The Marauders were a near-perfect villainous strike team, able to take on the X-Men and X-Factor at the same time. Sinister is great at finding talent and bringing them together into strike squads, and the Marauders wouldn’t be the last time he did so. He knows how to create powerful groups like few others.

9 Mister Sinister Has A Great Look

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Villains can have amazing power, interesting personalities, and a cool name, but if they don’t have a good costume, they’ll fail. Marvel history is full of villains with great potential that didn’t have the right look and then faded from the spotlight. From the beginning, Sinister looked great, grabbing readers’ attention even when they knew nothing about him.

Sinister’s design is so good that it’s barely needed any changes. His goatee and his longer hairstyle have come about in the last decade and perfected his look, fitting his more rakish personality. Sinister’s look has always been great and has only gotten better as time went on.

8 Mister Sinister Plays The Long Game

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Mister Sinister has been around for a long time, first meeting mutants like Destiny, Mystique, and Apocalypse over a century ago. Sinister’s long life has given him the ability to play the long game like few others. It’s actually the perfect way for a geneticist like Sinister to work. A perfect example of this is his obsession with Scott Summers, the mutant known as Cyclops.

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Sinister ran orphanages in order to find powerful mutants to experiment on. He found Scott Summers and saw a goldmine of genetic potential. He had his brother, Alex, adopted out and started working with Scott’s genes. He’d eventually discover that combining Summers and Grey DNA would create a super-mutant and created Madelyne Pryor just for that reason. Sinister is perfect for laying down long-term plans, waiting for the perfect time for them to come to fruition.

7 Mister Sinister Is Always Entertaining

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Sinister’s tenure in Immortal X-Men has shown a new, more entertaining side to the character. For years, he was kind of a dry science villain, a malicious foe that worked well but fell rather flat compared to some other villains. All of that changed with the story “Everything Is Sinister!,” which transformed him into an almost entirely new character.

Mister Sinister became wittier than before, making jokes and basically being the funnest villain on any page. It was a great change, as his humorous and acidic nature works to make his foes underestimate him. They know he’s up to something, but they see him as a bit of an idiot. It’s made him into the most interesting villain in the Krakoa Era.

6 Mister Sinister Is Powerful Enough To Handle Entire Teams

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Sinister wasn’t born a mutant; Nathaniel Essex created four clones of himself, and the red diamond clone created more clones, who became masters of genetics. Eventually, one Sinister took the genetic material of several mutants and used them to make himself into a mutant. Mister Sinister is a very powerful being, one who can stand against teams of foes.

Sinister has superhuman strength and physical abilities, mental powers, complete control of his molecular structure, shapeshifting, and teleportation. Sinister doesn’t like to fight, but when he does, he can easily take on entire teams of heroes. He’s a powerful and cunning combatant.

5 Mister Sinister Is The Greatest Geneticist On Earth

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Sinister is an intelligent Marvel villain with a specialization in genetics. He’s spent decades studying the human and mutant genomes, mastering cloning and making genetic trees that could predict how powerful the offspring of two people could be. He’s even one of the few non-Eternals on Earth who has an understanding of Celestials, as he was responsible for the destruction of the Dreaming Celestial.

Sinister’s plans with Krakoa are a great example of this. Since his DNA library was integral to Krakoan resurrection, he planted sequences into their genes that would allow him to take control of anyone resurrected too many times. He was able to do so in a completely foolproof and undetectable method, proving just how smart he truly is.

4 Mister Sinister Created The Chimeras

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The Chimeras of Sins Of Sinister played a big role in the story, especially in the Year One Hundred issues of the story. Chimeras were quite simple — they were lab-grown mutants with a variety of powers. They soon became the main army of the Red Diamond Empire, the spearhead they used to conquer the stars.

Chimeras were first introduced in Year One Hundred of Powers Of X, and fans had waited for them to appear. Chimeras are an entirely new type of mutant, and the fact that Sinister can create them gives his threat a whole new dimension. It’s a new weapon in his arsenal that could play a huge role in Sinister’s life.

3 Mister Sinister Will Use Anything To Get His Way

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The original Inferno saw Sinister’s creation Madelyne Pryor, a powerful clone of Jean Grey, team up with the demons of Limbo to attack the Earth and take revenge against Cyclops. While this was happening, Sinister used the Marauders to try to get his hands on Nathan Summers, causing Madelyne to attack him to get her son back. The story shows how good Sinister is at taking advantage of any circumstance.

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Sinister was willing to brave demonic monsters to get his way. Nothing stops Sinister when he sets his mind to a task. He’ll take any chance, no matter how hopeless, to win. He’ll make deals with untrustworthy types like Apocalypse or Moira MacTaggert, endangering his life in order to get more power and knowledge.

2 Mister Sinister Is A Total Monster

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Mister Sinister is a frightening villain. Sinister will commit any terrible act to get his way. He ordered the deaths of innocent mutants just because they didn’t fit his eugenic-influenced beliefs. He killed the Hellions, his personal team on Krakoa, in order to keep secret the Arakki genes he stole from Tarn. He’s spent decades committing brutal experiments to broaden his knowledge.

Great villains don’t have to be ruthless killers, but it definitely helps. Sinister has gone further than most; death is actually preferable to what Sinister usually does to his foes. He’s a monster like few others, and that’s helped take him to another level.

1 Sins Of Sinister Showed Just How Dangerous Mister Sinister Can Be

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Sins Of Sinister was an epic, taking place over a thousand years. Sinister set out to become a Dominion, an intelligence outside space and time greater than a god. To do this, he took control of Krakoa through Krakoan resurrection, then the world. His plan wreaked untold havoc and eventually got away from him as the Sinister-possessed X-Men ran roughshod over the universe.

It had been a long time since Sinister was this important to things, and Sins Of Sinister was a perfect way to re-establish him as a prime mover in the Marvel Universe. He went from a B-list villain with delusions of grandeur to an A-list threat to all reality.

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