10 Ways Nightwing Is The Best Character In The DCAU

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The DCAU’s films introduce a plethora of characters into the continuity. One of the best is Dick Grayson, aka the hero Nightwing – a fan-favorite character since his first appearance as Batman’s sidekick in the comics. Since then, he has grown into one of DC’s most popular characters, and their animated films strive to bring him to life.

RELATED: 10 Most Thought-Provoking Nightwing ComicsA constant source of inspiration for his fellow heroes, Nightwing takes on important roles within the DCAU. He’s a friend, family, or close-confidant to anyone who gets to know him. His complex character comes with plenty of charm, which makes him all the more endearing with each film appearance.

10 Nightwing Is Resilient Despite Not Having Powers

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Like his mentor before him, Dick Grayson takes to his role as a vigilante despite not having any superhuman powers. His martial arts and acrobatics training make him incredibly resilient to various attacks. When he is first introduced in Son of Batman, he ends up in combat against Damian Wayne, a particularly difficult opponent due to his training with the League of Shadows.

He comes out of the fight with various cuts and bruises but ends up victorious. This trend can be seen time and again, as Nightwing always gets back up once he’s been downed. He can withstand attacks against Talon, Deathstroke, and even Batman himself.

9 Nightwing Is Resourceful In Times Of Trouble

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Although he doesn’t have superhuman abilities, Nightwing does come equipped with various tools to help him in combat. Sometimes his iconic escrima sticks aren’t enough, and he has to use his resourcefulness to help him survive a dangerous situation. This can be seen in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract when Slade Wilson attacks him in his home.

RELATED: 10 Teen Titans Villains Who Deserve A ComebackThe mercenary finds Grayson when he’s in civilian attire and not prepared for combat. As a result, he uses his household items to aid him in the fight, from chucking pots and pans to using a cutting board to stop a bullet.

8 Nightwing’s Sense Of Humor Helps Put Others At Ease

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One trait that makes Nightwing so endearing as a hero is his ability to put others at ease. He’s a charismatic character that falls into a natural role as a confidant to others. One of the reasons this works is his sense of humor, which shows itself even when in the heat of battle. He often engages in witty banter with his teammates, friends, and romantic partners.

In Batman: Bad Blood, his opening scene takes place while he’s fighting Blockbuster, but he also takes part in a conversation with Starfire at the same time. The pair flirt, and he reassures her that everything is fine despite the fact he’s facing an enemy. This easygoing nature is what helps him keep the tensest of situations calm.

7 Nightwing Is Not Afraid To Stick Up For Himself

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Batman remains an intense character who has trouble opening up to new people. Other heroes struggle to understand his true intentions, and this callousness also extends to his family. Nightwing has a complicated relationship with his mentor, one that is highlighted in the DCAU through Nightwing sticking up for himself and others.

While Batman can easily intimidate others, he often fails to deter his former protégé. Nightwing is one of the few heroes who aren’t afraid to vocalize his discontent regarding Batman, Bruce Wayne, and his decisions. His commentary on such things reminds fans why Grayson initially struck out on his own and how much he has grown since then.

6 Nightwing Accepts Help When He Needs It

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Dick Grayson can accept help when he needs it. He’s a hero that many others depend on, which allows him to have various contacts and allies to depend on when the time comes. Not only is he the original leader of the Teen Titans, but he also makes the executive decision to bring new people into the fold when Batman goes missing.

RELATED: 10 Worst Things That Happened To Dick GraysonThis willingness to reach out to others is one of his greatest strengths, as he can assemble reliable teams that work well under pressure. As a result, he becomes a shining example to every vigilante who wrongly believes working alone is the best way to go.

5 Nightwing Willingly Sacrifices Himself To Save Others

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Nightwing isn’t someone who shies away from danger, which extends to his willingness to protect others. He is capable of engaging with high-level threats to keep those around him safe. This selfless behavior seems to come naturally to him, as he’s always a few steps away from a friend in need on the battlefield.

In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, he even sacrifices himself to save the life of his adopted brother, Damian Wayne. He stops one of Darkseid’s Paradooms from hurting the younger hero by jumping onto his back, which results in him being impaled. Damian is so moved by this action that he attempts to revive Grayson using the Lazarus Pit, but it has undesirable results.

4 Nightwing Genuinely Sees The Best In People

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Able to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, Nightwing is the perfect hero for anyone to turn to when they’ve lost their way. His presence in the DCAU is as a mentor just as much as it is a hero, as he keeps a close eye on Damian Wayne, and the modern-day Teen Titans. Although the Titans under Starfire’s command differ from those in Nightwing’s day, he still strives to help them.

The assembled team comprises teenagers who have lost their way, from Damian, who struggles to trust others, to Jaime Reyes, who has limited control with his Blue Beetle Scarab. Nightwing can see the potential in each of them, and he does his best to help them reach it.

3 Nightwing Is Okay With Others Taking Charge

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Despite being a natural leader, Nightwing isn’t afraid to take a step back and allow others to take charge. He can often be found at Batman’s side, offering him a second pair of eyes during a fight, but he is also a humble helper of the modern-day Titans. While he was once the leader of the infamous team, he has since stepped away to give that role to his partner and teammate, Starfire.

In Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, she expresses concern that the Titans are coming to him for advice rather than her. He reassures her that he isn’t trying to usurp control and takes an active step back to allow her room to grow as a leader. It’s an admirable trait for a hero, making it easy for him to integrate into various team dynamics.

2 Nightwing’s Role As A Leader seems Effortless

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Just as Nightwing is okay with letting others lead, he’s also capable of stepping up when others are in need. He makes being a leader seem effortless, as he cares for his teammates and desires to bring the best out in them. His fellow heroes often turn to him for support and advice, a testament to his character.

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Although he makes it seem easy, Nightwing also has a plethora of experience that helps him be a good leader. He helped to found and front-manned the original Teen Titans, having worked with them as Robin before striking out on his own.

1 Nightwing Is Willing To Take Responsibility Even When He Doesn’t Want To

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It can be difficult to accept responsibilities someone doesn’t want, but Nightwing is willing to do just that. His complicated relationship with Batman makes him reluctant to take on the mantle when Bruce Wayne goes missing in Batman: Bad Blood, but he does so to keep Gotham’s criminal class at bay.

Many traits that make Nightwing stand out are due to his striving not to become like the man who raised him. This complicated relationship made dawning the Bat’s cape and cowl difficult, but it is a burden that Nightwing is willing to bare to help those around him.

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