10 Weakest Leaf Village Ninja In Naruto

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The Hidden Leaf Village is home to some of Naruto‘s strongest shinobi of their day, such as the zero to hero Naruto Uzumaki, the copycat ninja Kakashi Hatake, and the hard-hitting medical Hokage Tsunade herself. These elite shinobi are the Leaf Village’s best hope against foes like the Six Paths of Pain and Orochimaru, but not every ninja can be on that level.

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Many other Leaf ninjas, most of them generic chunin or genin, rank among the weakest shinobi to wear a Leaf Village headband. They aren’t ashamed to be relatively weak, nor should they, but by definition, there must be weak shinobi to contrast with the strongest ones. The weakest Leaf ninjas all take their duty seriously, at least, and they can help mop up after the real heroes have finished their work.

10 Konohamaru Learned The Rasengan But Still Has Room To Grow

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In the early days of Naruto, Konohamaru was introduced as the Third Hokage’s grandson and Asuma Sarutobi’s nephew. Konohamaru had everything to prove and was desperate to not stand in his Hokage grandfather’s shadow, so he formed a friendly rivalry with Naruto Uzumaki.

Konohamaru learned much from his mentor Ebisu and his rival Naruto, and he even learned to form a small, simple Rasengan of his own by the time Pain attacked. That’s impressive, but Konohamaru was still a far cry from his village’s most elite ninjas at the time.

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Iruka Umino is best known for being Naruto Uzumaki’s teacher at the ninja academy, and he also protected Naruto from Mizuki’s wrath in Naruto‘s first episode. Iruka is a caring and responsible teacher, even if he sometimes acts like a tsundere, but he’s no superstar.

Iruka is a chunin, and not much else can be said about him as a ninja. He does have some proficiency with barrier jutsu and genjutsu, and he can throw shuriken with great skill. However, none of that even makes him a match for the Konoha 11, let alone any Hokage or Sannin.

8 Ebisu Is Better For Training Than Fighting

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Ebisu the plain jonin was introduced right alongside Konohamaru, being the boy’s official mentor. Ebisu was set up to be a powerful shinobi who far outclasses Mizuki, but he was easily defeated when he beheld Naruto’s harem jutsu.

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In more serious fights, Ebisu is a competent jonin warrior, but he has few, if any special tricks or jutsu to offer. He stood little chance against Pain, for example, and Konohamaru was worried for him. Ebisu’s best role is to be a ninja teacher, a job in which he excels.

7 Hayate Gekko Died In One Hit

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Hayate Gekko made his debut in the chunin exam story arc, where he acted as the referee for the tower’s duels. He didn’t stand out much aside from his coughing and the bags under his eyes, suggesting that Hayat was in rather poor health at the time.

Naruto fans probably didn’t think much of Hayate at the time, but then he caught on to the Sand ninjas’ plan and confronted Baki one night about it. Hayate attacked, only for Baki to block his assault and kill him with one blow from his wind blade.

6 Ibiki Morino Is Tough & Smart, But Not Hokage Material

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Ibiki Morino is a tough and disciplined Leaf ninja who withstood horrendous torture more than once without ever giving up vital Leaf Village intel to his enemies. He oversaw the chunin exam’s written exam, where he emphasized the value of covertly collecting and protecting battlefield intel.

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In combat, Ibiki is fairly tough and capable with ninja weapons and taijutsu, and he can also summon iron maidens to capture his foes. It’s fairly impressive, yet he still ranks low among all Leaf ninjas, showing how high that village’s standards have become in recent years.

5 Mizuki Was Naruto’s First & Weakest Enemy

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Mizuki the chunin was Naruto Uzumaki’s first real opponent, and definitely the weakest, too. He was the token first-episode villain for a shonen anime, and he was only a threat because Naruto was a 12-year-old academy student who hadn’t yet learned any real jutsu.

Mizuki used a variety of ninja weapons, including an oversized shuriken, to attack both Naruto and Iruka one night in a small forest. However, Naruto turned the tables with his first use of the shadow clone jutsu, and he beat the hapless Mizuki senseless.

4 Aoba Yamashiro Is Competent But Forgettable

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Aoba Yamashiro is one of several filler ninjas in Naruto, a generic shinobi whose main role is to support the real Leaf heroes and catch whatever falls through the cracks. Aoba is nothing special compared to Naruto, Kakashi, or Might Guy, but he does have some remarkable and diverse skills to offer.

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Aoba can use physical items as a medium for a paralysis jutsu, and he can also use minor mind-reading psychic powers to gain intel, similar to Ino and Inoichi. Aoba can also summon a flock of crows to either attack his enemy from all angles or obscure their vision.

3 Genma Shiranui Is Skilled, But Nothing Special

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Genma Shiranui was the referee for the chunin exam’s final tournament, since Hayate Gekko had already been killed. He didn’t do any fighting at first, but later, Genma showed Naruto fans what he can do against foes like Baki and even the Sound Four.

Genma is a fairly generic jonin, but he is still a skilled ninja who can force the Sound Four’s members to use their curse marks’ second stages. He also stood his ground against Baki, which is impressive, and he is a veteran of many risky missions in the past.

2 Izumo Kamizuki Favors Intelligence-Gathering During A Mission

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Izumo Kamizuki is usually seen hanging out with his good friend Kotetsu, though neither of them rank among the Leaf Village’s most powerful or interesting ninjas, even when they work together. Izumo is another “regular” ninja who helps the heroes stand out all the more in battle.

Izumo, like Ibiki Morino, values intel and will focus on that during most missions. But if he must fight, then Izumo will use water-release jutsu in a special combo attack with Kotetsu, trapping the enemy so Kotetsu can hit them with his mace in close-quarters combat.

1 Kotetsu Hagane Fights With Conch Shells

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Izumo’s good friend Kotetsu Hagane is another “meh” chunin who makes a token effort to back up the real Leaf Village heroes during fights, such as the desperate battle against the immortal Hidan in Naruto Shippuden. Unlike Izumo, Kotetsu is all about fierce melee attacks.

Kotetsu can strike with a spiked, oversized conch shell with a handle, and if need be, he can use a bo staff as well. Kotetsu will wait for Izumo to trap the enemy with water-softened earth, then Kotetsu will strike with his spiked mace and deliver the final blow. He can also use genjutsu if need be.

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