10 Ways My Hero Academia’s Final Arc Is Its Best

Why MHA’s final arc is it’s best

This article contains spoilers for the last arc of My Hero Academia.

As the My Hero Academia anime moves into Deku’s dark hero arc, the stage is set for the show to cover the very best parts of the series yet. With MHA’s heavy western superhero influence, this portion of Deku’s story brings him into the kind of grisly atmosphere of a Batman comic as opposed to the more light-hearted vibe of a character like Spider-Man.

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In the final arc, Deku has finally begun to unlock the true power of One For All, and he is the only one left who can save the world. With the world being forced deeper and deport into disarray and heroes being looked upon with distrust by the public, Deku takes it upon himself to clean up the streets of Japan and bring down All For One in the process.

10 Shigaraki’s True Character Surfaces

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While Shigaraki was being manipulated by All For One for most of his life, in the final act his personal motivations come to the surface. In the lead-up to the Paranormal Liberation War, Shigaraki’s backstory was revealed, but it didn’t paint the full picture of his personal plans as they’re later shown.

As he wakes up to All For One’s desire to his him as nothing more than a vessel, Shigaraki has begun to struggle with taking his fate into his own hands. That chasm between the two greatest enemies of Hero society might ultimately leave an opening that the heroes can use to their advantage.

9 Lady Nagant Plays A Central Role

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Lady Nagant has one of the coolest Quirks in My Hero Academia, and her raw abilities make her a formidable foe, even for Midoriya with One For All. Her Quirk lets her turn her arm into a sniper rifle, and she can make bullets out of her hair that allow her to fire in any direction at will.

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Not only is her natural Quirk formidable, but after she agrees to help All For One, he gifts Lady Nagant with an additional Quirk that allows her to walk through the air. Fortunately for fans who take a liking for Lady Nagant, her story doesn’t end there, and she has a pivotal role to play in the heroes’ fight against Shigaraki and All For One.

8 Star & Stripe Faces Shigaraki

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As a friend and protégé of All Might, Star And Stripe certainly lives up to her name as the most powerful hero in the world after her old master. Her ability to face up against Shigaraki individually even with his use of All For One is a testament to her overwhelming strength.

Star And Stripe’s unique Quirk, New Order, allows her to bend the laws of nature around any object she touches, including people. The introduction of America’s top hero is one of the most epic moments in the manga, and fans are definitely eager to see how it’ll be adapted in the anime.

7 This Is The Darkest Arc Yet

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While MHA has certainly had its emotional moments, everything has truly reached the peak of conflict in the final act. As Midoriya travels around Japan in search of clues to All For One’s whereabouts, he goes from an innocent kid with a dream to a lonely hero obsessed with stopping the villain.

The final act truly shows the most admirable and most tragic parts of Midoriya’s character, as he wanders the streets looking like a villain but acting like a hero. Deku’s dirty hero costume covered in mud and blood characterizes perfectly the dark reality that has closed in on the heroes around him and his resilience to wear the costume of a hero through it all.

6 The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

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Midoriya’s willingness to leave the Hero Academy is one of the biggest moments in MHA and underlines just how big the stakes have gotten in the series’ final act. Things aren’t as simple as just graduating anymore; the safety of the entire world is at stake.

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Things have gotten so bad in Japan that heroes can no longer be trusted, and even Deku isn’t willing to work with his classmates anymore. As Shigaraki gains power and All For One’s plans fall into place, they will need its heroes more than ever.

5 One For All’s Deepest Truths Are Revealed

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While the idea of One For All is well known at this point in the series, the true nature of its power, as well as that of its previous users, remained largely a mystery. With Deku unlocking more and more of its powers though, all the mysteries of One For All are slowly coming to light.

Big reveals are sure to take place in regard to All For One and his brother’s tragic history, as well as that of the previous One For All users. Not only that, but the dark truth about the effect of One For All on its user only adds to the drama of the final battle soon to come.

4 All For One Has His Biggest Role Yet

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Up until this point, All For One has largely remained a mysterious figure who lurked in the shadows planning his big return. Now, his plans have finally begun to come to fruition, and the world is thrust into utter chaos as a result.

All For One has always been an enigmatic figure whose influence was felt as the driving undercurrent that led villains to cause destruction. In MHA‘s final arc though, All For One finally steps out of the shadows into the forefront and shows the true extent of his power and influence as a villain.

3 Endeavor’s Redemption

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Endeavor’s family history has become a huge subject of controversy in the world of My Hero Academia and ultimately serves as the catalyst to the trust issues the public feels toward heroes. While he is initially shattered and emotionally defeated by Dabi’s reappearance as a terrible villain, he also shows the qualities of a true hero in owning up to his past mistakes and resolving to fix them.

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Endeavor’s redemption is such that, no matter how people treat him, he still continues to protect those that depend on him. Even if no one wants his help, Endeavor chooses to help anyway, knowing that it’s the price he has to pay and the burden he has to carry as the number 1 hero.

2 Heroes From Around The World Gather

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Not only does America’s top hero join the fray, but Heroes from all around the world eventually start to take notice of how dire the situation in Japan has become. Just like her mentor All Might, Stars And Stripes become a beacon of hope and an inspiration for heroes all over the world to fight despite what their respective governments insist.

Even though everyone in the world recognizes the terrible situation that has befallen Japan, many of the world’s governments begin gearing up to get in All For One’s good favors after he takes over. Luckily, many of the greatest heroes aren’t satisfied with that decision, and how they choose to act may have a huge impact on whether All For One’s plans succeed.

1 Deku Becomes A True Hero

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Midoriya had no easy path to becoming a hero, but his moment of truth has finally arrived. As Deku, Midoriya has shown his heroic qualities numerous times in the past. Still, no amount of experience can likely prepare him for his ultimate face-off with Shigaraki and All For One.

It’s not just how he performs in that final battle though that shows Deku’s true heroism. All throughout the final arc, Deku repeatedly displays the kind of narrow-minded resolve that any true hero needs in order to consistently fight for justice even when the odds are disproportionately stacked against them.

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